Blackvue etc. dashcam update

Blackvue etc. dashcam update

Our early 2017 S90 FSD (known as The Schwartz) does not have the 2.5 so we can’t use the car’s cameras as dashcams.

I suppose that the time will come when the car gets a hardware upgrade, but from reading dashcam posts, I see that the Tesla cameras are black and white, and have limited capabilities in reading plate numbers.

1. I don’t want to self-install. So what are the most desirable systems now?

2. What system operation decisions need to be made at the time of installation?

3. And I recall that at least Blackview used to have a roving installer who could do a Model S install without breaking anything. Does such a person still exist, to serve in upstate NY? Or is there anyone within a few hundred miles from Syracuse who has already self-installed, on an S, and would work with me on the job? (Have Tesla, will travel!)

barrykmd | 17. tammikuu 2020

I had my Blackvue installed by a guy at an auto accessory store (stereos, radar detectors, etc.) He was experienced with Tesla and did a great job. He was also much cheaper than that roving installer. Suggest you ask Tesla owners around your area (Silver?) and if that doesn't pan out, call some shops that do these installs and ask if they've worked on Teslas.