SpaceX Manned Space Launch. April 2020

SpaceX Manned Space Launch. April 2020

Tested the escape pod. A success. So first manned flight is April 2020.

"Nasa astronauts have not launched from the US since the space shuttle program ended in 2011. Musk and Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine said the next Crew Dragon could launch with two astronauts as early as April."

akgolf | 19. tammikuu 2020

Could launch in April. Big difference.

Makes me think you’re not lying in your other posts, you’re just not reading and comprehending. Nah.

andy.connor.e | 19. tammikuu 2020

Hes trying to regain forum community authenticity. Though he has destroyed his own reputation on his own.

jimglas | 20. tammikuu 2020

a manned launch is long overdue

Wormtown Kris | 21. tammikuu 2020

This is FISHY grooming behavior. Not unlike hanging out at the park with candy for hungry children.
"I love Sour Patch Kids! Hmm, this FISHY guy seems pleasant. I think I trust him."
"Now that you know me so well, let me show you the cool video game set up I have in my windowless van...."

GoldAK47 | 21. tammikuu 2020

Imagine how far we would be had obama not killed the space program.

jimglas | 21. tammikuu 2020

obama didnt "kill the space program" moron

andy.connor.e | 21. tammikuu 2020

You're right it was obama. Not the lack of innovation for decades until SpaceX.

Ross1 | 22. tammikuu 2020

Anyone here apply to be the date going to the Moon?

Some here, I wondered...:)

kozakor | 22. tammikuu 2020

space exploration is an important part of science

andy.connor.e | 22. tammikuu 2020

I'd go on a date to the moon

andy.connor.e | 27. toukokuu 2020

This thread is back people. Its happening today! Less than 2 hours. Dont miss it!!!!

Ross1 | 27. toukokuu 2020

missed it. try again Saturday.

Enzodriver | 27. toukokuu 2020

Loving the important roll the 2 Tesla's played, look forward to seeing them both again on Sunday.

FISHEV | 27. toukokuu 2020

@Enzodriver | May 27, 2020 Loving the important roll the 2 Tesla's played, look forward to seeing them both again on Sunday."

Good grief. They are not going to replay that long, saccharine scene AGAIN are they? That was enough to last for the next 10 years. Say so long to the fam at breakfast and just go to work.

jimglas | 27. toukokuu 2020

other than the taycan and mach-e, is there anything that excites you fish?
If you cant get excited about a manned rocket launch, you are beyond hope.

FISHEV | 27. toukokuu 2020

jimglas | May 27, 2020 If you cant get excited about a manned rocket launch"

The hokey scene that went on for 30 minutes with another 10 with some dweeb fastening seatbelts? What was he doing.

Nothing to do with spaceflight and everything to do with tacky pointless B level drama.

To have to stage that soap opera AGAIN seems a cruel punishment for astronauts and families and the audience tuning in for a space flight.

jimglas | 27. toukokuu 2020

you must have a very sad life darth

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 27. toukokuu 2020

I’m picturing fish in the back of a plane yelling at the crew to skip the whole pre-flight checklist, he’s out of data and has important trolling to do damnit.

jimglas | 27. toukokuu 2020

darth? I meant fish, but the same comment fits both

SCCRENDO | 27. toukokuu 2020

I would have loved to watch it but I was driving at the time. Hopefully it works Saturday. They had a good meteorologist (not our retired climate change denier) reviewing the Saturday weather and he was not optimistic. Many afternoon tropical storms this time of year. If the weather sucks Saturday there is always Sunday. I was annoyed with Elon for his labor stance. But he is my hero again. This is science and ingenuity in action. Go Elon.

Ross1 | 27. toukokuu 2020

No one is forcing anyone to watch it next time

FISHEV | 27. toukokuu 2020

@SCCRENDO | May 27, 2020 I would have loved to watch it but I was driving at the time."

Now if Tesla was clever they would have rigged it up so the NASA live feed ran on the car's browser while driving. Or beeped at the 5 minute mark to "Pull Over and Watch Launch".

SCCRENDO | 27. toukokuu 2020

I couldn’t pull over at the time but yes it would have been nice. I have lots of criticisms of Tesla’s browser and lack of Sirius XM on newer cars but realistically Tesla’s offerings are far superior than most