How much money do I get if I sue for my stucked accelerator pedal?

How much money do I get if I sue for my stucked accelerator pedal?

2 weeks before I took delivery of my Model 3,
I was doing a 60 miles commuting round-trip,
On my way to work in my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan I get into the country roads, the car in front is riding 40mph in a 60mph zone so I decide to pass in a passing zone, 1 lane each side regional highway. There is a car coming in the other side but really far away, I had plenty of time.

But to make sure I get back in my lane as soon as possible and clear the road I floor my accelerator pedal for the first time probably for the existing history of this ICE vehicle.

When I released the gas pedal, it stays stucked down floored full throttle. Of course it keeped accelerating with the torque of a Dodge Caravan so I had the time to stick my toes under the gas pedal and unjammed it (I was wearing my minimalist New Balance Minimus Vivram shoes at the time) and managed to get underneath the side of the pedal between the brake and the accelerator pedal, which would have been a different story with my other shoes.

My collegue I was ridesharing with probably suffered from PTSD, is probably having nightmares, and probably can’t enjoy life anymore, can I sue Dodge for 40 million dollars?

Thank you for your insights

lilbean | 26. tammikuu 2020

So you failed to press the brake?

Orthopod | 26. tammikuu 2020

I changed the 4 rotors and brake calipers after that event, let’s say they were borderline due for maintenance, the kind of braking that would have been insufficient in that particular situation.

rob | 26. tammikuu 2020

You coulda turned off the engine... (I think)

Harriscott | 26. tammikuu 2020

Your colleague might have a better chance with the lawsuit. You could get a advertising gig: "My New Balance shoes let me be fearlessly independent on the road, and they keep me on my toes."

jimglas | 26. tammikuu 2020

call tesla
they can review the logs and figure out what went wrong

I am sure they would appreciate the heads up?

Yodrak. | 26. tammikuu 2020

"can I sue Dodge for 40 million dollars?"


The next question is, can you win the suit? And the question after that is, how much will it cost you to sue and lose.

andy.connor.e | 26. tammikuu 2020

I'd throw the car into neutral if that happened.

reed_lewis | 27. tammikuu 2020

The Brake pedal will also slow down the car's engine even if the brake pads are not the best. But if you had gotten into an accident, it would totally be your fault because you had not kept the vehicle in safe operating condition.

As others have pointed out, you could have turned the ignition off, thrown the transmission into neutral, or pressed the brake pedal. Any of these things would have slowed down the vehicle.

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

So @reed_Lewis
If your brakes are due to be changed next day at the garage and you get into an accident the day before because a Porsche 911 suddenly brakes in front of your Dodge Caravan, than you will blame the one who is not changing his brakes every fucking day to keep it in « safe operating condition »?

Your logic is out of this world.

reed_lewis | 27. tammikuu 2020

Brakes do not go from working perfectly to not working. They gradually get worse over a period of time, unless there is a massive failure. If there is a massive failure, then the car is not safe to drive and should be towed.

OTOH, If you notice that your brakes are not working as they should you immediately get them taken care of.

I have owned dozens of cars, and have had brake systems that are failing, and have always gotten them fixed before they were unsafe and unable to stop the car in an emergency. If you fail to get them fixed, then you are to blame.

You seem to have major issues with taking responsibility for your actions. In this thread you did not take care of your car, and in another thread you ordered a truck using the wrong email address. In both cases the root cause is you. Why can't you accept that you are to blame?

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

I am to blame because the accelerator pedal was stuck?
And because I unjammed it with my foot instead of applying the brakes?

The problem was the stacked accelerator pedal, not the brakes not working, can’t you fucking read?

I could have smashed the brakes but they were approaching the time for maintenance so I knew I wouldn’t get full brake capacity with all the rusts forming around the calibres over 10 years of usage. You don’t seem to understand a bit the problem exposed above.

You want me to take responsibility for not changing the brakes the day before my accelerator pedal got jammed while overtaking a vehicle, can you take responsibility for being the greatest retard on the Tesla forums?

andy.connor.e | 27. tammikuu 2020

I think you have convinced yourself that the problem is what you state it is, and if someone offers a different perspective they are wrong and typically cant fucking read.

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

Well, in my line of work, when there is a problem with a simple solution, we address the problem instead of creating a new one.

Here the stucked accelerator was the problem and the solution was to unjamm it.
If the problem was a stucked accelerator with an imminent collision with the vehicle in front, it would have been to radically slow down the vehicle which would be by applying brakes, however it wasn’t the case.

I love how you distant experts always know better than anyone living the situation.

Anytime I lose my time on these forums I am amazed by the human mind, at least every time I understand a little bit more how the wrong thought processes are made.

andy.connor.e | 27. tammikuu 2020

i think it has more to do with you absolutely losing your shit at people who offer a different perspective. Because you seem to always have yourself convinced it is exactly as you state it and nothing more/less.

Were you able to unstick the gas pedal and avoid an accident? Yes. Good. End of story. But people seem to just be adding the extra tip, of you should not be driving a vehicle around that has brakes that are not in a state that are sufficient to stop the vehicle. It would be like waiting for the body shop to tell you that your tires are less than 3/32" tread depth and they need to be replaced. At 3/32" depth they are already barely functional as far as the traction you need to stop quickly in rain or such. So in that situation, one would say, myself included, be smarter than that and get your tires changed before they are borderline illegal. Which is what i believe others are saying to you, but in reference to the condition of your brakes.

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

Have I asked about any other things I could have done to slow the car?
I have not lost my shit to your comment about putting the car into neutral, I actually received it well.

I lost my shit to the accusing tone of reed_leewis when he accused me of being irresponsible for not having brand new brakes while my accelerator pedal got jammed while I justified my reasoning for not using the brakes.

You can offer a logical answer with the suggestions to help in a given situation, as long as you are not cocky I will never attack you. However I have zero tolerance for biggotery.

andy.connor.e | 27. tammikuu 2020

I think its irresponsible to drive a car with brakes in an insufficient condition to stop your vehicle quickly. But that is besides the point of the OP.

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

And how do you judge your brakes are in insufficient condition,
Do you bring your car to the garage regularly
Do you regularly floor your brake pedals to test them
Do you inspect them yourself

My van was getting out of the garage for tire rotation 2 months before the event and the braking was adequate

andy.connor.e | 27. tammikuu 2020

My last car, i would always hear a squeak when braking and my dealership told me that one of my brake pads was completely gone and was braking with metal on metal, which was producing that squeaking noise. If you bring your car to a good dealership or body shop to be looked at every now and then, they should tell you if stuff like that is nearing the end of its life, because not only are those kinds of things required to be in good condition to pass inspection, but its also to keep you and others safe. In 2018 my last car wouldnt pass inspection because the rotors were original to the car and so rusty that they actually ruined the calipers with rust which had to get replaced along with the rotors. Stuff like that is an inevitable replacement so there is no sense waiting so long that it starts to become dangerous.

No i dont inspect them myself, but at times you should notice that you have to apply pretty significant pressure to the pedal in order to stop. I notice a similar feeling when i go too long with oil changes, i dont get alot of acceleration and there is massive engine drag when coasting.

Uncle Paul | 27. tammikuu 2020

My view on the lawsuit:

Seeing the Hooligan image of the Dodge Brothers in their latest commercials, they probably would call the stuck accelerator a "feature". Might even label it as auto-thrust :)

Bad brakes on an old Dodge are a writ of passage for most owners. Had an old minivan that kind of ignored any serious input to the brakes as well.

Things stick on Dodges all the time. Window switches were especially vulnerable. Sticking throttle might be argued is normal for that technology.

Now that Dodge is just a shell company, owned by Fiat, you might be able to sue for.40 million Lira (not sure how much real money that would convert to).

But seriously. Glad you are OK. Quick thinking on your part to wedge your size 10 under that pedal to unstick it.

Vehicles are complex mechanical contraptions. Things go wrong all the time.

If your buddy complains, tell him to drive next time.

Go in peace.

Orthopod | 27. tammikuu 2020

Thanks for the info,

Can’t wait to take delivery of my 7 seater Model Y.

I think I’d feel safer roadtripping with my 4 kids in my Model 3 than travelling with my Dodge Caravam now. Just a missing seat problem I guess