Terrible design

Terrible design

Whoever designed the current Model S center console should be fired. Can't imagine how little thought must have been given to leaving a giant gap underneath the monitor shelf. Swallows anything, credit cards, etc. that slide underneath. Now I have to remove the entire thing to find my lost credit card???

EVRider | 13. helmikuu 2020

Why are you putting your credit cards etc. on top of the console rather than inside one of the compartments?

Bighorn | 13. helmikuu 2020

Car was designed with no center console. It was a capitulation to complainers, not unlike the OP.

jordanrichard | 13. helmikuu 2020

Ummm, buy a wallet for your credit cards..

TabascoGuy | 13. helmikuu 2020

Must've been the same guy that designed my Escalade, BMW, and, Taurus consoles. He really gets around. Maybe, just maybe, it was the loose nut behind the steering wheel's fault.

@jordanrichard +1

jordanrichard | 13. helmikuu 2020

I know someone that at the time had a Saab and while waiting in line at a drive up ATM with his card in hand, was tapping it along the window line. It fell into the door. What the hell was Saab thinking!!!!! How dare they design a door that creates an opening into the door when the window is down............ :-)

RedShift | 13. helmikuu 2020


Drive some other car, all are compliant with the latest No Lost Credit Cards standard.

lilbean | 13. helmikuu 2020

Oh, you poor dear!

acegreat1 | 13. helmikuu 2020

First and last post from the op

robert | 13. helmikuu 2020

Um, thanks for all the helpful feedback! Yes, credit cards are best put in a wallet. Design of a console should be able to accommodate using a credit card at at parking exit and setting it down on the console for a short drive. Or a business card that was left on the shelf above, but fell, or whatever else might end up falling through. This isn't that hard. I get it! You love your Tesla. Love mine too. Doesn't mean this wasn't an idiotic design, without the ability to handle an occasional stupid act by the driver (or an unaware passenger).

robert | 13. helmikuu 2020

P.S. I'm glad some of you enjoy the inch and a half opening at the end of your console though! Good place to hide your smug self congratulatory comments. See what else you can stick up there. Needs to be small.

PrescottRichard | 13. helmikuu 2020

Another baited fish hook.

GTM | 13. helmikuu 2020

Let's be honest here. The center console leaves a lot to be desired in terms of functionality. This car has few enough storage options as it is. Why did I have to add the drawer under the center screen to make the small shelf usable. A very inexpensive improvement for Tesla to make. The center console is basically one big open compartment. Small items in the shallow rear section easily fall into the lower area and roll under the bottom of the rear section. And the hinged cover is forever opening at the slightest provocation. Do I need multiple "cup holder" inserts for the front area? One set would be fine and maybe a few straight across dividers to section off that area. Losing a credit card? Not really the car's fault as there multiple ways to lose things in every car, but the general comment that the console could be improved is valid.

TabascoGuy | 13. helmikuu 2020

@robert - my comment about who was at fault was directed at both you and I. Don't get all pissy with forum members after you blame Tesla for your own mistake. Did you not expect some push back after your rant?

I learned my lesson after losing a credit card in the console of my Escalade. Don't put stuff there anymore. It took me 3-1/2 hours to get the card out and not once did I ever think "I should blame Cadillac for hiring Idiots" or "I should go on a GM owners forum and stir the pot with a bunch of people that can't do anything about my problem".

If you came here for discussion, back up and look at the words you chose to start out with. You get what you sow.

baldwin | 13. helmikuu 2020

Why must people be so snarky if they don't agree with a poster's issue ? Same on the other Tesla forum I read. Please have some understanding.

TabascoGuy | 13. helmikuu 2020

@PrescottRichard +100

They're lining up and crossing lines...

robert | 13. helmikuu 2020

TabascoGuy and others....I hear you but I don't really care what GM did wrong either. This is a $100K car and the console is not well thought out and I do stand by my original comment. As I've said, putting the card down on the top was a mistake. This is my second Model S and my first one had the open console, so I wasn't aware of the opening. The idea that placing a card on the console is the same as dropping my card out the window at a drive through is not an apt comparison and just meant to be patronizing and insulting (for example). There are some people here that are such homers for Telsa that they pounce on any criticism. The same kinds of people who would be suckered into buying sandpaper and then need to be told that Charmin is softer and cheaper. My expectations are a little higher.

TabascoGuy | 13. helmikuu 2020

Yup, my Escalade wasn't anywhere near $100K.

Actually, it was over but that has nothing to do with anything. I can find a place for you to lose a credit card in ANY car, so why bash Tesla?

As far as criticism, what did you hope to accomplish by doing so here on this forum?

Darthamerica | 13. helmikuu 2020

@Robert Tweet this @ Elon... sometimes he responds. He definitely will see it. Don’t let the fan boys here deter you from posting about your experiences good or bad. Others may have the same issue or be able to avoid it because of your post.

robert | 13. helmikuu 2020

Thanks Darth. Will do :)

Tabasco...What do you think criticism is used for? Improvement. You don't think Tesla people read their forums and look to make changes? Why post at all?

You can lose a credit card anyplace in a car, between seats, under carpets, etc. But why put an EXTRA place to lose something that is entirely unnecessary? Especially when its in a place that things can likely slip or fall? Forget user error. It's just a bad design.

By the way, never owned a GM but the thought for design in other cars I've owned has been meticulous. And yes, the more expensive the car, the more thought that should be given to function and design. I'd point out that there are some aspects of my 1969 International Harvester that were given more consideration.

TabascoGuy | 13. helmikuu 2020

Heh heh, Darth to the rescue.

If Tesla follows these threads at all, constructive criticism would have been the best way to go robert. You did nothing of the sort.

Darthamerica | 13. helmikuu 2020

He only spent $100K+ on his car so yes he didn’t nothing wrong and shouldn’t be attacked by fanboi trolls for calling out an issue. If Tesla is smart they weight Roberts feedback high and address the issue in future versions. That’s how good companies stay in business. It’s called NPS.

EVRider | 13. helmikuu 2020

@robert: What year is your Model S? The opening over my console in my 2018 Model S is about half an inch, not an inch and a half as you said. There's a larger opening above that, but that's a closed shelf (I bought an aftermarket drawer to put in that one). Maybe you could put something in the smaller opening to block it.

Given how smooth the top surface of the console is, it's a bad idea to put anything on there that you don't want to slip off.

RedShift | 13. helmikuu 2020


Tell him about the super slow almost resistive type display used in 200K Taycan, which happens to be your favorite.

Go ahead, don’t be shy!

Sailfast | 13. helmikuu 2020

I agree with Robert. The console seems slick but is a bad design. I downgrade it for poor use of space and I lost a card too, while moving from the driveup bank money machine and where I could stop to put it and some money into my wallet.

Darthamerica | 13. helmikuu 2020

It’s the little things like this that car companies learn over time that make really great products in the future if they get feedback like Robert’s.

Yodrak. | 13. helmikuu 2020

"I'm glad some of you enjoy the inch and a half opening at the end of your console"

Sounds like you might be missing the tray that my Model S has under the center screen. If your opening is really 1-1/2 inch, find a kid or someone with small hands to reach in there and grab the card for you. If you are exaggerating and do have the tray, push downward on it to remove it and then follow the step in the previous sentence

"The opening over my console in my 2018 Model S is about half an inch, not an inch and a half as you said. ... Maybe you could put something in the smaller opening to block it."

I would put the size of the opening at even less than half an inch, maybe 3/8. Having read a number of posts on this forum from people who lost credit cards in that opening I fit a spare piece of black foam in there.

NKYTA | 13. helmikuu 2020

Hence why the early adopters love the open floor setup. no console.

I’m still getting use to the console in my wife’s 3, but my I will never lose a credit card there, as they remain in my wallet.

Off chance of dropping the Tesla key card, I suppose, but the phone connection seems to be stable.

Hard to fix Darth.

NKYTA | 13. helmikuu 2020

Don’t believe everything you read.

GHammer | 13. helmikuu 2020

The two rules for good mental health:

1. Don't sweat the small stuff.

2. It's all small stuff.

lilbean | 14. helmikuu 2020

@TobascoGuy +100

bp | 14. helmikuu 2020

When our 2012 S P85 was built, people were defending Tesla's decision to be minimalist, only providing a small shelf under the console display, the glove compartment, and a floor tray. There wasn't a console storage compartment, just a large tray on the floor.

After 3rd parties started to offer storage consoles, Tesla add a retrofit option - and then made it standard.

By the time Model X was introduced, the storage console was offered in all new S & X. Plus Tesla added more storage in the front driver & passenger doors.

If/when we see an interior refresh of the S, it's likely we'll see a better console design (because S/X are still using the storage console designed for retrofits), plus we'll likely see the in-door storage present in the X.

Despite a couple of flaws, the current S/X storage console is still an improvement over what Tesla originally intended - just a floor tray.

thranx | 14. helmikuu 2020

The sliding console cover in my 2016 S will not close all the way over a decent sized phone snapped onto the I simply had it taken out. Makes the storage in the front of the console much more accessible, too.

robert | 14. helmikuu 2020

@EVRider, my Model S is a late 2018 100D.

@Yodrak. I am not talking about the space between the shelf and the console. I am talking about an opening at the very end of the console under the shelf. I haven't measured the opening, but large enough to fit my fingers and hand into slightly.

I was able to retrieve my card by putting some duct tape on my fingers and then reaching down and sticking the card and pulling my hand back out. Left some skin in there.

I know its redundant but why is this opening there? It's just a mistake not matter how you look at it. I can stuff some foam in perhaps but why should I need to??

Thanks again Darth. Glad you get it.

TabascoGuy | 14. helmikuu 2020

@robert - Darth doesn't "get" anything. He's using you and your thread to push his own twisted narrative. Laying the groundwork if you will.

TabascoGuy | 14. helmikuu 2020

"I can stuff some foam in perhaps but why should I need to??"

So you don't lose your card again.

RedShift | 14. helmikuu 2020

Tabasco, let it go. If Robert wants to believe Darth, let him.

TabascoGuy | 14. helmikuu 2020

@RedShift +1

Can't save them all.

RedShift | 14. helmikuu 2020


I do have to say leaving a gap at the end of the console is a bit of an oversight. Just like having an eMMC part that doesn’t have a long life.

I have a 2013 S60 without a center console, so I don’t have any issues with gaps. My MCU was replaced under warranty 3 years back due to some other issue. I guess I am lucky.

Every car will have a flaw or two of you look closely enough.

Well, I hope Robert, that your complaint is taken seriously enough to effect a better console design in the next S.

akikiki | 14. helmikuu 2020

If robert is posting this many comments about the console, wow, just wait until he has an eMMC issue.

2015P90DI | 15. helmikuu 2020

Because it was an afterthought based on customer request. Model S was designed with no console. Owner's complained of now storage space inside the car. An aftermarket console was offered. Eventually, it became standard and a little more integrated, but they didn't change the dash on the car, thus it's not integrated with the dash. That part is similar to the aftermarket offering. The difference being that it's integrated with the arm-rest and rear console now.

And to no surprise, the typical Tesla forum groupies jump on the OP for making a mistake to defend their beloved Tesla! Not that it was a mistake at all by the OP. Unfortunately happening, not any different than losing something between the seat and console. Sucks that it happened. Live and learn the hard way some times.

I would keep digging, it's probably there somewhere. If not, schedule a service appointment for a repair to the console. They'll likely send out a ranger to your house. That "rattle" is bugging you right? When they arrive, let them know the rattle could be caused by a lost credit card. They'll either pull out the console or find the card.

Do you have kids? Maybe their small hands can reach further in there to feel for the credit card? Just a thought.

With my last car, I lost something in there as well. I actually tried to remove the console myself (was the aftermarket one from Tesla), but it wouldn't come out. I finally gave up on it, so the lost item went with the car. Wasn't a credit card though.

Or, other option, call the credit card company and report it lost and have them send you a new one and forget about it.

Best of luck to you.

TonyB.C120 | 15. helmikuu 2020

Try a shop-vac with the upholstery crevice attachment.

sentabo | 15. helmikuu 2020

I do love the yacht floor in my 2015. I don't like to admit it, but I lost a driver's license in the console of a loaner car. While, sure, the thought crossed my mind that it would have been nice if there wasn't the flaw of the opening in the console, my main takeaway was, "What an idiot I was to set it down there."

EVRider | 15. helmikuu 2020

I'm surprised none of the third-party Tesla accessory makers sell an insert to block the gap above the console. Seems like people lose stuff in there often enough to justify a product like that. | 15. helmikuu 2020

@EVRider - likely because only a handful of people have any need for such a product, and fewer are willing to pay for it. I've yet to see a car that doesn't have a crack somewhere that a thin card couldn't easily get lost in. Of course, you don't discover it until you lose something.

My bane on older ICE cars is stuff being lost between the seat and the console. I've had that happen yet in the Tesla, but perhaps only a matter of time. Someone does make a product that fits between the seat and the console, but not worth it for me to buy one for such a rare occurrence.

akikiki | 15. helmikuu 2020

Black duct tape will plug it. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

williamweiss21 | 16. helmikuu 2020

Yet another click-bait thread title for whine about a tempest in a teacup, signifying nothing.

TranzNDance | 16. helmikuu 2020

I lost a flash memory drive between the seat and console. I bought a new drive. A credit card could be replaced for free!

thranx | 16. helmikuu 2020

@williamweiss21: Apparently you spent some time perusing nothing.

docvic3501 | 16. helmikuu 2020

don't feel like the lone ranger riding the lone horse! It has happened to me and many others in many other cars as well! Fortunately I learned from my mistake after my Z35 swallowed my plastic somewhere in its plastic....

williamweiss21 | 16. helmikuu 2020

@thranx: Although events in the world undeniably form a unidirectional sequence, there is no such thing, in physics, as "time". Time is merely a property of the states of the world as entropy increases.

So yes, I existed in several states, perusing nothing.