Reduced regenerative braking

Reduced regenerative braking

Does anyone else get the message flashing up at random times about reduced regenerative braking?

Just wondering why this is happening - sometimes it pops up after you lift off the accelerator - almost feels like your brakes have failed and you need a good shove on the brake pedal to compensate for lack of regen braking.

Not seen any other threads about this (admittedly I haven't waded through every post) so thought I would ask.

Joshan | 13. helmikuu 2020

cold battery

CharleyBC | 13. helmikuu 2020

What Joshan said. See all those little dots on the left side of the power meter? More dots mean less regen. As the battery warms up, you’ll have fewer dots and more regen. Eventually no dots and full regen! It’s in the manual.

The other thing that’ll limit regen is a very full battery.

Techy James | 13. helmikuu 2020

To expand on the Full Battery, if your charged above 95% till the battery drops below 95% your Reg will be limited to almost no reg.
Cold battery (i.e. can occur when car is stored in environment below 50F) you will start to see this message and the amount of available regen will reduce to point of no regeneration if the battery drops to the very cold start. At about 25F you will start to see the Snowflake on performance meaning your performance will also be limited till the battery warms up.

F.vanalstine | 13. helmikuu 2020

No regen here in Minnesota today at -15 below. My Model 3 just silently coasts and coasts, kind of like riding a magic carpet. Not using power at all and no wear on drivetrain either. Interesting experience. Only down side is having to use brakes more. At least this keeps them rust free.

Resist | 13. helmikuu 2020

A quick Google search would have explained it in less time than it took to post here and wait for responses.

nigel | 18. helmikuu 2020

Thank you kind people - using this forum actually works better than the manual and cuts out some of the 'fake news' that Google picks up. As you would expect, most of the things I am finding are not faults - just me getting used to a new technology.