Thinking of buying a used Model X

Thinking of buying a used Model X

Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I am interested in getting my first ever Tesla, most possibly a Model X, in a month or so. I have few questions to ask and I would appreciate the input. I assume the used e-vehicles sold by Tesla are all lease returnees or trade-ins, is that correct?

1- If self driving or advanced auto-pilot is not an important requirement, can I look for a 2016 style vs the newer model years with more advanced hardware and sensors? Are there any other advantages to consider a newer style other tax what was mentioned?
2- How long/miles do the batteries last on an average Tesla. The used models carry a 4 years warranty form the date of purchase.
3- Do owners in colder climates have issue with keeping the interior warm during winter months?
4- Any special considerations when it comes to charging at home? Type of wall mount charger? Mobile charger for on the go charging? (I usually drive about 50-60 miles per day and more on weekends)
5- How comfortable are Model X's rear seats for longer drives?
6- Any other tips or points for someone like myself who has no experience in owning electric car?

Thanks in advance.
New England

raffidesigns | 15. helmikuu 2020

1. Of course. Personally i would choose one that that does not have the original nose cone front, but i believe 2016 should be good. As far as camera/sensors go, 2016 is a good year. You get HW2 which can be upgraded to FSD down the road if you so choose.

2. It all depends on the Model you are looking at. if your looking at 2016, the warranty is over, or close to being over. It depends on how well the previous owner treated the car. Typically the average Tesla battery can last well over 500K miles. The body will deteriorate before the battery.
2a. As far as range, If the previous owner abused the charging, you could have a significant loss of range compared to when new. I would ask (if it's a dealer) or Tesla if they could charge to 100% and tell you what the range is.
2b. My Model X is still under warranty, so i can't really give detailed specifics.

3. I live in MA. As far as cold weather goes, Tesla has a new software update that will heat the interior while charging, so when you go to your car in the morning it's nice and toasty. As far as end of day, you can use the mobile app to turn on the climate control to heat. Usually takes 10-30 minutes. Turn it on at 4:30, buy the time 5 hits, your car is nice and warm.

4. I drive 50 miles a day as well. Same situation as you. I have the standard Tesla wall connector. I get 33 miles/hour charge. Tesla does provide a mobile kit in the trunk, so you should be all set. That is a 120 volt / 15 amp breaker. should get you 3 miles/hour charge.

5. The Model X rear seats are comfortable. It depends on which configuration you are looking at. The Model X is available in 5 seats, 6 and 7. The 6 seats is the most ideal as it has the most leg room/space. The 5 seats can allow for the entire back row to be closed for max trunk space.

6. An EV is a whole new ball game compared to what you are driving now. Your driving style will change drastically. The range/miles is the most of what your going to be paying attention to in the first few months. Once you get used to how much range you have when going to work/coming home or going on road trips you charge your car at same spot.

Samcs05 | 15. helmikuu 2020

Thank you for your reply Raffidesigns.

So the 2016 model ha the same hardware as the current model year? Is there a big difference between the D75 vs D90 other than the extra 30 miles range? Do most owners charge every night when parked? I would also need to use the rear hitch and I saw Tesla ha a kit for it.

Triggerplz | 15. helmikuu 2020

Original Nose cone front on a X?

Geico | 16. helmikuu 2020

Just understand going into a used Tesla has a couple of caveats

1) Service is terrible and any issue you need fixed are much more expensive at a Tesla SS than typical car dealerships. They don't do rental cars at service and only do Uber credits. They don't do state inspections either. Plan on taking your car to an off brand service center for tire rotations, and inspection.

2)Autopilot isn't as useful as people make it out to be. Wildly over rated. Pretty much just a lane keep assist with lane changes, other car makers have that for the most part. DO NOT BUY FSD.

3) Model X seats are comfy, buddy and I did a road trip all the way from NY to NC. Had no problem with comfort. Interior is loud at highway speeds, something to get use to if you're coming from a quiet car.

Don't plan on owning the car long term. Too many unknown and expenses come with long term EV ownership, likely get out of it at the 4 year warranty period.

Just my .02c

Geico | 16. helmikuu 2020

4) Plan on losing 50% range in the winter

Geico | 16. helmikuu 2020

5) You have no customer service rep or person to talk to with your car after sale. Pretty much on your own. When you make service appointments, you can not call the service center or discuss over the phone.

akgolf | 16. helmikuu 2020

Something smells fishy.

Uncle Paul | 16. helmikuu 2020

mabuck has an axe to grind over Tesla. Thinks everything is terrible, when most love their cars.

Model X has recently gotten much less expensive than they previously sold for. Before buying used, see how much a new one would cost.

Latest and greatest Raven Long Range model starts at only $80,000 and is pretty well equipped. Believe it is a great value. Consider this when shopping for used. New adaptive suspension, much longer range, latest battery, latest 10X faster computer, and fresh warranty. Comes with 8 year battery warranty.

Back seats fold down flat for storage and are pretty comfy. They sit up higher than the fronts so passengers get a better view through the vista front windshield.

You can get a test ride at your friendly local showroom

Many install a 240v wall plug or fancy $500 wall charger. Car comes standard with a plug in adaptor than will charge slowly from any 120V outlet or much faster from a 240V plug. Easily charge over night, so you wake up to a battery charged to your desired range.

Heaters work great, but very cold weather will reduce your range. If your situation you will always have more than enough range.

Tesla has very high speed Superchargers located every 100 miles or so along many highways. You can get free fast charges along the way for long distance trips. Some areas may not have chargers that close, but your computer display will show those nearby and where you should stop to get charged up on trips.

Again, mabuck sounds like he has a bug up his butt about Tesla.

Bighorn | 17. helmikuu 2020

Carbon copy of the worst troll around. Disregard the lies and move on.

jimglas | 17. helmikuu 2020

mabuck must be fish
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Geico | 17. helmikuu 2020

Ignore the name callers, they will never tell you anything negative about Tesla. It's like a cult. If their experience is peachy they deny the ones that have bad experiences.

I myself has dealt with the terrible service with my Model 3 and same with my buddy on his $140,000 X.

"Only 42% of customers described their service center experience as “excellent,” vs. 57% last time. Wait times for appointments have grown longer. Similar to our last survey, the service experience was especially weak outside the U.S. Perhaps most concerningly, recent service center users (those that had visited a center in the last 3 months) were less satisfied with their experience, experienced longer wait times for appointments, and had poorer rates of problem resolution — pointing to ongoing strain (and potential underinvestment?) in Tesla’s service network."

I'm not the only one, friend of mine has the Model X and says he's never experience worse service from a car manufacturer. Says itll be the last Tesla he owns, but he loves the car.

Went to go pick his New Model X P100D L up in NY with him (road trip), told the service center days prior by email and phone to please have it charged because we had to drive all the way to NC. Service center did not have it charged at all and there were MANY issues with it upon inspections:

1) The middle console was very loose in between the two back seats (optional console).
2) The rims were damaged, had curb rash
3) Key fobs didn't work

We were delayed going over these issues to depart on time, in addition to that they couldn't fix anything and we had to get going. They said to bring it to the local service center when we get back. Would not send someone to pick it up and fix the problems. Our local service center is two hours away.

If this sounds OK to you when purchasing a $140,000. This was two years ago, and it hasn't improved. I have had nothing but poor service at our local service center.

Geico | 17. helmikuu 2020

Good news is that the service center was able to get one of the key fob's working, the other set didn't work.

I have never seen my buddy so pissed in his life. We flew commercial one way to Tesla in NY to pick up his expensive car, and they had nothing ready and It honestly looked like they rushed to even have it available. He chewed the guy out over it.

Live and learn.

WW_spb | 17. helmikuu 2020

Flagged buckTroll. He is lil Fish sister

Uncle George | 17. helmikuu 2020

@ sevak. As far as Autopilot is concerned. The 2016 models come with HW2 as the mid 2017- 2018 came with HW2.5. 2.5 can render all cameras for dash cam use and sentry mode. Other then the different powertrains and subtle design changes, there are not many differences between 2016 and now.

Samcs05 | 17. helmikuu 2020

Thank you all for your input. I do appreciate your time and courtesy.

I did test drive a Model X about 3 years ago and really liked it. Right now, I also have a deposit on a Model Y but obviously its release date is unknown. I will need a car by April which means most likely it won't be a Model Y. Having a kid going to college, I am trying to be mindful of my budget. I think I will go for a another test drive and see if I can go for a new Model X. I thought with Tesla's pre-owned Certified 4 year warranty I would be covered for major repairs, battery, etc...isn't that true?

Geico | 17. helmikuu 2020

I think it does @sevak just double check. Please go into ownership understanding the limitations of service and after sales support.

Since that doesn’t faze you, enjoy your vehicle!

Bighorn | 17. helmikuu 2020

9 cumulative car years of Tesla service with no complaints. Ranger drives 750 miles to take care of my cars. The 3 has never needed any service in 42k miles, though they came by and did a couple optional service bulletins for me. 330k miles between the two cars. Yes, you’ll have 4 years of coverage if that’s what’s offered.

Bighorn | 17. helmikuu 2020

8 years

Samcs05 | 18. helmikuu 2020

@mabuck. I am coming off a Range Rover Sport so during the test drive I'll pay special attention to the noise level at HWY speeds. Honestly, based on my past experiences, most auto dealers never do too well post sales when it comes to customer service, including companies like Porsche and Range Rover. As long as the warranty covers the vehicle for major repairs and battery issues I'll be satisfied. Another concern of mine has been the lack of the engine roar but I don't see many Tesla owners complaining about it so...

@Bighorn. One of the reasons e-cars have become attractive to me is the idea of having less potential for repairs & maintenance visits compared to ICE vehicles. Am I being too optimistic?

Bighorn | 18. helmikuu 2020

Tesla pretty much has evolved to where they discontinued a scheduled maintenance calendar. It used to be recommended yearly or every 12.5k miles. I’ve gone as many as 88k miles between service visits on my S and my 3 has yet to return to a service center since delivery 18 months ago.
We routinely keep our cars to 200k miles by which point they are nearly ready for the salvage yard. The Model S is our highest mileage vehicle ever and it looks great and still runs like a top.

Uncle George | 18. helmikuu 2020

As of today, Tesla’s official maintenance is below. As others have stated. Tesla is service if you see a problem. Id there are no issues, ever 3 years.

Cabin Air Filter - Every 2 Years
HEPA Filter - Every 3 years
Tire Rotation - 10-12K miles
Brake fluid - 2 years
A/C - 4 years

Samcs05 | 18. helmikuu 2020

That's great news. Looking forward to revisiting the X and taking it for a test drive.

Vawlkus | 18. helmikuu 2020

Tesla also recommends brake maintenance annually. I have it done when I swap my winter tires on.

Bighorn | 18. helmikuu 2020

Only in regions with winter and salt.

Samcs05 | 18. helmikuu 2020

Having the experience of paying Porsche service $2200 for replacing a dead wiper motor, I welcome Tesla's maintenance even for New England region.

Vawlkus | 19. helmikuu 2020

Not just there Bighorn. Teslas use their brakes less than most other cars, and they can seize up if they’re not lubricated periodically.

Samcs05 | 19. helmikuu 2020

I have read few comments about Model X's road noise level at high speeds. I will need to test drive an experience it first and but if it is true - is it by design, the goal of keeping vehicle's weight down by reducing body insulation? Or maybe the quiet electric engine not masking the typical road noise when compared to ICE vehicles?

Bighorn | 19. helmikuu 2020

My corroded Model S brakes were one of the instigating cases for changing the brake lubrication policy. Pretty much the entire cohort was above a certain latitude where certain road salts were used. Just like the steering bolt recall. It was a very specific salt that was corroding things. It's about corrosion, not lack of use. And they are used enough to prevent seizing up in the absence of oxidizers.

Vawlkus | 20. helmikuu 2020

Not according to the ex-Tesla tech in Rich Rebuilds electrified garage.

Samcs05 | 20. helmikuu 2020

Test drove the 2020 long range Model X today. What is it not to like about this car? The road noise didn't seem to be a major issue even at 75 mph. I am also interested in Model Y so I may wait a little and hopefully get a chance to see and test drive it before finalizing my decision.

One thing I am certain, there will be a Tesla in our garage before the summer season.

Model - X | 21. helmikuu 2020

Make sure to check the windshield for the blurry issue that a lot of 2016-2018 Model X's had. Tesla will battle you to replace them.

But by far any Model X is amazing.

Model - X | 21. helmikuu 2020

Sorry, it's actually called "ghosting"

Samcs05 | 22. helmikuu 2020

@Model - X. Thank you for the tip.

My RR Sport has the heated windshield and my wife gets a headache every time she rides with me especially during night time. I kind of got used to it but I'll never have that useless option in any of my future cars.

Camillaostrowe | 26. helmikuu 2020

I agree with MABUCK! I have had a miserable experience with Tesla customer service. I was locked out of my car for weeks before Tesla would address the problem. Not to mention the rebooting I have to do on a regular basis just to get everything working.
Now I’m trying to get a windshield and I can’t get any information about getting it serviced except for making the appointment through the app. Since the service center is 3.5 hours away, I would like to know some additional details.
Next time I will buy a Lexus in order to deal with a customer focused company.

ann | 02. maaliskuu 2020

Sam, just find the one you want and buy it. I have bought two used Teslas from Autotrader without even seeing them in person first. Best decisions I ever made.

To answer your questions:
1- Do your research on th difference between 2016 and later models. I found an 2018 at a great price, with AP2, so it's still under warranty.
2- Batteries are estimated to last 300-500K miles. I buy them directly from the first owner, so the warranty on the battery and motors is good for EIGHT years.
3- Keeping the interior warm - you can used Scheduled Departure or just turn on the climate control from your phone before you get in the car. No problem.
4- I always charge at home. I don't even carry the mobile charger with me anymore (four years driving electric). Just plug in when you get home and you're good to go the next morning. You can still get a tax credit up to 1K for installing a home charger.
5- I haven't done any long drives in mine yet, but the X is VERY comfortable.
6- Do your homework. I spent a long time on this forum and other forums, reading up on the specific car I was buying, before I picked it up. You can even find owner manuals online if you're interested. The more you know, the better it gets!

geoffalexander737 | 06. maaliskuu 2020

We have a 3 and a 2020 X. My wife and I both prefer the 3 for a lot of reasons, primarily the handling of the car, the simplicity, the phone key--for the money, it's no contest, with our 3 LR RWD costing about 50k vs. the X and 100k. We will look to step down to the Y from the X in about a year most likely, or we may keep the X until the truck is available.

rjrc | 14. maaliskuu 2020

Delivery is pathetic in NY. Service is okay. Model X is the noisiest car you will ever drive my 10 year old Ford Taurus is much quieter. very disappointing for the money.
Other than that it is fine.

Mtnrunner | 16. maaliskuu 2020

Just some added input: We have a 2019 3 and a 2020 X, neither are performance versions. For the winter we much prefer the X as we live in the snowy mountains. Only recently I've been able to enjoy dry roads while in my X and still prefer it to the 3. While the 3 drives like a sports car, the X drives like a SUV. Compared to the three it's easier to load, enter and exit. Hitch option is great too for our mountain biking using platform rack.

Everything about the X compared to the 3 is luxury. The dash and screen is far superior in the X. Someone said it's noisy? Wrong, or at least mine isn't, it's very quiet and has a great sound system, as does the 3.

I thought I would hate the falcon doors but I've come to love them, loading the car and entering and exiting is much easier. Only complaint is when it's wet outside they do drip but I don't carry passengers often so rarely an issue.

I opted for five seater as no kids and I wanted more cargo space. Couldn't justify added expense for the super cool six seater.

We also notice range on X is better than 3. Fully trip charged; 295 on 3 after 7k miles vs 328 on X after 3k miles. 3 charges faster but X plenty fast enough using dual wall connecters with 100AMP circuit.

The 3 is a great sedan but the X is a full SUV and the difference in price is readily noticeable in terms of luxury, features, capabilities and versatility. You will not be disappointed with an X but you might consider the Y if your budget means new vs used. As for used, it's not an ICE so be comfortable knowing that these EVs have longevity and less to maintain. The X is a one of a kind vehicle. I look forward to driving it soon after it's parked