I got the call! HW3 Upgrade schedule for Monday!

I got the call! HW3 Upgrade schedule for Monday!

I know I'm only getting cones, barrels and traffic lights, but I'm excited all the same. :)
July 2018 RWD LR. Will let the group know about my experience once complete.

rchau28 | 06. maaliskuu 2020

jealous...but happy for you.

mrburke | 06. maaliskuu 2020

@alisse - Did Tesla call you unsolicited, or had you placed an HW3 upgrade request ?

alisse | 06. maaliskuu 2020

@mrburke I've been hitting them up for the past few months via the app. Always flat denied, they'll contact me, etc. I noticed in the app it said they can take care of minor body work and glass issues now, so I scheduled another appointment, focused on the HW3 upgrade, but also mentioned that I want these other small issues addressed and wanted to minimize my visits if possible.

I was shocked that it was rescheduled for a week earlier in text, stating my HW3 retrofit was available.

TL;TR: I asked for it, along with some minor bodywork.

BW984 | 06. maaliskuu 2020

I had a drive selector stock separation issue and submitted a ticket for it and requested the FSD computer retrofit on the same ticket. I got scheduled for the retrofit on March 17 at the Austin SC.

pieromontas | 06. maaliskuu 2020

i think they are going in order of Vin number mine still not available

loosej89 | 06. maaliskuu 2020

I used my app today and asked for "Other" service and described my desire for the new 3.0 computer. Within an hour I had an appointment for the 19th. . I am in the Seattle area.

roger.klurfeld | 07. maaliskuu 2020

I got mine last week. One point: The autopilot preview mode was not turned on by the service center, so I was not seeing traffic lights, cones, etc. Once the cameras complete calibrating, you need to go into autopilot settings and turn on the preview mode.

EVRider | 07. maaliskuu 2020

Another thing that HW3 shows you, which I didn’t know until I got it installed in my Model S, is markings painted on the roadway, including turn lane arrows, HOV diamonds, railroad crossing markers, etc. My wife’s 3 is scheduled for the upgrade this week.

As Roger noted above, the Controls > Autopilot > FSD Visualization Preview setting is disabled by default.

Mike83 | 07. maaliskuu 2020

Great news. We have a MS and M3 waiting for the AI.

rhossain4648 | 07. maaliskuu 2020

Made an appoint at Syosset, NY Location. Received a text stating that due to the very large demand, they're out of stock. No ETA on when the part will be available. If anyone else was able to get the retrofit in NY area, Please let me know.

gballant4570 | 07. maaliskuu 2020

alisse, just be prepared when you pick up your car. It's very likely that you will lose all stored data, so you'll need to do the things you did when you took delivery - like create a profile, make all your seat adjustments and driving preferences/settings again, define Home, pair your phone, etc... of course many of those things can be redone later, you can just adjust your seat & mirrors & drive away on the key card.

In my case, I had to get a large software update to get back to being current, as my HW3 was a number of significant updates behind. It was V9, and I lost one pedal driving among other things. The car wanted me to chose to update immediately, but I waited for an overnight installation.

Like any computer replacement, there is a bit of pain involved - but the new capability should be well worth it, and the inconvenience is quickly forgotten.

alisse | 07. maaliskuu 2020

@gballant4570 Thanks. That is indeed mildly annoying. I would have hoped they have a way to back up the personalization stuff and reload it post upgrade. We'll see. Appreciate the heads up on that.

EVRider | 07. maaliskuu 2020

@gballant4570: It is not "very likely that you will lose all stored data". This has happened to some people, but the vast majority don't lose anything. Don't generalize your experience to everyone.

Resist | 07. maaliskuu 2020

I lost all my settings when they installed HW3. I believe they were supposed to carry over my settings, but didn't. Think it boils down to laziness with some service center techs.

MalibuRed | 07. maaliskuu 2020

I scheduled my appt last week and my appt was today. I arrived and they told me that they will need my car from Saturday and it should be done by Monday. Instead of a loaner car they gave me $400 Uber vouchers that expires Monday night. I prefer this option and appreciated it. They also were performing service bulletins like the pins on the charger (colder climates they freeze), Frunk latch switch out and of course HW3 upgrade. I left at 1030 am and to my surprise my car was ready at 33 The rep told me I could pick it up Monday but I wasn’t going to leave my car there. I missed it already ha. Picked it up and great update and faster processor for sure in the HW3, I appreciate the service center. The reps were nice and explained everything in detail and were helpful. I also overheard M3 Extended warranty options should be coming out soon for those interested. Extremely proud of my purchase of this car and will be a loyal tesla client! Now where’s my free Spotify? JK Btw my settings were all saved except the connection of my phone. All other settings were saved.

bfr2mars | 08. maaliskuu 2020

Syosset is my sv c too! I have a Model 3, March 2019 build, AWD, VIN 195XXX and I haven't received any communication regarding HW3 retrofit. I had to contact one of our mobile tech guys for another issue and asked about HW3...He very nicely reiterated that Tesla will contact us when ready. He also mentioned that waiting a little longer can actually be a good thing as the techs will have more experience with the installation. Makes sense. I cannot wait for this upgrade, but I haven't tried to schedule this appointment, yet!! Please keep us posted on your install date and experience. Good Luck!

rhossain4648 | 08. maaliskuu 2020

Bfr2mars - thanks for the info. Will keep you all posted. I have a LR RWD sept 2018 build 056XXX. Hope fully I get the call soon.

roger.klurfeld | 08. maaliskuu 2020

I did not lose any settings when my HW3 computer was installed. The techs must be getting better at doing the task.

gballant4570 | 08. maaliskuu 2020

EVRider, I asked at the SC about losing data and settings prior to having the service done. I was told the loss rate is running about 50/50. That does not sound like an estimate that applies to any "vast majority", one way or the other.

By the way, you do not get to tell me what to do. I am now giving you a rude gesture that you cannot see.

alisse | 09. maaliskuu 2020

Appointment isn't for a few hours yet, but they texted me to let me know they still can't do minor scuffs and glass chips. Pre-painted replacement parts and full windshield replacement only. So I'm only going in for the HW3 retrofit. And a wash, hopefully. :)

M3phan | 09. maaliskuu 2020

@ alisse, enjoy HW3! By the way our SC stopped washing cars in 2019 to save on water. Fine by me as I hand wash. Just an FYi as I think this is company wide...

EVRider | 09. maaliskuu 2020

@gballant4570: Maybe your service center has a 50/50 rate of losing settings, but that doesn’t mean all service centers do, and 50/50 is not “very likely.” If it was really 50/50 everywhere, we’d be hearing about it from many more people. I’m not telling you what to do, but if I see someone posting misinformation, I’m going to call them out on it, and I hope others will do the same.

Goose66 | 09. maaliskuu 2020

Mine is August 2018 RWD LR - maybe I'm next! Looking forward to it because NoA with 2.5 hardware has become untenable.

slee44 | 09. maaliskuu 2020

I have an appointment on 3/11 at Princeton Service, NJ. Exciting :)
July 2018 RWD LR

alisse | 09. maaliskuu 2020

@M3phan Your're correct. No washee :(
Unfortunately they have to keep the car overnight (maybe two nights) so they gave me a loaner P90D. It's a nice car, but they speed-limited it and locked chill mode. Talk about taking the fun out of something. Needless to say, I'm already looking forward to getting my M3 back.

M3phan | 09. maaliskuu 2020

HW3 for me March 19...woot!

Alameda EV Guy | 09. maaliskuu 2020

Scheduled mine “HW3 upgrade” on app, Berkeley, CA.

Other than automated texts confirming appt and again as date got closer, no communication.

Showed up at scheduled 10:30am, they had computer up, HW3 upgrade, pins on charge port, badge.

Texted me back at 2:30pm, picked up car, all settings except WiFi password were intact. They said they now have a second way to backup settings.

...and the best, they turned on visualizations for me. Literally just had to drive car home and enter WiFi password.

Lastly, they updated software while they had it, so I’m back to where I was before I went in, 2020.4.1

M3NOICE | 10. maaliskuu 2020

I set an appointment (HW3 retrofit) for 2 weeks later as it was first available (San Diego). SC texted me next day saying "do you want to do it today, or tomorrow?". Yeah!
Kept the car for the day, gave me UBER credits. All settings saved except WiFi.

alisse | 11. maaliskuu 2020

Despite the 1pm Monday drop-off, they didn't start working on my car until about 8pm last night. I know that because that's when app reported it was in service mode. I checked about an hour later and I could see on the location map that they were driving the car around. That was actually pretty fun to see. I got the text at 10pm the service was complete.

I'm a little miffed that for the 2 hours it took why they just couldn't do it while I was there, but I guess if they're doing service at 10pm at night, they may be a little behind on their appointments. :/

Picking it up tonight. Looking forward to getting it back. Oh, I did ask about losing settings and I was told everything will be retained except *maybe* for the phone settings. We'll see. It'll be an after-hours lockbox pickup so if I do lose settings I'll have no one to complain to. :)

alisse | 11. maaliskuu 2020

Oh, and just confirmed in-app that they bumped me to the latest software version as well. 2020.8.1 :)

Kathy Applebaum | 11. maaliskuu 2020

I got tired of waiting (okay, more like annoyed that other people are getting theirs and my April 2018 car with VIN < 10K wasn't). Put in a request, got an instant "backordered, we'll call you". Sigh.

alisse | 11. maaliskuu 2020

@Kathy Applebaum Try scheduling it for service about once a month. Don't know if I got lucky or wore them down, but keep trying!! You paid for it, after all.

martinbogo | 11. maaliskuu 2020

In Austin when they do the upgrade now, all settings are transferred (except WiFi network/pass) and they update to 2040.8.1

rogerdata | 11. maaliskuu 2020

I tried to schedule through the app and here is the response:
TESLA - Hello, I am reaching out to you from the Tesla Virtual service team. We have received your open concern in regards to upgrading your vehicle to our full self-driving hardware. We are currently working through a large backlog and are facing a temporary parts shortage as we ramp up. We are working to resolve this constraint as soon as possible and will notify you once the parts become readily available again. Please note this upgrade will require a visit to your local center for completion. We will now be canceling your upcoming visit with us. Have a great day!

alisse | 11. maaliskuu 2020

@rogerdata Word for word that's what I got for months. That why I was so surprised it took this time around.

gballant4570 | 11. maaliskuu 2020

EVRider, no misinformation coming from here. My post was 100% factual and true. I, however, call out arrogance. I am not telling you what to do, but do not use this forum to display your arrogance.

EVRider | 11. maaliskuu 2020

@martinbogo: I wonder why some people are losing WiFi settings but some are not? Some people also seemed to lose Bluetooth pairing with their phones.

I didn't lose any settings when my Model S was upgraded. My wife's Model 3 is being upgraded now at the same service center. It will be interesting to see if there's any difference in what does/doesn't get saved. Could be a difference between Model S and 3.

EVRider | 11. maaliskuu 2020

@gballant4570: I believe you when you say your service center told you there was 50/50 chance of losing settings. What I'm saying is that I don't believe them. I don't think they were lying to you, I just think they were misinformed. It wouldn't be the first time.

alisse | 11. maaliskuu 2020

Just home with my HW3 upgrade.
Can confirm the only settings lost were my phone connection and WiFi password. Everything else was intact. Because the sensors had to calibrate on the way home, I couldn't do a ton of testing, but I was able enable the FSD preview and saw traffic lights, and some cones on the way back.

Honestly, even though they gave me a Model S, getting back into the 3 just felt better. It was snappier and more fun to drive (with the understanding they chill-locked the loaner S). Looking forward to playing more with the rig!

alisse | 12. maaliskuu 2020

Realized this this morning that my web favorites went missing. Not a huge deal, but my regional rail provider's site doesn't work on the tesla browser, so I have retype a pretty long mobile version URL to make it work properly. Small problems. :)

racerex | 12. maaliskuu 2020

@allise: I had the same experience as you. I got my HW3 retrofit done yesterday and all I lost were phone connection and WiFi password... which I was able to fix in about a minute.
Overall it was a super smooth experience and I'm excited to have the traffic light and sign visualizations now!

triton3 | 12. maaliskuu 2020

Im scheduled for Mar. 18th at 9am. Never been so excited about traffic lights and cones!

I tried my luck in the scheduling app and specifically requesting the upgrade. Initially got scheduled as a mobile service they revised it to the service center. Im a Dec. 2018 purchase.

EVRider | 13. maaliskuu 2020

I just posted a new thread about my Model 3 HW3 upgrade experience:

noleaf4me | 25. huhtikuu 2020

I got my upgrade fittingly on 4/20. Easy peasy.....I scheduled to have a minor repair done (my trunk was always difficult to close so I scheduled them to look at it -- which they fixed) and in the notes I said "also need HW3 upgrade" it took the better part of the day but no issues. The visualization is great (traffic lights, stop signs, turn lanes, etc...) The only thing I noticed was I needed to re-sync my phones via bluetooth and I had to refind my home wifi. I didn't notice anything else that I had to re-install or upload.

Very happy with the upgrade.

matthewtesla | 29. huhtikuu 2020

I have setup several appointments but have been told the same as others. Chip is on backorder. It's killing me. I have not heard any story where Tesla just reached out so I feel like I gotta setup an appointment every month just to get it when it comes in.

myerrored | 30. huhtikuu 2020


A Tesla rep reached out to me today in the morning via text for the HW3 upgrade without having to request it. In fact, I've never put in a request before. I now have it scheduled for the morning of May 11th. I live in north Texas, so I figured the further away from factory it is, the longer it would take. I dunno? Good luck to you.

Trekman | 30. huhtikuu 2020

My appointment is for Thursday (7th May), and it sez only for 2 hours. I've been hearing from others at an SC it takes 4+ hours. So I'll be prepared for that.

walnotr | 01. toukokuu 2020

Mine was swapped out last February and took about 3 1/2 hours. I think they have got their process down by now so the 2 hour estimate could be a good one. Soon the only cars without the new hardware will be the ones that didn’t pay for it. Having said that, things can and do happen as evidenced by some of the early stories. You are going to love it.

pdeputy | 01. toukokuu 2020

Is it true that everyone who is getting the HW3 upgrade either ordered when you bought the car or bought the FSD post delivery?

M3phan | 01. toukokuu 2020

pd, yes, but those are the only two scenarios anyway...