Auto headlights

Auto headlights

My headlights come on frequently during the day, when in fact they are clearly not needed. This of course uses valuable battery reserve. Sure would be nice to set the Auto sensitivity so that the headlights only came on when needed.

hunterjanson321 | 07. toukokuu 2020

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anttdall | 10. toukokuu 2020

Nice article and thanks for sharing this to us.

dinhphuong569 | 20. toukokuu 2020

Automatic headlights are like any other headlights you'll get at the front of the car except that when the car is on and it is dark,

Redmiata98 | 24. toukokuu 2020

Unfortunately, There does not appear to be a place for adjusting it. Not sure where the sensor is for the lights, if you can locate that perhaps it just needs to be cleaned.