HW3 Upgrade Camera/video difference

HW3 Upgrade Camera/video difference

I just had my 2016 HW2.0 MCU 1 upgraded to HW3/MCU2. I understand that the camera suite was not changed resulting in the front/side cameras having a washed out appearance (when compared to my Model 3 with FSD). However, the rear camera is notceably better in resolution, clarity, and color reproduction. Does anyone know why such a difference? No complaints just curious.

Thanks | 29. kesäkuu 2020

Yep, the rear camera has always been full color. The other 7 cameras are monochrome/red on HW20 cars. They can simulate color from the monochrome/red and show reds, yellow, and a blue-green. It really can't show separate blue colors from green. It's sort of amazing they can get as much color as they do.

More details here:, go down to "AutoPilot 2.0 Cameras". | 29. kesäkuu 2020

Note that the dashcam with MCU1 and HW2.0 with AP3 processor only records the front and sides. The rear camera is not recorded. I've been testing with the fastest drive I happen to have on hand, a SD card in an adapter with 93 Mbps write speed, I get quite a bit of stutter and poor video frames. It looks like MCU1 is really not up for the task. Too much data! I have USB music on a 2nd drive, so I need to see if it improves when not using that drive.

I'll also test a few other drives to see if it makes any difference, but I don't think the drive is the issue.