What does the full range charge read on your P90DL?

What does the full range charge read on your P90DL?

416km / 258miles (4 days old)

alex.sanders | 29. helmikuu 2016

About the same. If I look at the projected range in the range app it shows a bit more depending on how I have been driving. My 90% is 232 miles. Mine was made back in October/November, Delivered in Norway in December and then shipped to the UAE and it arrived in Feb this year.

UnshodBob | 29. helmikuu 2016

@WattsThatGrin - haven't done 100% in a while, but was 265 when new and 256 two months and 3000 miles later, with warm weather at first and cooler later. Southern California doesn't get major temperature swings, though. At 90% I usually see about 229-230 miles. August 2015 P90DL received in September. I probably won't go to 100% anymore except maybe once or twice a year just out of curiosity.

ksandfeld | 24. maaliskuu 2016

I bought a P90DL DEMO car with 5000 miles on the odometer. The day I picked it up it was at 253 Miles on 100% charge. I picked it up at the Fremont Factory location and drove it down the coast. I charged to 100% 2 more times on that drive and it went up to 256 both times. Since then I have charged to 100% several more times in order to have enough range to drive to Los Angeles and back and now I am consistently at 253 miles @ 100% max. Most every day I charge it to the line on the charge meter and that gets me to 232 miles. I wanted speed and I use it but thought that the 90 would get about 260-70 instead of 250ish.

WattsThatGrin | 24. maaliskuu 2016

Roughly six months ago I had a P85D loaner over night and charged it to 411km / 255 miles. It seems P90D owners don't get the 6% range increase as promissed! Tesla needs to fix this.

WattsThatGrin | 06. huhtikuu 2016

After less than 6 weeks of ownership I'm down to 411km / 255 miles (sometimes only 408 / 253) with my P90DL. WTF!

George with SacEV | 07. huhtikuu 2016

I get 254 miles on my P85D with 25,000 miles.



But I rally do.

George with SacEV | 07. huhtikuu 2016

That is P85DL

WattsThatGrin | 07. huhtikuu 2016

@George with SacEV That's what I say and I'm happy for you, really! But what did we P90DL buyers spend the 3 grand on again? Hello, Tesla!?!

eye.surgeon | 07. huhtikuu 2016

The indicated full charge range cannot be used as an accurate measure of battery health or capacity. It is a mathematical algorithm that is affected by driving style, weather, and multiple other factors that have nothing to do with your battery. We really need to post this at the top of the forum because it is such a commonly misunderstood issue for new owners, and many not so new owners also.

pliyanage | 07. marraskuu 2016

I get 273 on 100% on the P90DL... 4k miles ... assuming this will drop quickly to the 250's

trisailor33 | 07. marraskuu 2016

As eye.surgeon says, the displayed mileage and the achieved mileage are often very different. in my 2016 90D full charge says something like 270 miles. But that is total fiction. I have been observing that the miles remaining counter counts down much faster than the odometer. Without special care, about 30% faster.. Yesterday I did a small trip with Range mode on, no AC, and exceptionally timid driving. The battery mileage counter still counted down about 10% more miles than I actually drove.
No doubt many folks will report that they achieve the miles that are predicted. But many will not. AND may not even notice.

zubinanary | 07. marraskuu 2016

When brand new on July 8th 2016, a 100% charge would get me 273 miles and at 90% (which is what I charge to on a normal basis) I was getting 243 miles.

Today 4 months later and after 6200 miles, and 2.3 megawatt consumed, I now get 236 miles now (at the same 90%).

That's a 2.88% loss in 4 months I think if my math is correct.

WattsThatGrin | 07. marraskuu 2016

After eight months and 9k miles I'm down to 251 now. The P85D loaner with the same mileage I currently drive is at 245. 3k for 6 miles more is... ludicrous.

trisailor33 | 07. marraskuu 2016

Zubinanary: When you say that you "are getting" 273 miles or 236 miles, is this the displayed mileage, or the actual mileage that you are getting? The displayed miles remaining is just a calculation. The miles you actually get may be very different from the displayed miles. Have you ever checked to see if you are getting what the display predicts?

2015P90DI | 08. marraskuu 2016

I got 265 on my first charge and 239 on my first 90% charge. By the third charge was down to 259 for 100% and the fourth charge at 90% was 233. Since then through, it has held steady over the past several months at 232 for 90% and 258 for 100%.

Made in CA | 08. marraskuu 2016

My year old P90D still shows 258 miles at 100%.

I also averaged 315 wh/mi on a recent 1,000 road trip. I was surprised because I was doing 75-80 most of the time and it included some stop-and-go. But the outside temperature was probably ideal: 65-75 degrees.

zubinanary | 08. marraskuu 2016

@trisailor33: That's the display number on the bottom left of the instrument panel (I don't use percentage). Today, with 90%, it was down to 235, so that one more miles lost in the last week.

dtodd16 | 10. marraskuu 2016

straight 90 - 275 full, 255 90%

Quasar | 07. marraskuu 2019

Dec 2015 P90DL, 45k, 243 full, 215 90%

klufkee | 07. marraskuu 2019

Well I suppose if we're just resurrecting threads I'll throw my 2 cents in...

August '15 P90DL 100% is 248-251, 90% is 222-226. No way I'd ever get that with the way I drive though. :)

Darthamerica | 07. marraskuu 2019

236 miles, ~87,000 miles odometer.

RAR | 07. marraskuu 2019

75% is 218 at ~ 28,000 miles. I only charge above that to start trips. 100% is above 285 miles. Original spec was 294 miles for S90D in Dec 2016. S90DL would have been lower.

jttagli | 13. marraskuu 2019

'15 P90DL 42K - 251 miles at 100%