SUV planned?

SUV planned?

Any speculation as to whether Model 3 will be revealed as sedan only or SUV too?

Red Sage ca us | 27. maaliskuu 2016

March 31, 2016 reveal will be Sedan only. I do wish for more... I do expect other configurations are in development... But I understand Elon's need to keep cards close to the vest. ~*shhh*~

negarholger | 27. maaliskuu 2016

A SUV on the M3 base has always been the plan, but no date has been given so far.

jordanrichard | 28. maaliskuu 2016

Who knows, maybe in addition to revealing functioning Model ≡s, they will have at least a rendering of what the Model Y will look like.

PhillyGal | 28. maaliskuu 2016

Man we're a bunch of impatient children. I say that with love of course...

t-3 days!

Ankit Mishra | 28. maaliskuu 2016

Yes. I think Tesla will first learn from the experience of Model X. It's the 1st SUV from Tesla. Therefore, I think it will be at least two years from launch date of Model X that we are going to hear about Model Y.

Hi_Tech | 28. maaliskuu 2016

@PhillyGal - I think that's one of the reasons to be a Teslaian (is that a term yet?). To be young at heart once again and play with the toys!

PhillyGal | 28. maaliskuu 2016

@Hitesh - Agreed! Our 108 day wait from order to delivery (2014) was pure torture, especially after it took 3 months to decide to take the plunge.

artC | 28. maaliskuu 2016

@Hitesh - How do you pronounce that TES - LAH - E - AN ??

JeffreyR | 28. maaliskuu 2016

It's pronounced GRIN-ER


jhw1009 | 31. maaliskuu 2016

I don't know. Based on some of the teased pictures I've seen, they may announce the SUV (Model Y?) tonight but may not have the prototype available to see or demo. Purely a guess and my hope since I want the small SUV in addition to my MS.