Cant use credit from referral as deposit

Cant use credit from referral as deposit

I am slightly annoyed. I have a $1,000 referral credit from the original program that i was planning on using for the model 3 reservation. When i spoke to the store manager in charlotte nc today about coming in tomorrow i was told i cant use the credit. Its only good toward merchandise, service and buying cars. To me this doesnt make since and was told its just like buying something on amazon which makes no since. I am a good drive from store so now even less enthusiastic about driving down to reserve. Just wanted to put it out there in case anyone else is planning on waiting in line tomorrow and may get disappointed...

Captain_Zap | 30. maaliskuu 2016

It makes sense to me.

Red Sage ca us | 30. maaliskuu 2016

So... A Reservation isn't 'Merchandise', eh? Gotcha.

Of course, if that call were Escalated to me, I'd do my durndest to make an exception... It would probably be shot down though... Because I'm pretty sure that the Referral Credits were specifically called out as not being transferable as cash... And, it would probably be kind of awkward to attempt to 'Refund' a Referral Credit if someone chose to cancel the Reservation.

Xerogas | 30. maaliskuu 2016

...and it can't be used for any old merchandise either :( Try buying one of those leather jackets from the online store and see if they'll let you use your credit.