Over 500 at Sunnyvale,CA Store, with picture

Over 500 at Sunnyvale,CA Store, with picture

Line started at 8pm last night. At 10am, it was over 500 people (my count). Here is just a portion of the people waiting...

Ankit Mishra | 31. maaliskuu 2016


jordanrichard | 31. maaliskuu 2016

I wonder if during the reveal tonight, Elon mentions the total number of reservations up to that point. You know full well Wall Street will be chomping at the bit, to hear those numbers.

mike_f | 31. maaliskuu 2016
zachporges | 31. maaliskuu 2016

the line actually started at 1pm yesterday :)

Red Sage ca us | 31. maaliskuu 2016

Yeah. There's hardly anyone there at all. BMW now knows they can stand pat on the i3 for the next eight years. And, Chevrolet knows they will undoubtedly trounce the Nissan LEAF during the foreseeable future.

buickguy | 31. maaliskuu 2016

I'm in that picture! Tesla got my $1,000. Very peaceful line, which moved at about 250 reservations per hour! | 31. maaliskuu 2016

@!zachporges - Yikes, one of the Tesla employees told me 8pm, but I expect you're right. They underestimated the crowd and thought maybe 100-200 would show up by 10am.

Looks like about 200 more added to the line in the last two hours!