Plugless Charger. An option for the M3?

Plugless Charger. An option for the M3?

A friend of mine sent me a video re: a plugless electric charger which is being used for the GM chevy volt. I wonder if Tesla would either make the M3 compatible with this, or similar devices or if they would design their own. Either way, this is pretty cool technology! The spam filter wouldn't let me post the link...grrr so go to Youtube and enter "Signature Electric - Plugless Charger for Electric Vehicle"

FelixMendeldog | 06. huhtikuu 2016

How efficient is this? Inductive charging is less efficient than a cord. But /how much/ electricity will it waste? This is an important consideration.

Red Sage ca us | 06. huhtikuu 2016

Always less efficient than simply plugging in.

cephellow | 06. huhtikuu 2016

Even close proximity inductive charging paddle connections like on the EV1 were only 86% efficient. The floor mounted systems are probably under 80% efficient. That is a lot of power loss when you are talking about 60 to 90 KWh battery packs. That is why Elon demonstrated the rather disturbing 'Snake-Bot' , which I hope we will see more of in model 3 reveal part 2. Nothing beats a direct electrical connection.