Model 3 in the wild

Model 3 in the wild

Model 3 in the wild. Here we go! What a beautiful design. Thank you Franz and all of Tesla.

EVino | 07. huhtikuu 2016
EVino | 07. huhtikuu 2016
finman100 | 07. huhtikuu 2016

Someone, quick, open that frunk! I want to know...

jordanrichard | 07. huhtikuu 2016

If it wasn't for the fact that we know this is the Model 3, looking at the first 3 pictures, one could easily mistaken this for being slightly modified MS. What makes this brilliant is that people will be able to have a MS miniature clone for 50% less. Tesla's signature "look" is from the belt line up. More specific, the chrome around the windows. Look at the S, X and now the ≡. Mercedes used to be this way. Up until the late 90's, a Mercedes looked like a Mercedes. Whether it was the entry level 190E or the S-Class. They all had a very stately, built from granite look to them. Now Mercedes just got lost in the crowd.

Anyways, this design literally affords those buying a $35K car, the look of a $100K car.

finman100 | 07. huhtikuu 2016

PS forgot to ask: when do we find out about safety ratings? oh, right...soon. I can't believe we have 2 years of these teases. Elon, just get going on the roll-out. Can't come 'soon' enough.

mb30 | 07. huhtikuu 2016

where is this? and why am i not there?

sp_tesla | 07. huhtikuu 2016

For much superior designed front end look Franz and ceo geniuos engineer need to hire & use design engineer James Anders, who posted his rendering with a re-contoured the front end to the Tesla Motors Club forum

Ankit Mishra | 07. huhtikuu 2016

I like the design. I think people have prematurely created a problem where there was none. Maybe we need more pictures, but the upward slant looks okay to me here.

Tropopause | 07. huhtikuu 2016


Agreed. The Tesla front end is supreme.

At first I liked James Anders version better but now it is becoming boring when I see it compared with the real Tesla Model 3. I hope Tesla will keep the front end unique in some fashion. Elon said minor tweaking ahead but please don't go boring!

Lubdub | 07. huhtikuu 2016

link please to Anders

PhillyGal | 07. huhtikuu 2016

+1 link request

Tropopause | 07. huhtikuu 2016

I don't have the link but here are some pics:

jordanrichard | 07. huhtikuu 2016

Though they are the same color, the car looks better in the event picture vs the stock photo at the bottom. The line across the nose is more distinct in the top picture.

Tropopause | 07. huhtikuu 2016


Both of the pics in my post are modified versions. The top picture is James Anders', the bottom is someone else's along the same philosophy.

Here's the original and modified together:

EVino | 07. huhtikuu 2016

I think that photoshopped version above looks too bland and unoriginal. It's an attempt to copy the Porsche aesthetic. I like the edgy look of the Model 3.

Tropopause | 07. huhtikuu 2016

EVino, agreed! Simple is boring.

jordanrichard | 07. huhtikuu 2016

Oh, sorry I didn't catch that. Ok, I still like and now hope that Tesla goes with the one in the event picture. Compared to the modified event picture, Tesla's present version definitely looks like a duck bill.

EVino | 07. huhtikuu 2016

It looks so right.

finman100 | 07. huhtikuu 2016

good god that is an attractive car! t-minus 2 years...

JeffreyR | 07. huhtikuu 2016

mb30 +1
"where is this? and why am i not there?"

My thoughts mirror yours. It

JeffreyR | 07. huhtikuu 2016

It seems these are from the Fremont factory.

Red Sage ca us | 07. huhtikuu 2016

The modified image with the TechCrunch (TC) logo looks better than the other modified photo, because it is top-down. The modified on-road image is another up-angle shot. The Model ☰ simply is not flattered by that lower viewing angle at all.

I admit, the modified image is what I would have done myself. But really, I now think that Tesla Motors has it 'right'. There is no need for a change at all.

I don't want a Porsche knockoff. Confirmed this when I went to the US Post Office today and a Panamera parked next to me. YUCK.

Pando | 07. huhtikuu 2016

"Both of the pics in my post are modified versions.
The top picture is James Anders',
the bottom is someone else's along the same philosophy."

I made the bottom picture which I originally posted here:

I actually don't like the bland look, since the actual sightings confirm that the "nose" isn't as pronounced. I'd much prefer that it still has that nose although it could use more rounded edges.