Towing capacity

Towing capacity

I was blown away by the X unveiling when it roles on stage towing an Airstream! It is my understanding that the model 3 is built on the Audi A4 frame which has a rather robust towing capacity. More than enough to tow a small teardrop trailer. With 215 or more miles per charge and a system of charging stations in our National parks and a hitch on the M3,we might possibly be seeing the quintessential tow travel team of the future! A Model 3, with a hitch, towing a teardrop to every State and National park, burning not a drop of gas! Please make it so, Elon!

jordanrichard | 12. huhtikuu 2016

The Model 3, built on the Audi A4 frame.....where on earth or Mars did you hear that?

Bert | 12. huhtikuu 2016

Is that not so?

Bert | 12. huhtikuu 2016

In any event, if the X, an all electric vehicle, can pull a 4000 lb. Airstream, then why oh why can't the Model 3 pull a 1500 lb. teardrop?

Xerogas | 12. huhtikuu 2016

Bert, you may have heard that Model 3 was always meant to be "about the size of an Audi A4". That's the only comparison between the two. Tesla makes its own frames from the ground up (except for the original Roadster, which they acknowledged was a costly mistake to borrow from Lotus).

Red Sage ca us | 12. huhtikuu 2016

Elon has already confirmed there will be a towing package option for Model ☰.

dsvick | 13. huhtikuu 2016

Keep in mind too, that the base range of 215 miles will be decreased a fair amount by towing.

Hi_Tech | 13. huhtikuu 2016

It appears towing in Model X reduced range by 30%.
If we push that to Model 3, using lots of assumptions, we could get a larger battery pack (with a 300 mile range), plug in a decent trailer and still go about 200 miles. Plenty of space to get to superchargers for cross country trip if anyone wants.

jordanrichard | 13. huhtikuu 2016

Of course this question about towing capability beings up the perfectly legitimate question as to why Tesla doesn't recommend towing with a MS. Or perhaps the "not recommend" is just for the RWD MSs

dd.micsol | 13. huhtikuu 2016

I won't be towed. I'll take the spare tire please.

jordanrichard | 13. huhtikuu 2016

The subject is towing something like a trailer/boat, not getting towed.

dd.micsol | 13. huhtikuu 2016

Yeah, I was just joking sorry if you took me seriously. LOL.
Was just imagining a 3 pulling an airstream on 2 rear wheels and front wheels off the ground. Funny picture.

jordanrichard | 13. huhtikuu 2016

What would be even funnier would be a M≡ towing a trailer with a BMW 3 series on it, racing a BMW 3 series and over course winning.....

Red Sage ca us | 13. huhtikuu 2016

Tesla Motors didn't expect anyone would WANT to tow anything with a Model S. Let's face it, how often have you seen an AUDI A8, BMW 7-Series, Lexus LS, or Mercedes-Benz S-Class towing a trailer?