You know you're winning when...

You know you're winning when...

... you see more desperate lying rubbish on the internet trying to discredit EVs

www dot dailykos dot com/stories/2016/5/6/1524012/-Someone-is-lying-about-electric-cars-on-the-internet

Very nice deconstruction by dailykos.

JeffreyR | 09. toukokuu 2016

Thanks @bj learned something new today.

Blue85DCalifornia | 09. toukokuu 2016

I saw that on reddit earlier today and saved a bookmark. It's too bad the haters resort to such obvious lies.

Chunky Jr. | 09. toukokuu 2016

The bigger question is why is there any hate at all? My only guess is that it has nothing to do with the technology, and everything to do with hippie punching. i.e. the hate is directed at their perception of who drives the cars rather than the technology behind the car.

Red Sage ca us | 09. toukokuu 2016

Good article. Thanks!

Hi_Tech | 10. toukokuu 2016

I think it's more to do with protecting personal turf. I expect every dealership to have at least one full time person jumping on every news article and going around bad-mouthing / hating anything to do with Tesla or EVs in general. Maybe even UAW folks in there.

jordanrichard | 10. toukokuu 2016

I am sure that is the internet/social media existed when cars first started coming on the scene, blacksmiths and horse buggy builders would have done the same type of things. | 10. toukokuu 2016

Nice! Here's the link so you don't have to edit it: