Model 3 buyers should help make final design changes

Model 3 buyers should help make final design changes

There are 400,000 of us who have reserved Tesla M3's.

Tesla should use us as a sounding board for some of the final design choices they make i.e.:
- final front end design
- interior design
- cloth vs vinyl as the Vegan interior choice (my Mercedes has MB Tex vinyl interior - you cannot tell it from leather & it is indestructible.
- wheel options
- color options
- etc....

Since we are the future of Tesla, it might be good to get out input!


Hi_Tech | 31. toukokuu 2016

@Ken, I understand your idea/thought. Hopefully, they have already been obtaining this information from the many on the threads that have put in their opinions to date. If they create a formal way for all of the 400k reservation holders to provide further individual input, then they will never get the Model 3 rolled out, as there will be many differing opinions on the smallest of things.

RSavage_92024 | 31. toukokuu 2016

I kinda think Elon has this under's not Burger King.

Kenwild | 31. toukokuu 2016

An organized way of getting our feedback would be far more useful than their design team looking at blogs.
There could be a future Tesla 3 buyers board that rated various details. It does not have to be feedback from all 400,000 of us.
I understand Tesla has this under control.
The successful launch of this vehicle dictates the future of Tesla. Having the 400,000 reservations turn into deliveries is paramount to Tesla.

yongliangzhu68 | 31. toukokuu 2016

Henry Ford:

“If I had asked people [customer] what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

dsvick | 31. toukokuu 2016

@RSavage +100 "'s not Burger King"


I can understand where you coming from but there is a reason that they don't do this, in fact most companies don't do anything like that except in very specific cases. If you want an example of why they don't, go find any one of the "it should have been a hatchback" threads.

Also, keep in mind that almost 3/4 of the reservations came after the reveal, meaning that those people have already said that they like what they saw.

Captain_Zap | 31. toukokuu 2016

A camel is a horse that was designed by a committee.

frinvs | 31. toukokuu 2016

One thing I would like for Tesla to offer at the time to design my Model 3, is to have an option of a bigger size wheel package. Bigger in size from what is currently available, because as of now the only way to get it bigger is going aftermarket..

JeffreyR | 31. toukokuu 2016

@wj +1
Design by committee is difficult at best.

I think what would be interesting to Tesla would be a preview of what options people are expecting to order and what price they would pay. That way if they had a box that said "included/standard" (or I will cancel) they can see how much people value them and at what level. This would help w/ supply chain.

paulspiers1 | 31. toukokuu 2016

@dsvick I have to agree that 3/4 of the reservations are happy with the design as is, with a few exceptions. I personally like the look of the front end and hope that doesn't change at the second reveal. My only real concern is what they are planning for the steering wheel. Some of the leaked sketches show an aircraft inspired control yoke. I have no real issue with this concept but, my wife may have a different opinion about that. I think I could easily get used to that design, since I am a pilot and am used to this type of control.

OsideTesla | 31. toukokuu 2016

I want a faster horse!

Tstolz | 31. toukokuu 2016

Sounds like a Simpsons episode ...

Red Sage ca us | 31. toukokuu 2016

Tstolz: Exactly what I was thinking... Here comes the HOMER MOBILE...

paulspiers1 | 31. toukokuu 2016

What do other reservation holders think about the the steering wheel design? Ar you for a traditional round steering wheel or are you in favour of a spaceship design?

Badbot | 31. toukokuu 2016

STOP let those with vision do it!
anything built/designed by committee SUCKS

jordanrichard | 31. toukokuu 2016

You want a design by committee car, buy a GM product. Once car companies started using consumer focus groups input for their cars, the cars became bland and very forgettable.

carlk | 31. toukokuu 2016

Camel is a horse designed by commitee. Just saying.

afestini | 31. toukokuu 2016

Generally, if you have a group of 10 people, I trust each of them to design a better car than what you get if they all design the same car together.

Design by committee is bad enough, making design a democratic process means taking forever and ending up with something that would give even Frankenstein some serious nightmares.

Of course it's perfectly fine to listen to opinions and inputs (especially if they are kind of funding your development), but the final decision should be with someone that has a clear and consistent vision.

dkenta | 31. toukokuu 2016

Design is not a democracy!

Red Sage ca us | 31. toukokuu 2016

"I'll tell you what you want and you'll like it!" -- Elon Musk

OK. Works for me.

eandmjep | 31. toukokuu 2016

I think the design for the body is what it is going to be. To late to start making changes now. As far as the interior there may be some room for some changes but if a supplier is going to be up to speed on deliveries I think they need to have an idea now what is expected from them. If you want the M3 to be a hatchback then wait for the M "Y".

Kenwild | 01. kesäkuu 2016

I am not suggesting that we get the option to re-design the vehicle.
I forgot how these forums work.
I for one do not like the prototype front. It would be interesting to see how many persons with reservations feel the same. I design computer software products. When we let our future customers have a little say in some minor design issues we tend to retain more customers. Just saying.
I did not say to re-design the Model 3.
20,000+ of the reservations have canceled to date. Getting the remaining 380,000 involved, not matter how minor it is, is a way to keep interest level high.

Kenwild | 01. kesäkuu 2016

By the way.... what I suggested is nothing like a consumer focus group. People in those groups were not committed to buy the first year of production vehicles! Major difference.

dsvick | 01. kesäkuu 2016

@Kenwild - it is exactly the same. Why would putting your money down for a reservation make any one of us any better at designing a car than someone who didn't make a reservation? Anytime you do things by committee you end up giving everyone an equal vote, so that the people who have no clue have just as much say as those who might be really good at it. You end up with a homogenized, bland, looks like everything else vehicle that no in the committee recognizes as what they wanted.

My demotivators coffee mug says ....
None of us is as dumb as all of us

KP in NPT | 01. kesäkuu 2016

I don't want anyone making design decisions but Elon and Franz and all the other capable, smart designers who work at TM.

gleidenfrost | 01. kesäkuu 2016

I drive a Chevy Spark EV....anything Tesla makes will win the design contest.

dnland | 01. kesäkuu 2016

I thought what we got at the first reveal was pretty much bang on.

Red Sage ca us | 01. kesäkuu 2016

There would be way too many speakers, air vents, and cupholders in the interior of the car, along with enough buttons to make a Pontiac or Porsche driver blush with envy.

jordanrichard | 01. kesäkuu 2016

Kenwild, The plastic bits, like the front bumper cover can be relatively easy to change up to the last minute. It is simply a molded product. There are so safety requirements involved with the appearance of the bumper, just what is underneath, which is the actual bumper. The interior as well can be changed, though probably not as easily as the bumper covers.

jordanrichard | 01. kesäkuu 2016

Also, those 20,000 cancellations were done by Tesla. turns out there were some people that figured out a way to place more than the limit of 2 reservations per person. So Tesla went in and axed them. The fear was and I can see this, that a lot of the orders were place with dubious intentions, by shorts, with full intention of cancelling their order later on to create the impression of trouble at Tesla.

afestini | 01. kesäkuu 2016

I think the most likely cause for double reservations is the usual "the website doesn't seem to be responding, let's click the button again" thing. Don't we even have another thread of someone where it didn't seem to go through and he ended up being charged twice?

Not saying the other scenarios aren't possible, but they are probably the minority. Says the guy with generally little to no faith in mankind...

topher | 03. kesäkuu 2016

A camel is a horse designed by people who live in the desert.

Thank you kindly.

mos6507 | 03. kesäkuu 2016

If Musk really believed in a "my way or the highway" approach he would not have responded the way he did on Twitter afterwards about widening the trunk opening, adjusting the front-end, and refining the dashboard. Remember that he took a look at someone's photoshop of the front as well. So you can dig your heels in and proclaim that Tesla knows best, but meanwhile the company is signaling that they're willing to listen to the peanut gallery.

adoh2010 | 03. kesäkuu 2016

Let's make one thing clear. If Tesla makes a car with autopilot and use a steering column, they'd be wrong if they make the steering wheel anything but round. Seeing that Infiniti had to make its fly-by-wire steering with a clutch and a steering column to get by the safety regulations which is redundant and wastes money, then expect a round wheel. An aircraft wheel connected to a column would hit your knees during autonomous turning.

grashelm | 05. kesäkuu 2016

@Kenwild - "I for one do not like the prototype front. It would be interesting to see how many persons with reservations feel the same."

I have a reservation and you can count me as one who does not feel the same.

chuhouse2003 | 05. kesäkuu 2016

Hopefully they will make the front end of Model 3 likes the Model S and X. Then they will have a family front end.

apa.hooft | 06. kesäkuu 2016

According to Elon's pencils down at Tesla for the Model 3. So lots of stuff is already fixed now. Exciting stuff.

Maybe they'll tweak the front end, but probably only if it doesn't effect aerodynamics and production complexity. I personally like the front of the prototype. Just not the big glass roof and small trunk opening. We'll see what will become of those things.

He promised the insides of a spaceship for dashboard. So I wonder what did arise from his vivid imagination.

There were a couple of remarks that weren't picked up by the media....

He was asked about full autonomous driving....he stated that the technology should be ready in 2 years and legislation probably a bit longer....paraphrasing Elon: "Tesla will do the obvious thing". So it is not crazy to assume a big leap in this area is to be expected.

Also he stated that he is "doing" an event at the end of this year "talking" about this subject. It will be a great buzz if he were to have an "autonomy" event at the end of this year (feature for the S/X?). Then sometime next year the second Model 3 event (my guess in the October/November range).

mos6507 | 06. kesäkuu 2016

It's pencils down in six weeks. If you count from the reveal (April 1st) when the masses first gave Tesla its feedback, that's plenty of time to have tweaked things. The front-end is all plastic is it not? That's the easiest thing to change, which is why the Model S got a front-end facelift, and why the final X front-end didn't match the proto (which had an S-like nosecone). So I think the front-end is the most likely part of the vehicle to change from the prototype, followed by the dash and the trunk-opening being least likely because it would require big changes in the metal stamping and the directional units to recut the opening.

eandmjep | 07. kesäkuu 2016

Elon said in his twitter "it makes sense" not OK we will take your advice. Don't count on the car having changed all that much on the outside. Interior yes prototypes are usually bare bone.

apa.hooft | 07. kesäkuu 2016

The nose could be tweaked. Maybe even with a similar design the S and X have. However...reading into Elon and all kinds of interviews....the nose probably doesn't change that much. The lower nose is a design choice. And maybe the aerodynamics will suffer if another "hole" is poked into it. We can just wait.

On the interior there is more room for change. However...the concept of a single landscape screen is a design that will probably stay. The interior finish could change. As well as the introduction of a "HUD" of some kind.

There will be 3 options voor the roof...:

- totally glass (launch event).
- part above drivers head in metal or sunroof

The "back" part will stay one giant piece of glass...because it is considered a very important feature to ensure people in the back have enough headroom. A large piece of glass prohibits a large trunk I wonder how much can be done about that.

Really hope the production version of the 3 will be introduced somewhere in de summer next year and not in October/November...but we can only wait :(.

busy1 | 09. lokakuu 2016

1. comfortable, cushy seats
2. high off the ground, so the bottom doesn't scrape on speed bumps
3. make advanced tech options "optional".
4. vastly increase number of public chargers
5. campaign for federal and state customer incentives
6. fold down rear seats
7. Please design it for ease of use

bcld | 31. lokakuu 2016

Model S is a success as a hatchback with folding seats.

Model 3 would be the car of the century if it has a hatchback with folding seats. Game over!!!

DTsea | 31. lokakuu 2016


except for that pesky hinge bar that already hits my head in back seat of a model s.... removal of which is why no hatch/liftback.

up north | 31. lokakuu 2016

Ya they should let us make up the final design of the batteries to. How about a D alkaline.

bgbythsea | 03. marraskuu 2016

Design input from potential customers? Not gonna happen. That would make Tesla a process oriented organization. As it currently is, it's results oriented, and that is how it can get things done.

28delayslater | 05. marraskuu 2016

I assume the final product would be something like the car Homer designed on the Simpsons. | 05. marraskuu 2016

Let's get together and "crowd design" the Model ≡. That ought to speed things up.