What would you like for supercharger charge rate statistics ?

What would you like for supercharger charge rate statistics ?

One future feature we'd talked about for Chargerville is tracking people's experiences with charge rate to be able to better predict how long you'll need to stay at a charger before continuing. Nothing like expecting 300 MPH and getting 160 MPH. I need some help from those more knowledgable than me on the best calculation though.

In my personal spreadsheet I track a ton of stuff (start time, begin range, amps, volts, end range, end time, avg MPH, notes on being paired, etc.) but I think that would be overkill for most people. I think one or at most two numbers is ideal and then if needed we can do some calcs on the back end to come up with a representative average and eventually maybe a time-of-day chart for each. The problem being a good way to get something fairly accurate while accounting for diminished rate towards the end of a charge.

One thought is beginning range + MPH (after it settles out)? This should allow some bit of estimation of an average charge rate across the curve? This wouldn't account for being the second person on an A/B pair but on average that happens in real life so should work?

Another option might be to have one or two numbers required and then others as optional for those who want to enter them.