500MWh Energy Storage Contract in Process

500MWh Energy Storage Contract in Process

These are the Powerpacks. I wonder if anyone has done minigrid or know about it.

Mike83 | 23. kesäkuu 2016

You can design a system at Tesla Energy. For example a 1000kW peak power with 5000kWh requires 50 Powerpacks and includes inverters, all cabling and hardward and occupies 81 square meters for around $2.7million + other costs.
Add Solar panels and such with EV charging and you could set up your own little stop anywhere. How about a car wash and other stuff.

Mike83 | 23. kesäkuu 2016

And for residential they are doing it now also.

It makes sense to have the Tesla vehicle, solar on the home, backup all integrated together. This appears to be the direction they are going.

I guess the Galleries could carry all the components and sell as a package deal or lease deal.

just sayin.

Octagondd | 24. kesäkuu 2016

Imagine when the government and military get on board. He already has them throwing money at him at SpaceX. Major disruption of Energy Utilities in progress. There will be many who seek to destroy what he is doing.

Mike83 | 25. kesäkuu 2016

Octagondd Agree
As more applications are realized having Tesla integration will make things much easier and faster to implement.

I have some ideas having both PV panels, DC to AC inverters and an EV and adding the M3.

Portable military applications seem very applicable.

Mike83 | 26. kesäkuu 2016

Read that Panasonic is expanding investment in the GF and hiring like crazy. 50 GW could be coming sooner than expected with the hugh M3 orders. That is bigger than all the production in the entire world. Its hard to warp ones mind at the size of building.

Disruption is an understatement.

Mike83 | 06. heinäkuu 2016

Utilities continue to fight against homeowners rooftop solar so they can make more profits using bogus arguments except for Vermont recently.
PowerWalls and Powerpacks to the rescue.