What type of climate control system does Tesla use?

What type of climate control system does Tesla use?


The Renault Zoé, which is one of Renault's electric vehicles currently on sale, uses a heat pump as a climate control system. This is quite efficient, much more so than a classical climate control compressor.

What about Tesla?

DTsea | 25. kesäkuu 2016

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Rocky_H | 27. kesäkuu 2016

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But anyway, no, no heat pump. It's an air conditioning compressor and a coil heating system. I think it was some tradeoff considered. In vehicles with small batteries, the heat pump thing to save energy was very important. But, the drawbacks it has are that it is slower at changing temperatures and cannot move temperature as far. With the big battery Tesla has, I suppose they figured a coil heater is a bit less efficient, but they have the energy to spare for it. It heats up in a few seconds and can make really hot air to warm up your car fast, defrost the windows easily, etc.