"Acceleration Reduced Contact Tesla Service at your convenience" message

"Acceleration Reduced Contact Tesla Service at your convenience" message

Just got this warning message this weekend. Anyone seen it before? I called the San Diego Tesla Service Center and they had not seen it before.

My car is a 2015 P85D with 11,000 miles.

I have an appointment at the service center this afternoon to check it out.

ST70 | 05. heinäkuu 2016

You get that after 10 times hitting 155 MPH

rwilliamtaylor | 05. heinäkuu 2016

You're joking right? I've never hit 155mph even once.

Ohjipd | 05. heinäkuu 2016

Someone posted about this once before. It ended up being a faulty contactor. Here is the thread:

rwilliamtaylor | 05. heinäkuu 2016

Thanks... Hopefully that's all it is. I dropped the car at the service center here in San Diego. Scott (service advisor) had me on my way in about 15 minutes in a loaner Model S. Super easy in comparison to when I dropped off my 2015 Corvette Stingray for warrantee work and had to wait almost an hour to get a rental POS that I had to pay $40 a day for.

rwilliamtaylor | 05. heinäkuu 2016

Thanks @Ohji . Is there a way to search this forum? Maybe it's because I'm using an iPad, but I can't find a search function.

Run4Waffles | 05. heinäkuu 2016

There is a way to search the forum. You can find it in the Owner's Manual Companion thread that's constantly bumped to page 1. There's lots of additional information there as well.


Good luck with the car and let us know how you make out.

Ohjipd | 05. heinäkuu 2016

You may search via either: or

I realized after I posted the link, however, that the prior thread about this topic was on TMC, not here. :D

Tropopause | 05. heinäkuu 2016

Maybe your P85D has lost its insanity?!?

Run4Waffles | 05. heinäkuu 2016

Lol + a bunch @Tropopause

tes-s | 05. heinäkuu 2016

+1 for the San Diego service center. Got you in same day and a MS loaner!

rwilliamtaylor | 07. heinäkuu 2016

I got the car back today. They replaced the "High Voltage Battery Pack Enclosure - Power Switch" which used to be called the "Contactor".

Diagnostics showed the power switch was not functioning appropriately and a "Latest Generation" switch was installed.

The service center also performed a "Courtesy Inspection"
Inspected Logs
Topped of washer fluid
Checked all belts and latches
Measured tire tread depth
Updated S/W to latest version
Topped up the charge at the local Superchrger Station

All in all a very positive experience. Scott the service guy texted me progress all along the way.

A+ for Tesla Service.

Run4Waffles | 08. heinäkuu 2016

Nice! Thanks for reporting back @rwilliamtaylor!