2017 Model X?

2017 Model X?

Just curious if MX ordered now and delivered this year will be considered "2016" or "2017". Usually car makers start selling their 2017 models in the fall of the year before.

I assume nothing will change on the MX for the 2017 model year?

mischivin | 03. elokuu 2016

Tesla isn't your typical automotive manufacturer and doesn't follow their "traditional" model year convention. Updates to the product lines occur as they are developed, so there's really a spectrum of cars rolling off the line instead of distinct years. Bigger updates, such as AWD, get fanfare, smaller updates, such as 3G to LTE, just get quiet rollouts.

Because of this, the vehicles model year is defined as whatever year the car is built. The first "2017" vehicles will be those produced beginning January 1st, 2017.

nchu | 04. elokuu 2016

in 2017 they could have a 100 version

vperl | 04. elokuu 2016

Good news in six months when the Model X five seat configuration is delivered end or later January 2017, there will be side view cameras, 110 kW battery, and a flawless MX.

Roamer@AZ USA | 05. elokuu 2016

@vperl. But will the seats fold for a flat cargo floor........

Remnant | 05. elokuu 2016

By 5/1/18 Tesla should be able to deliver its cars with side rearview cameras and even mirrorless if NHTSA will allow this.

Indeed, it does not make a lot of sense to require both cameras and mirrors, as it seems to be the case at this time.

vperl | 05. elokuu 2016

The 2017 MX will have features that will enhance my ownership experience.

Bigger battery, video side cams, improved interior, the option to have factory dual dash cams, and the five seat configuration will become the better seller because of the complete folding down of the seats. I am glad to wait, the upgrades will be fantastic .

michelcub | 07. elokuu 2016

VPERL +1 90d 5seat white 20" leather seats towing cold weather ash wood

vperl | 07. elokuu 2016

Yep, have a feeling Tesla wants to upsell because of the changes of the MX 2017.
Seats, battery, installed dash cams and more. Get you off the one you want. Because they might be required to upgrade you all the new features, just a wild, speculative non plausible possibility.

cica3838 | 07. elokuu 2016

Where did you hear that the MX 2017 is being changed with new features? Is that official?

vperl | 08. elokuu 2016

Out of curiosity, you did read my post?

Obviously, Tesla never communicates with it's customers about the MX and most other things.

With past happenings, when battery sizes increased out of no advance notice, auto pilot, and other features appeared, never with notice.

Supposition from past Tesla behavior might indicate one or two or no change, but I doubt it.

These forums are full of speculation. Do not make plans about what Tesla will or will not do.

jordanrichard | 09. elokuu 2016

eric, presumably you have gone to the Model X page of Tesla's site. Did you see anywhere on there the numbers 2016.......?

Only your state DMV/insurance cares what year it is. The year of your car is when it was built.

vperl | 26. elokuu 2016

Whoops 100 instead of 110 kW.

Wait till January 2017 see the rest.

My opinion

ken | 27. elokuu 2016

nice thing about ordering MX now is most failed parts have been re-engineered as mine going through massively parts replacement. 5 times to service in 4 months of ownership.


AlMc | 27. elokuu 2016

@Ken: Thanks for your reports on your X: good and bad. At one point could you list the 'new parts' here or do you have a thread over on TMC that has that list..just curious. Thanks Al

aesculus | 27. elokuu 2016

This was all expected by me, hence waiting to put my reservation in at 15k. But then the world dropped out underneath me and the delivered my 1500 car way sooner than expected.

I got lucky so far, but Ken did not. It truly does take time for someone like Tesla to get their act together since they are constantly changing their methods and equipment. That's OK in the sw world and is working for Tesla there, but I am not sold on that model in the HW world. I think that is going to bite them.

Hopefully by the time the Model 3 comes out they will be don't experimenting and changing paradigms and can concentrate on delivering quality cars.

BTW if you are going to play this agile game with HW too, you had better put replacements and upgrades into your business model or else your market is going to suffer with no recourse. Not a good model.

vperl | 07. lokakuu 2016

Best news, the Beta Testers, all got the 90 kW car

Folding seats and video rear view side mirrors next .

Party on Garth

vperl | 08. lokakuu 2016

Pitty the Beta Testers...

vperl | 09. lokakuu 2016

I am sorry to use the words " beta testers" some find the term offensive and not PC .

So I will snowflake it down to, "Early Adopters" .

Hope no one is offended by this term .

The "Early Adopters". here are the ones that made Tesla build great vehicles. The first year of production was not pleasant for some. Congratulations to the "Early Adopters".
for their support of Tesla Motors, without the foresight to advance with Tesla MOTORS the task might have taken many more years .

Model_D | 09. lokakuu 2016

My VIN shows a 2016 model for a late November to December delivery.

vperl | 09. lokakuu 2016

And what year is it , now !


vperl | 10. lokakuu 2016

Tesla moves forward, and business as usual.

Nothing to report on thecFive Seater.

Not expecting any news till end - mid December

vperl | 10. lokakuu 2016

Looks like a new Auto Driving set- up

On the 2017 vehicles

Great news for the 2017 folks....

vperl | 10. lokakuu 2016

The new sensors will fit right on the 2017 MX

Pryoritiesinc | 11. lokakuu 2016

Yep, they will fit right on the 6 or 7 seat 2017 MX

vperl | 11. lokakuu 2016

Yes, the 2017 MS & MX, probably if chosen as a option the M3

Party on Garth