Where to set up auto lease payment

Where to set up auto lease payment

I am trying to find where I can set up an account and set monthly payment on auto pay.
Where do I need to go to do that?!


EVRider | 05. elokuu 2016

If you're in the US and using US Bank, you have to wait until you receive documentation from US Bank with your account number and then you can create an account on their web site. Note that you can't set up monthly payments online -- the form is available online but you have to send it to them (fax or mail).

If you're not using US Bank, contact your leasing company and ask them.

ereenyk | 07. tammikuu 2019

how to pay lease online??????

EVRider | 08. tammikuu 2019

See above.

pap333 | 08. tammikuu 2020

It isn't US Bank anymore. Tesla is doing their own Lease financing. HOW TO SET UP MONTHLY AUTOPAY???????

EVRider | 09. tammikuu 2020

Try asking Tesla at And stop shouting. | 14. helmikuu 2020

How can I set up the automatic payment ?

EVRider | 15. helmikuu 2020

Already answered multiple times above. Try reading the other replies before asking your question.