Autopilot and AI... what about this?

Autopilot and AI... what about this?

Lots of opinions on Autopilot abound, mostly positive, some negative. Even the name is under scrutiny which seems silly given the fact that it's an AUTOmobile. In my mind autopilot is a convenience, a privilege, a total first world privilege, at least at this point. What I'd like is to be able to to help the AI more with HUMAN input. Think WAZE... it's obviously not efficient or safe to input in real time but why not allow me to opt in to aiding the AI in learning by my human input?

Instead of refreshing the Tesla forums every night looking for the coolest picture of someone with their falcon wings open or the latest non-issue to obsess about hoping my car does not have, why not send me some questions from the log of my autopilot/car today to help it learn?

"You raised the suspension at location XXXX, was it because of A,B,C or Other?"

"You took control of auto-steer at this intersection, was it because of a) avoiding an obstacle b) autosteer went to a right lane ends area c)it did not function properly(more details) d) other"

I can tell you in my personal commute, I could teach the AI pretty quick to learn these things and the causation behind it. Some things will be personal, others, like a right lane ends, etc. will be mostly universal. Why not allow users, the early adopters, to help feed information to help the system learn? AI is only as good as the people who train it how to think and the parameters it is given to learn within. Why not allow those of us who are fans, early adopters and the most likely to want to build community information the chance to speed up the learning?

In a somewhat related note, I'm sure there are many of you who are luxury car consumers and that's cool but I think Tesla is attracting a more nerdy, hippy segment of people like myself who have been blessed with the means to afford early adoption but would never in a million years even consider another luxury car. I got the car because of the mission more than anything. Sure it's fun and as a father of... wait for it... SEVEN kids under 10, it's actually quite practical. I'm more interested in the community around autonomous cars and moving it forward for the betterment of humanity than I am about the feel of the leather seats. Of course, it's only a matter of months before my car smells like old McNuggets and stale milk so there's that. ;)

ash =o)