Buy Model S or wait for Model 3?

Buy Model S or wait for Model 3?

So, my plan right now is to buy a model S, because I realized that it will likely still be a few years at least before the model 3 comes out. However, given the price difference, I can really only afford a totally standard Model S 60, with no extra features. Is it worthwhile to do that, or should I just forget it and wait for the model 3?

KP in NPT | 26. elokuu 2016

Where are you located? I don't think it's going to be a few years if you're in the US. (But it could be.)

A base 60 is still a great car. But personally I wouldn't get a tesla without AP. Better resale, as well. Would leasing be an option? Tesla is offering a 2 year lease right now, but set to end in a couple of weeks, I think.

skyler.bond7 | 26. elokuu 2016

I'm in California. The way I figure it, it'll be about a year until they start delivering the model 3's, and I'm just about on the butt-end of the waitlist. And given their production goals of 100,000 cars/year for the first year, it'd be at least 2-3 years before I guess I'd get mine.
I could see about leasing, but my credit isn't super great, I don't know how much bearing that has. My plan was to buy cash, anyway.
Do you think it'd be smarter to opt for the base 60 with autopilot? I can probably scrounge up the difference there if it's important.

vperl | 26. elokuu 2016


leskchan | 26. elokuu 2016

I had the same dilemma but decided to wait for the 3. I am in CA and optimistically believe I will my 3 by end of 2017. Money, money, and money is my reason.

First, I want to have a fully loaded 3 vs. a base S. Second is fuel efficiency. EV still costs to charge, it's not free fuel. The 3, being smaller and more aerodynamics (Cd=0.21) will be more efficient.

KP in NPT | 26. elokuu 2016

to be honest, I would wait. A loaded 3 will be better than a base 60 with AP, IMO. I don't think it will be 3 years - CA bumps you up, and many of the reservations are out of the USA, so you would likely be ahead of many if not most of them too. Your place in line isn't your actual place in line. ;-)

But if you really think it will be that long, you could always trade your 60 in for your 3. Likely you will have opportunity to see one in the wild before you decide. (whereas I am towards the front of the line, on east coast, and might not.) Might lose some on the deal, but you will have had all that time driving a Tesla.

vperl | 26. elokuu 2016

Late 2019 most, 75% of the original 400,000 ought to have your car.

SCCRENDO | 26. elokuu 2016

I have a classic Model 85S with 96000 miles. It is a bigger car than I truly need. I have reservations on 2 model 3s. When my first one arrives I estimate I will have 150000 miles. I am planning on getting a fully loaded Model E. If I am not happy with the Model 3 will switch up to a P100D or whatever they have at the time.

leskchan | 26. elokuu 2016

I forgot to mention that another factor in determine delivery sequence is "load options". Tesla has stated that high-option buyers will go it earlier than base model buyers.

SCCRENDO | 26. elokuu 2016

As a model S owner living in California with my first Model 3 being fully loaded I am not expecting delivery before June 2018. My second one will be a base model for my son which will likely arrive over 1 year later.

leskchan | 26. elokuu 2016


I need you to be more optimistic on the delivery schedule, say September 2017. Based on your Tesla credential, you are definitely ahead of me. I cannot think about getting the 3 after June 2018.

The only way for me to get front of you is to work for Tesla. Are they hiring cheap labors?

lilbean | 26. elokuu 2016

Model S :)

SamO | 26. elokuu 2016


Buying a simple Model S is a great idea. Many of the options can be activated after purchase as you save more funds:

75kWh battery unlock
High Amperage Charger

The only option I would absolutely get up front is Autopilot. Stay safe.

SCCRENDO | 26. elokuu 2016

@leskchan. Happy to be optimistic for you but I guess you are looking for realism in your planning.

JeffreyR | 26. elokuu 2016

CPO MS or new M≡?
Now that is the question. Great warranty and mileage is less of an issue w/ BEVs. Drive train has on a handful of moving parts.

leskchan | 26. elokuu 2016

I thought about the CPO too, but it is 100% no $7,500 Federal and $2,500 CA rebate as it been used up already.

SCCRENDO | 26. elokuu 2016

@leskchan. It's built into the price. They are trying to get me to give up my 96000 mile model S. Not worth it to me. Runs as good as new. Looks as good as new. They cannot pay me enough to get mine. Betting on at least 300,000 miles. You cannot go too far wrong with a Tesla CPO. Minimal wear and tear compared to an iCE.

skyler.bond7 | 27. elokuu 2016

As far as CPO goes, I think I'd rather avoid it, firstly, because with the rebates that shaves 7500 off, and I can already get a new one for like $55k, with a referral discount. Mainly i'd prefer new because I put a pretty decent value on the 8-year warranty, which does not come with a CPO MS.
Thanks for the advice/info guys, it seems like there isn't a consensus though, so I guess I'll just think about it some more.

SCCRENDO | 27. elokuu 2016

We all have our different circumstances so you will never see consensus. Bottom line is you need to know what you can afford. Ideally I would get a top of the line car. If you want to pay less than decide which features you are prepared to give up. You can get more features for less if you go CPO. It he model 3 is still a relative unknown. I think a new top of the line model 3 is what I want but if they cut back on certain features important to me I may change my mind and go for the biggest battery Model S

sunnyvale45 | 27. elokuu 2016

hey guys, i am the same situation as the above poster, I am in California waiting for the model 3. My current electric lease runs until August of 2017. Our family is ready for a bigger and longer range electric (both my wife and I have free charging at work and use the electric car a lot) I can't get the new Model s at the current price. I am debating to wait for model 3 or buy an used S that has autopilot. I know can extend my lease a little, but i am debating whether an use S with all the bells and whistles is going be better than the 3

SCCRENDO | 27. elokuu 2016

I'm betting on the Model 3. We are grandparents with all the kids out the house. Most of the time I drive solo. We are definitely keeping our 85S. It's only if the 3 is an inferior car that I will balk.

sunnyvale45 | 27. elokuu 2016

i think since i have time is wait to see what the model 3 looks like. I am sure there will be specs before when they start coming out. I went to the dealership the before the announcement, but I am sure there a large crowd ahead of me. I will compare prices between model 3 loaded and the used s and see what the best value is

sunnyvale45 | 27. elokuu 2016

i think since i have time is wait to see what the model 3 looks like. I am sure there will be specs before when they start coming out. I went to the dealership the before the announcement, but I am sure there a large crowd ahead of me. I will compare prices between model 3 loaded and the used s and see what the best value is

compchat | 28. elokuu 2016


How does one know where one stands in the que for model 3 ?

SCCRENDO | 28. elokuu 2016

@compchat. He doesn't. He's just hoping.

vperl | 28. elokuu 2016

The very first reservation holder that put the deposit down, will most likely be the 400,001 delivered .

Tesla cares not of your place or promise, just be happy they will have your deposit for 2-3 years.

Thank Tesla.

carlgo2 | 28. elokuu 2016

In two years or so there will be far more used S and X cars and even a fully optioned one might not be any more than a new 3 with options. In a way I am sort of happy to have to wait two years as things will be really sorted out by then.

skyler.bond7 | 30. elokuu 2016

My predicament is that I don't have a car currently (Not w a working one anyway) so along with getting the model 3, I'll also have to get a used car or something for the next few years while I wait. Which complicates the decision a bit.

dsvick | 30. elokuu 2016

If Tesla does make their planned prodcution schedule of 100,000 - 200,000 in 2017 and 500,000 in 2018, I'd say you have a pretty good chance of getting your M3 by the end of 2018. But that would only be if you reserve soon, after the second reveal their may well be several hundred thousand more reservations.

You could also get a used beater for a year and half to two years while you wait ....

vperl | 30. elokuu 2016

Happy Tesla, and their production forecasts.

mrbarnes | 30. elokuu 2016

I'm with some of the others on this thread who recommend CPO (or even an inventory vehicle) as an option. It would make you a 'current' Model S owner, and thus might bump you up on the Model 3 deliveries list. Even if you don't get the Federal deduction, some are priced well enough to compensate. PLUS - you'd be driving a Model S for the next 2 or so years while you await the Model 3.

skyler.bond7 | 31. elokuu 2016

Buying a Model S just to get my Model 3 sooner is DEFINITELY not in my price range, unfortunately.

bgbythsea | 23. lokakuu 2016

I'm in a similar situation and decided I couldn't wait, so I just ordered a 24 mo leased base MS60. I hope the timing works out so that there is little gap or overlap between lease end and M3 delivery. So I'd say get the base S since there is no way to predict with complete accuracy when your 3 will come and after all, YOLO.

kevin | 24. lokakuu 2016

I agree that a base Model S is a super car. You'll get autopilot hardware whether you buy the feature or not. I wouldn't worry about resale without the AP option because the next guy can just add that. Unless you are a "performance driver" or need to go long distances in a cold climate, an S 60 is an excellent ride.

We don't know the particulars of the Model 3 yet, what you get with the base price, and what the options will be. What we pretty much do know is that the Model 3 will be a little smaller and if size matters, you might be better off waiting for the Model 3.