Clearplex windshield protection. Any experience? Do you recommend it?

Clearplex windshield protection. Any experience? Do you recommend it?

Hi, I'm interested in putting Clearplex windshield protection on my car. Is there anyone with this on his/her Model X? What is your experience? Do you recommend it? I have Suntek clearbra on my full hood and front bumper. The clearbra is keeping the front nice, so I want to keep my enormous front windshield nice as well. Thanks for your help!

lilbean | 30. elokuu 2016

I asked my xpel installer and being the good and honest guy that he is, he didn't recommend it due to the high cost and short life. He said that it usually lasts 7 months to a year depending on how often it is in the sun. Windshield wiper use tends to scratch it.

mhkeyemd | 30. elokuu 2016

Thanks for that info. I'll just be careful around large Semi trucks near me spreading rocks and debris.

lilbean | 30. elokuu 2016

@mhkeyemd, You're welcome. I haven't given up on a solution. If I discover something great, I'll share the info here.

Triggerplz | 30. elokuu 2016

@mhkeyemd this is what I use, my installer highly recommended the OPTIMUM Opti-Glass Clean & Protect for the glass, the Optimum Power clean for the Wheels and the Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel for the tires .. they all can be purchased at Amazon

mhkeyemd | 31. elokuu 2016

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out at Amazon.

rossRallen | 31. elokuu 2016

I am happy with Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner and the cleaning wand, which makes it easier to reach the inside of the windshield down to the dash and overhead. It works well for the long reach over the outside as well. Both on Amazon.

mhkeyemd | 31. elokuu 2016

I did some research on Optimum products. Has anyone used Optimum Glass coating? It says it protects for 1 year and can be done at home.

houstonviper1 | 31. elokuu 2016

@mhkeyemd check of a product called CQUARTZ - I'm looking to put that on my car when it arrives

mhkeyemd | 01. syyskuu 2016

I just got Optimum Opti-Glass coating. It looks like highly concentrated resin based spray that you leave on the surface for 2 minutes and wipe off. I will try and see how it goes. Wish me luck...

mhkeyemd | 06. syyskuu 2016

My verdict... I did put on Opti-Glass coating on my front windshield. It was around $74 for 60cc! I drove to Solvang, CA from Orange County (350-400 mi round trip). I still had 1-2 small pitting (or nick..white dot without cracks) on my front windshield. Maybe, there would have been more without the coating. I'm not so sure about this product. I don't think it's worth the cost. Also, I didn't notice much ghosting from my windshield before the coating, but I feel like I now see more ghosting after the coating. Not horrible, more noticeable. Since it is not a permanent coating, I assume it will go away eventually. Has anyone tried Rain X windshield repair to fix small pitting or nicks on their windows? How was the result?

lilbean | 06. syyskuu 2016

I used Permatex for a chip and am happy with the result. I reduced the size to 25%. I can hardly see the chip now.

lilbean | 06. syyskuu 2016

I also XPELed the headlights.

mhkeyemd | 06. syyskuu 2016

How small was your chip? I think I'm being OCD about this. Mine is as small as the tip of a sharpened pencil. Is it too small for the repair?

lilbean | 06. syyskuu 2016

That was the size of mine. I'll upload pics of before and after.

lilbean | 06. syyskuu 2016

Depending on the depth of the chip, air may enter the chip. The air gets in the glass and that space appears black.


The Permatex kit comes with a syringe to evacuate the air while allowing the resin to fill the space. This deletes the area that appeared black. Filling the space with resin protects the area to minimize the likelihood of the chip to become a crack.


If you use the mesh in the background as a guide, you will see the size of the chip has reduced to about 25%. The removal of the black area makes the chip even less noticeable. I also feel relieved knowing that a crack will not develop.

mhkeyemd | 06. syyskuu 2016

Thanks for the photos! I should get this thing taken care of. I'm not going to bother Safelite guys. I tried before with my other car, and they would not fix pittings. They say that it is not worth it. GEICO pays for the repair, but Safelite wouldn't want to try with the same size that I have at this time.

lilbean | 06. syyskuu 2016

You're welcome. The kits cost me $12 and it was fun to do.

Triggerplz | 06. syyskuu 2016

I don't have any windshield protection but I do have a $100 deductible if I get a chip or crack I'll just let Liberty Mutual replace the windshield

betty_yee | 18. toukokuu 2017

I get really anxious when I am on the Hwy around dump trucks with gravel in the back, so I decided to get ClearPlex installed on my windshield on Monday 5/22. Also, I live in a condo and a few weeks ago 12 cars were broken into the thief use a crow bar to smash the passenger side window in cars I was one of the lucky ones that did not get my window smashed. I usually don't keep items in my car. So I will also have ClearPlex installed on my side windows. I watched the YouTube videos of this guy thowing a rock and using a hammer and he could not break the window. I read what you guys said about ClearPlex but I will have to see for myself.

betty_yee | 23. toukokuu 2017

ClearPlex was installed yesterday. Yesterday I could see some imperfections but today in hot weather the film smoothed out nicely. I am really happy with the install. I am taking road trip in June. I will update after my trip.

RCorsa | 23. toukokuu 2017

Yah I had clearplex on my 911 turbo s for 2 years. It looked good for about a year and the second year it was pretty scratched up but I just sold the car or I would have removed it. I suppose the new owner will be happy about his or her perfect windshield. I guess it helps with chip protection but would you EM rather look st scratches or small pits. I skipped it on my Ferrari 488 and my MX and MS

lilbean | 24. toukokuu 2017

That's exactly why my xpel/clearplex installer did not recommend it. The cost of yearly replacement would be higher than replacing the windshield.

betty_yee | 24. toukokuu 2017

lilbean@ I can't remember now but a few years ago I watch this news show 20/20 or 60min ect... where talking about glass repair shops that did not replace windshields properly. They said factory windshields were more secure because the windshield is an important part of the structural integrity of the car. Glass shops do not use the proper epoxy that holds the windshield in place so during an accident the airbag on the passenger side knocks the windshield out making it ineffective for your passenger. Also, if you roll your car the roof may cave in on you. So I am trying to avoid having to replace the factory installed windshield.

lilbean | 24. toukokuu 2017

That's if you go to a glass repair shop. The X windshield is replaced by either Tesla or a certified body shop.

betty_yee | 24. toukokuu 2017

Oh I did not know that. I did not want to find out either LOL.

lilbean | 24. toukokuu 2017

If you can afford it, I say why not? :-)

mp5mark | 05. huhtikuu 2018

Betty_yee hows the clearplex holding up? I assume its on a model X?

Drps | 22. maaliskuu 2019

Can you give us a feedback on the Clearplex Betty_yee, I am planning to install on mine MX-

lilbean | 22. maaliskuu 2019

The wrap place I go to didn't recommend it. He said it needs to be replaced annually and is very expensive to do so.

mathwhiz | 23. maaliskuu 2019

Same from my wrap/tint guy.

betty_yee | 25. maaliskuu 2019

Hi everyone, my clearplex is holding up great I had it on my car going on two years now I got hit by rocks with no damage to glass and no visible damage to my clearplex. I know clearplex recommends replacing every year but mine is in great condition. I think it’s because I live in condo with underground parking and at work it’s underground parking also so less daily exposer to the sun.

vincejojo | 24. huhtikuu 2019

Thanks for the update. Now I can go ahead and install Clearplex. got a chip on my M3 that resulted in a crack across the windshield. Had to replace the windshield at TSC