CPO Lightning Striking Twice?

CPO Lightning Striking Twice?

I cannot believe the same thing happened again. On August 10th, I purchased a 2013 Model S85 CPO (Located in DC, White, Pano, Tan Leather, Tech Package, Air Suspension, 41k miles, $49,800, P05733. A week later, I got a call from my CPO guy saying the car was rear ended in preparation, causing 18k of damage. So it was back to the drawing board. On September 9th, I met with my CPO guy in person. He found me a 2013 P85 not listed on Tesla's website (Located in New York, Metallic Gray, Pano, Black performance Leather, Tech Package, Air Suspension, Sound Studio Package, Rear Facing Seats, Carbon Fiber Spoiler and Yacht Floor, 42k miles, $56,000, P13268). I received a call today that this car was involved in an accident during preparation, with airbag deployment. Is this really possible? I am totally beyond frustrated right now for several reasons. First, even if I pick out another one, it will be another 3 weeks or so down the road before I get the car. Possibly a problem with my trade in (a Dodge Challenger) because (according to carmax when I had it appraised a month ago) it's a seasonal car, meaning my trade in value may be significantly less in three weeks from now than it was a month ago. I really believe in this company, as the model S is a phenomenal car. My cpo guy has been really nice and easy to work with. But at the end of the day, I am back to square one right now, the same place I was before August 10th. This has affected me, as I have spent a lot of my free time these past few months looking for the right one. I just don't know what to do right now.

acegreat1 | 16. syyskuu 2016

Buy new

High Plains Drifter | 16. syyskuu 2016

Fate is telling you something.

gguinto | 16. syyskuu 2016

Wow, so sorry to hear about this.

Hopefully you can make lemonade out of these lemons. Perhaps they can give you a significant discount on the next one. Good luck!

Mathew98 | 16. syyskuu 2016

@jeepn30 - Some idiot ran into my rear bumper in slow traffic in NY just two days ago. Guess where it happened? It was 500 feet away from a service center!

Things happens, just look for another one before all the CPOs are cleared out for quarter end push.

kglad | 16. syyskuu 2016

it could be worse; you could have taken delivery, been driving and then involved in an accident.

TesMD | 16. syyskuu 2016

Sorry to hear about this. Have you tried looking into TMC or other source to get a car? If you find one with less than 50k, you can buy extended warranty for the car. Also, I am sure there may be other cars on Tesla CPO website that hopefully you might find suitable. At that price point, you should be looking at new 60 RWD, because with tax credit, that would be a great buy, not to mention it is new and you can customize it. Good luck

freeewilly | 16. syyskuu 2016

Sorry to hear about your experience, the bright side is the car is not your yet.
Talk the your sales adviser to find you an exact same car for the same price.

Firewired | 16. syyskuu 2016

Have you looked at: ?

There are a lot of CPO in that price range.

rxlawdude | 16. syyskuu 2016

@TesMD - "If you find one with less than 50k, you can buy extended warranty for the car."

Only if the original owner purchased it prior to selling the car, and all the requirements to transfer are satisfied. A second owner cannot purchase the ESA de novo.

martin | 17. syyskuu 2016

When I bought my first new car (a VW rabbit) i backed it out of the parking space - and hit a high bump denting my undercarriage... I had driven it less than 5 feet...

jeepn30 | 17. syyskuu 2016

Well now we are looking for a cpo with rear facing seats (because the Mrs. insists so we can carry the whole family in my car). Unfortunately, it really narrows down choices

Mireille and Conan | 17. syyskuu 2016

Early MS were built so that the 3rd row seat were an option you could add. You could ask about adding them if you find a CPO w/ early enough VIN.

jeepn30 | 17. syyskuu 2016

Well I must be a glutton for I have tried again...I really hope the 3rd time is the charm. If this happened to me at any other car company, I would be looking somewhere else. I told my CPO guy I expect a body guard watching this one the whole time until it gets here....

ram1901 | 18. syyskuu 2016

Was given a Model S 85 build date 10/13 as a loaner the other day when I took my Model S 70D in for 12500 mile service.

Oh how far Tesla has come since October 2013. What a amazing difference.

Couldn't wait to get my build date Nov 2015 70D back. Really missed adaptive cruise and AP and that 2013
car with over 35k miles on it had way too much road noise from those larger tires and whiney rear motor for my taste.

Recommend you look into a 60D NEW or wait for the Model 3.

negarholger | 18. syyskuu 2016

@ram1901 - Tesla added quite a bit of sound damping tricks since Oct 2013.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. syyskuu 2016

I wonder what the incidence of accidents for the MS looks like vs the standard ICE. Insurance rates don't seem higher, but there are a lot of totaled MS parts for sale on Ebay.