Iconic "T" on Hood

Iconic "T" on Hood

I'm not sure if this is where I should post my concern, but I'm hoping if we generate enough conversation, Tesla will take notice! I signed up for my Model 3 the very first second it was possible. I can't wait to own one, and a Model S is my bucket list car (hoping I can buy one for my 50th birthday!). Anyway, I love the Model 3, but have just one complaint - why is the "T" where the hood meets the frunk not in-line with the Model S & X? I would think Tesla would want to have this consistent across all models. It's the car's "signature" so to speak. I have no doubt these cars will evolve and change drastically in the future, but I truly believe this is something that could remain constant with all models. Not to mention, I personally think the front of the Model 3 looks a little bland without it. It would help aesthetically, and also make me feel a little more included in the Tesla family, as opposed to the "stepchild" of Tesla vehicles. Maybe there's a reason I'm not aware of, or maybe I'm the only one who thinks this. However, I'd love to get some feedback from everyone else excited about their Model 3!

dsvick | 06. lokakuu 2016

We don't know for sure yet that the M3 won't have the mustache, they're done with the design phase now so, regardless of what is said here (or here ) or in any of the other threads on the front end, it wont be changing and we'll just have to wait for the second reveal to see the final design.

Red Sage ca us | 06. lokakuu 2016

Gee. I wonder why... | 06. lokakuu 2016

Perhaps a nod to extinct oil?

JHB10 | 07. lokakuu 2016

And you might scratch the paint if you use the "frunk" and the "hood" doesn't go all the way to the end.
I hope Tesla doesn't become one of those manufacturers where every car has to look different.
I love Audi (currently driving one) because they don't make new models, and A4 vs A6 vs A8 look radically different.

Efontana | 07. lokakuu 2016

I prefer the understated 3 treatment of the phenomenally well designed logo.

bryandbaker | 08. lokakuu 2016

Efontana, +1

d.r.coursol | 09. lokakuu 2016

I still like the traditional looking Tesla Shield.... I believe it was used on the Roadster. Still I like the look of the "T" and prefer the prototype front end over the refresh MS.

ftm3 | 09. lokakuu 2016

My feeling is they want to differentiate the more expensive models from the lower cost ones. I don't care if my future M3 has a badge or not on it as long as it is in my driveway.

Efontana | 10. lokakuu 2016

Trying to figure this out.

The T is part of a motor. The slight radius on the top behind with it an entire circle.

If in a moustashe, that circle is the front of a battering ram and not so aero.

Where the T is now creates a circle that matches the aero shape of the rest of the car.

JRKingston | 11. lokakuu 2016

@kevinharmon Are you suggesting that the car should like the one on the right instead of the one on the left in this picture?

jordanrichard | 11. lokakuu 2016

Efontana, The "T" logo is a stylized representation of the rotor and stator in an electric motor.

michelrusso57 | 15. lokakuu 2016

JRKingston, thanks for the visual comparison. Looks like I am in the minority in preferring the original reveal design... LOL

kevinmharmon | 31. lokakuu 2016

@jrkingston Yes, I prefer the one on the right instead of the one on the left. I had not seen that article, but glad to see I wasn't the only one thinking that...

MichelT3 | 31. lokakuu 2016

If the moustache isn't put on, I probably will do it myself. Using adhesive plastic done by a fire who specialises in this. I just love the improved S- (and X) moustache.
I also will put on an adhesive plastic front licence plate. A metal front plate is obligatory in EU. Adhesive is not allowed, but will be condoned as long as you have an official plate in the car.

MichelT3 | 31. lokakuu 2016

* fire = friend

Pkalhan | 31. lokakuu 2016

i prefer the one on the right

2015P90DI | 01. marraskuu 2016

The "T" can very easily be removed if you don't like where they put it. Certainly not something to have a "complaint" about. Probably for $10, you can buy one online and put it anywhere your heart desires. :-)

donlen.k.ruffin | 02. marraskuu 2016

I like the one on the right in the photo link above. In other words it looks better to me on the grille area than on top of hood

donlen.k.ruffin | 02. marraskuu 2016

I like the one on the right in the photo link above. In other words it looks better to me on the grille area than on top of hood

HelloSheeple | 02. marraskuu 2016


KP in NPT | 02. marraskuu 2016

Owners, flag HelloSheeple plz.

The Electrek link illustrates what I have said in the past re: the front fascia. The Model 3 was revealed before the facelift Model S. The X already had it's mustache - and to me, the Model 3 prototype always looked like it was "missing" the mustache - perhaps because it might have spilled the beans about the facelift for the Model S.

I would be surprised if the Model 3 doesn't end up with the mustache as well.

JHB10 | 03. marraskuu 2016

The one on the right where the hood opens up right up to the headlights, and the T is my favorite.
It looks more modern than the model 3 that was unveiled.