Why ever did you buy a Tesla?

Why ever did you buy a Tesla?

Some of you had never heard of supercharging.
Some hate the seats.
Some trying to save the planet.
Others Climate Changers, Climate Change Neutral, Climate Change Deniers.
Early Adopters.
Filthy Rich.

Why on earth did you buy a Tesla?

ckcland2 | 07. lokakuu 2016

1) It's really cool looking
2) Get off gas/oil
3) Technology
4) Smooth ride & Acceleration

Depending on the day, this order can change.

Silver2K | 07. lokakuu 2016

To get laid

sbeggs | 07. lokakuu 2016

It was because of a thrill the car gave us on our October 23, 2013 test drive, when we put our foot into the go pedal. Instant torque!


Made in the U.S.
No fossil fuel required
Spacious for hauling or traveling

Good decision. Very few problems since we took delivery on March 12, 2014.

PhillyGal | 07. lokakuu 2016

Because I test drove it :)

-Gman- | 07. lokakuu 2016

Because life's too short not to drive a Tesla®

amareshvanga | 07. lokakuu 2016

For good performance and extremely good looks.I think these reasons are enough for anybody if they have enough dough

carlk | 07. lokakuu 2016


+1. I'd rather die with a Tesla in the garage than a lot of money in the bank account.

SKH90D2016 | 07. lokakuu 2016

Best Car Available.
I can afford it.
Chicks dig it!

tommy | 07. lokakuu 2016


Why on earth did you buy a Tesla?

I bought a Tesla because there aren't Hyperloops in every city yet. I'd rather forgo the car and have amazing fast comfortable solar powered mass transit.

Although, by the time that happens, I'd probably have bought my $200K ticket to mars, and won't need a car or mass transit.

Is it weird I monitor the spacex website for the option to preorder my ticket to mars!? :+)

Toothless2 | 07. lokakuu 2016

faster than anything 0-60, although not from 60-150. I don't spend much time above 90.

TPilot | 07. lokakuu 2016

All of the above.

tfioti | 07. lokakuu 2016

1. Because this is a real product that offers a true alternative to Gas transportation.
2. Supporting the transition of transportation to a domestically produced sustainable fuel. Breaking the geopolitical strength of Oil.
3. Great Tech. innovation.
4. Made in USA.
5. An EV that looks great. Most other companies make EV/Hybrids look ugly. (Prius/Bolt)
6. Love the styling.

lilbean | 07. lokakuu 2016

So my mother in law would stop bugging me about using so much gas because she really just wants me stay home and iron her son's underwear.

Made in CA | 07. lokakuu 2016

@PhillyGal +1

The car drove so well during the test drive that within 3 minutes I knew I had to have one - or two.

Mireille and Conan | 07. lokakuu 2016

We're a couple of nerds :D

minervo.florida | 07. lokakuu 2016

That is like asking why I bought a smart phone compared to a rotary phone.

Mireille and Conan | 07. lokakuu 2016

We knew it would be awesome, low maintenance & low operating expense.

When we put our deposit down in 3/09 there wasn't much else to go on.

carlk | 07. lokakuu 2016


Why your husband wants his underwear ironed? Anyone outside your house is going to see it?

carlk | 07. lokakuu 2016

I wasn't suggesting anything of course. ;)

SeattleSid | 07. lokakuu 2016

That was a Tesla I bought? Now you tell me!...

Silver2K | 07. lokakuu 2016

Oh this is the tesla forum? I thought I was in the hummer forum.

sullender | 07. lokakuu 2016

1. Because it is awesome. :)
2. Good combination of luxury, performance and technology without being obnoxious or pretentious.
3. The buying experience - i.e. NO dealerships, haggling, etc.
4. The lack of ongoing service needs. No gaskets, rubber hoses, pipes, levers, etc.
5. Early technology adopter - the tech is amazing.

renwo S alset | 07. lokakuu 2016

They were the only one that would take my credit card.

lilbean | 07. lokakuu 2016

@carlk, Haha. My husband doesn't want it ironed. My mother in law was telling me what she does for her husband. Lol.

AmineTx | 07. lokakuu 2016

A fan of the Tesla's business model.

JAD | 07. lokakuu 2016

Safest car on the road, most efficient car on the road, simplest nice car on the road, made in CA, green, unique, no dealers, very fun to drive, looks, .... wow, this could take a while :)

acegreat1 | 07. lokakuu 2016

FREE FUEL!!! (For long distance travel/trips) wink* wink*

sentabo | 07. lokakuu 2016

Like PhillyGal and Made in CA, it was the test drive. I had no intention of buying when I signed up for the test drive; I just wanted to be able to say I drove a Tesla. Unlike Made in CA, it might have been four minutes into the drive instead of three before I was sold (you know, it was kind of expensive).

Anthony J. Parisio | 07. lokakuu 2016

For me; IT WAS ALLL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!

-Gman- | 07. lokakuu 2016

@sentabo: I also had no intention of buying when I walked into the Tesla store to kill time. (was the most expensive time-killing I've ever done: For 2 years after I couldn't stop thinking about it. Test drive was the last nail in the coffin of my fiscally responsible former self.)

inverts | 07. lokakuu 2016

>100 mi/gal
can transport a reasonable amount of stuff
SAFETY! no engine = crunch zone, that made a lot of sense in early 2013 even before the ratings came out
ground-up e-car, as opposed to the "let's add a little bit of battery to a gas engine"
Made in CA was a nice touch, but not deciding.
The lack of car-sales-men-ship was very refreshing.
Although way too much to spend on a car, I vote with my $$$$$$$ for change. I don't give a cent to political parties, but I vote with my $$$.

mrspaghetti | 07. lokakuu 2016

The girl working at the gallery was hot, and she touched my arm.

mathwhiz | 07. lokakuu 2016

I agree with @PhillyGal... Couldn't survive the test drive. :-)

kevin | 07. lokakuu 2016

-Gman- wrote: "Because life's too short not to drive a Tesla"

I don't know how serious that comment was intended to be, but for me at age 66 saving for the future is not a particularly useful financial strategy. It was that consideration that led me to open up the wallet for a car that I bought for a number of reasons:

1) Save the planet
2) Say goodbye to gas stations
3) Smooth and quiet driving
4) Have a car that people ask me about
5) Very safe car both to prevent and to survive accidents

kawdennis | 07. lokakuu 2016

I bought my P85 new in Aug 2013, I grew up extremely poor, all my life I've been like a squirrel
Saving my $ The only new cars I bought was a 1972 Pinto and a 1987 Nission, I'am 72 years old now in my 60's I had cancer 3 times, almost died 1 time, My wife and I took a Cruz to Alaska and when the ship was in glacier bay everyone was saying how pretty the glacier's were, I just saw the mud, I spent 3 hrs walking around the ship ease dropping on people's conversations, I just couldn't beleave that I was the only one seeing mud, Anyway I told my wife I'am 69 now and I could die anytime, I started playing the Stock Mck. In the 90's and it's been real good to me so with some of my cash I wrote a check for $116,000 ( I was so nervous my hands were shaking
) anyway I've been in love with the car for 3 1/2 years now

renwo S alset | 07. lokakuu 2016

I had to have it after I saw the chrome plated IUD on the front and back. I knew chicks would swoon.

Silver2K | 07. lokakuu 2016

mrs. paghetti?
mr. spaghetti

Just for visual purposes of course

Electric.Rider | 07. lokakuu 2016

I was walking by the store here, and they were giving the car for free with purchase of a $100k hat...made sense, so came home with one :-)

tes-s | 07. lokakuu 2016

Test drove it, bought it, then asked my wife.

If the order had been any different, I might not be an owner.

s0undwav3 | 07. lokakuu 2016

0. Wife says best decision we ever made on a car.
1. Safety. Best car for our family - located in Washington D.C. area and there are too many accidents
2. Awesome driving experience. After 3 test drives in 3 years and Tesla had me hooked. Just had to find affordability.
3. Never having to pay for gas and the expensive maintenance of an ICE car - especially the major services.
4. CPO and all that it entails.
5. Technology Enthusiast.

DLebryk | 07. lokakuu 2016

Simple - It is the coolest car ever made in the world. Nothing is even remotely close.

RandallKeith | 07. lokakuu 2016

PhillyGal +1000
The Tesla is very poorly constructed compared to the high-end Japanese and German cars I have owned in the past. My visit to the Tesla store in the summer of 14 was a disappointment and I pointed out all the flaws to the sales person. The sales person looked at me with a grin and said let's go for a ride. We all know how that story ends.

Mark2131@CA-US | 07. lokakuu 2016

My Tesla interest pre-dates the existence of the Model S. Saw the Roadster. Drove the Roadster. Wanted the Roadster, but knew it was a "science experiment" at the time, not suitable for my needs.

Thought I'd build my own DIY conversion using a "donor" ICE gutted and converted into an EV. The wife had a more "realistic" appraisal of my tech skills and encouraged me to "Leave the flying to the professionals". So, no DIY conversion car. Heard about Project "White Star" (Model S). Put down $5K deposit the day they started taking money. I think I was #160. So... to answer the question, "WHY"... it's because Tesla offered a viable vision of the future of personal transportation. They've met or exceeded my expectations ever since.

drew | 07. lokakuu 2016

Easy, Best American technology available and an absolute BLAST to drive.

gguinto | 07. lokakuu 2016

I was an 80's glam metal fan. :)

nyc124b | 07. lokakuu 2016

Made in the U.S.
& it's FAST!
Red 2016 S P90DL

sbeggs | 07. lokakuu 2016



L3X | 07. lokakuu 2016

Wow, such great answers ! For a twist here's what attracted me to my Model S in chronological order:

1. Calendar integration and great driver interface.

2. A highly practical EV / ZEV ( I like fresh air )

3. Turns out it's also the best car in the world. ( that would be nice to have :)

4. There are used ones I can almost afford ! ( stuff's getting real )

5. Oh noes there is a new 70D model ( and I can maybe just barely afford to own it ! )

The end. Well, the beginning :)

TaoJones | 07. lokakuu 2016

It seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Almost 60,000 miles later, it still seems like the thing to do.

Annoyances aside, and there have been many, the driving experience over distance is unparalleled, the driver assist features are coming along nicely, and the safety factor cannot be overstated.

Why *wouldn't* you buy a Tesla, especially as certain used Model S prices will dip below $40K well before the Model 3 arrives?

sklancha | 07. lokakuu 2016

I never heard of Tesla.
I never saw a Tesla.
I knew nothing of the company or Elon Musk.

So, why did I buy a Tesla? I plugged in my five minimum expectations of my next vehicle into the computer, and the ONLY car that came up was a Tesla. I knew nothing of the history, the brand, the looks, the speed, or safety- those were all just bonuses.

I can only now say that I happy that all these upcoming competitors did not exist, as I may have been easily lured to a less expensive vehicle that met the minimum criteria ;)