Where are you?

Where are you?

It can be assumed that many Model 3s will be located in cities (as most electric vehicles have been). However, with the growing number of Superchargers, Destination chargers and ease of installation of a charger in one's home, more electric cars could be found away from the major cities. I live in Lufkin, Texas. That's almost exactly in between Houston and Dallas. We have a population of just under 40,000 people. There is one Model S in town. Do you live in a major city or "out in the boonies" (population under 100,000)?

Pkalhan | 22. lokakuu 2016

Pittsburgh, PA...reserved April 2, 2016 around 11:00AM

KP in NPT | 22. lokakuu 2016

Newport RI, smallish town about the same size as yours. We are one of 3 Model S's that I know of. Great supercharger coverage in the NE.

tstolz | 22. lokakuu 2016

Well outside of any city .. nearest towns are 100 - 6,000 people. We seem to have the only Tesla so far within about 60 miles, albeit its tough to tell really. Starting to see lots on the highways.

cars | 22. lokakuu 2016

I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Endland, UK. Moderately sized city, but the nearest Tesla dealer and service centre currently is in Edinburgh in Scotland. That's around 110 miles drive away. Even so that does not deter me from potential ownership of the Model 3 - Edinburgh is a lovely city for a day or two out anyway.

cars | 22. lokakuu 2016

England* not Endland.

akgolf | 22. lokakuu 2016

Edmond Oklahoma.

Just relocated from Anchorage Alaska.

cars | 22. lokakuu 2016

And I meant 'store' not 'dealer' if anybody is going to nit-pick. Haha.

topher | 22. lokakuu 2016

*Really* in the boonies, if 100,000 is considered a 'boonies' (The largest city in my state has fewer than 100,000). There are at least 5 Teslas nearby.

jamilworm | 22. lokakuu 2016

I'm in San Diego, CA. I regularly see Teslas, and have spotted a few Model Xs recently.

Ehninger1212 | 22. lokakuu 2016

Houston Texas

Mjenkinsatgbi | 22. lokakuu 2016

Rockville MD...lots of evs

marcelvtuijl | 22. lokakuu 2016

Nice, small village 6.000 population in Holland, nearest supercharger 50 km
But I will be able to drive through the whole of the Netherlands on 1 charge of my Model 3!
A lot, 7000+, Tesla's already driving around here

dyefrog | 22. lokakuu 2016

Niskayuna, New York. Pop. 22k. Between Albany and Schenectady. About halfway between NYC and Canada. Handful of Teslas, not seen an X yet. Nearest store is New Jersey or Hamilton, NY. Supercharger close by.

john.w.ryan64 | 22. lokakuu 2016

Suburb of Buffalo NY.
I commute 35 miles a day ..round trip...there is a parking ramp near my office that offers free charging with lower lever - good spots.
I have a 2nd home 50 miles away that I travel to on weekends.
Long trips: (Buffalo to Boston is 550 miles).....a). if I had to "get there" maybe just rent a gas car ..b). If it was a leisurely trip, I'd just plan to stop for a charge. ..NY states has lots of chargers..

(By the way, my 1st post)

jordanrichard | 22. lokakuu 2016

Technically any town with a population on 100,000 people is considered a City. Most suburban towns have than 100,000 people and are certainly not considered in the boonies.

Also, I don't why you would assume that many Model ≡s will be in the cities. That assumption would be better suited to the i3 and Leaf. A M≡ will have no problem handling the typical commute from the burbs to the city.

bobinseattle | 22. lokakuu 2016

Hi Guys,

I live 15 miles south of Seattle. There are lots of Tesla's here. 4 at work.

Bob in Seattle

28delayslater | 22. lokakuu 2016

San Antonio - Republic of Texas

jwestern4 | 22. lokakuu 2016

Aledo Tx, 20 miles west of Fort Worth

tedirelan | 22. lokakuu 2016

@pkalhan - Isn't it neat how we remember the exact time we helped change the world by ordering a M3?!
@mp1156 - Model S you say? First, thank you for helping fund the 3. Also, how would you describe owning a Tesla? I've never even test drove an electric car.

tedirelan | 22. lokakuu 2016

@tstolz - That's amazing that you're in such a low populated area and driving a (really "THE") pure electric car. Has having a home charger been sufficient in your experience?

@cars - First, thank you for the translation from kilometers to miles there. Second, I'd just like to say England is awesome from what I hear (so I'm a little jealous). Lastly, do you plan on doing most of the charging on your Model 3 at home?

@topher - Ya, 100,000 seems a little high in hindsight. Living close to Houstin, TX though (population over 2 million), 100,000 doesn't seem that big. You've seen roughly 5 Teslas in a small area? Inspiring, isn't it?

@jamilworm - San Diego, eh? After Tesla employees, you should be one of the first people to get your M3. Do you plan on posting videos of your experience with getting your new car? If so, please link that in the forums here.

@Ehninger1212 - HOUSTON. Awesome. If you ordered your M3 on the first day, than I stood in the same line you did. Do you plan on using the superchargers around Houston once you get your M3?

@Mjenkinsatgbi - Have you been able to test drive any EVs? If I had a lot around me, the itch to test drive one would drive me insane.

@marcelvtuijl - Holland you say? Do you plan on getting the heated seats and steering wheel than? And 7,000 Teslas?! I'd have to live next to Tesla's factory to see that many...ever.

@dyefrog - Now I know it gets cold up there. Do you plan on getting the "cold weather package"? Also, if you plan on making any videos after you get your M3, could you do me a favor and make one with Niagra Falls in the background? It would be very difficult for me to get up that way to do a video and I just think that would be awesome.

@john.w.ryan64 - Thank you for making this your first post (and welcome). Do you think you'll be using that free charging to do most of your charging or do you plan to get a home charger? Now, I have a great set-up at this campground I stay electricity and it already has the 50amp connection.

@jordanrichard - I see where you're coming from. You make a good point with the range being better on the M3. I based my assumption on two factors: More people live in cities (so there are more people to order a M3 there) and that range anxiety may still be a concern for first-time EV owners. However, that's why I posted this find out if my assumptions were accurate. I'd love to be wrong. Personally, I'd be happy as a bug in a bake shop to see every person that has a driver's license own a Tesla, regardless of location.

@bobinseattle - Hi Bob. Have you been able to talk to any of those Tesla owners personally to see how they like their cars? Or, even better, have you been able to drive a Model S?

@28delayslater - Got a good chuckle out of that.

@jwestern4 - Hello from East Texas.

cars | 22. lokakuu 2016


Funnily enough I prefer using miles for distances. Actually our road sign distances are in miles, but there's a weird mix of those who prefer quoting km and those who prefer miles over here. :)

I plan on doing most of my charging in my town centre or at work. They aren't rapid/quick chargers, just regular Type 2 accelerated. So it'll take a few hours to charge there, but I will be leaving my car there for a number of hours at a time. Best of all that's completely free to me.

cars | 22. lokakuu 2016

When I say 'plan', as I own an EV now I know how it works out. Haha.

Red Sage ca us | 22. lokakuu 2016

Uhm... LA CA US.

tedirelan | 22. lokakuu 2016

@Red Sage ca us - I was hoping you'd pop up on this forum. You have some of the most insightful comments on any of these forums. Seriously, I usually read the topic and then scroll through the "blah, blah, blah" looking for your post. I highly doubt you work for Tesla, but you have got to have your Doctors Degree based on the knowledge and incite you have. Anyway, thanks for chiming in and I only have one follow-up question for you: How long have you been following Tesla? I've been following them for about a year now.

Red Sage ca us | 23. lokakuu 2016

tedirelan: I made the mistake of beginning to entirely ignore Tesla Motors when they announced their second car would be a 'luxury four door sports sedan' as described in an automotive magazine -- my exact personal favorite most hated vehicle configuration under the sun. I think that I learned of that some time ago, maybe 2010 or 2011, but I definitely knew nothing of the Model S launch in 2012. Before that point I was rather interested in the Tesla Roadster and was hoping, as I am still now, that the company would move on to a fully electric coupe. I became interested in Tesla again perhaps around late January/early February 2014, when I rather accidentally learned of the issues they were having due to New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission and Dealership Organization. That's when I decided I would never buy a new car from an 'independent franchised dealership' ever again. Shortly after I started posting here, as well as on various other sites, especially those with DISQUS comment sections.

DISCLAIMER: I am your Friendly Neighborhood Over-the-Top Optimistic Tesla Motors Certified Apologist Fanboy. As such, I have no claimed qualifications or access to inside information regarding the operations of Tesla whatsoever. My opinions expressed here and elsewhere on the internet are very likely completely wrong. As such it is highly advised that any and everyone totally ignore whatever I write. So, like, please, pretty please, with sugar on top, don't like, sue me and stuff. Thanks.

bastien.theron | 23. lokakuu 2016

Living in in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Right between Montreal and Quebec. The nearest supercharger is 60 miles away but we got a lot of regular 240V 30amps public charger and the number of "fast charging station" (440V 125amps) is booming, so the long trips are covered. There is between 5 and 10 Tesla in the town right now.

Ross1 | 23. lokakuu 2016

Tasmania, island state of Australia, pop 500,000.
Boondocks town.
Nearest SC is 'overseas'. About 9 Teslas here.
So no Tesla in my garage, sobbing not grinning.

Gplehman | 23. lokakuu 2016

Perth, Western Australia. Nearest retail presence, service centre and supercharger around 3,500km away. I hope that changes in the next 18 months or so.

michelrusso57 | 23. lokakuu 2016

South of Brussels, Belgium now yet will be in Pau (SW of France; +/- 90k pop.) by the time my Model ≡ is delivered! Currently a bit underserved down there, with T≡SLA service in Bordeaux (3hrs away) and nothing in Toulouse (pop. around 1 million people), still two hours away...

EVMan | 23. lokakuu 2016

Belchertown, MA, population just under 15,000 in Western Mass just north east of Springfield. On my 9 mile drive to work there are 2 Model S's. Have seen others on the road in the area, I estimate around 5 or so in the general area.

zakeeus | 23. lokakuu 2016

Baton Rouge, LA. 15 mile commute to work, I see more Teslas on trucks leaving from the Union Pacific yard than anywhere else. Usually on Saturday when I'm driving back from Texas I'll see a couple at the BR Supercharger.

starcrusader | 23. lokakuu 2016

The village of Caerwent, in Wales, United Kingdom. Nearest Tesla dealer and supercharger is in Bristol, England, about 25 miles away.

In the UK a city has no fixed minimum population :-) we have towns of 250,000 people :-)

ccsccs7 | 23. lokakuu 2016

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, US (currently San Francisco, hopefully East Bay soon). Trying to figure out charging at home in a house or apartment shared with multiple people (who have cars or motorcycles) feels like it will be a challenge. I'm hoping to move further out so I'll have access to a garage or driveway. I haven't had off street parking in about three years.

jdanielp_uk | 23. lokakuu 2016

Edinburgh, Scotland. Given that our Service Centre recently opened, we now have a Tesla triple-whammy along with the Store and the Supercharger. I tend to spot a Model S every few weeks now instead of every few months last year.

jdanielp_uk | 23. lokakuu 2016

Edinburgh is a city of about half a million. Whilst I was around tenth in the queue in the Store on the morning of 31st March, I was told that I was the first actual 'Edinburgher' to reserve :)

KP in NPT | 23. lokakuu 2016

@jdanielp I was just in Edinburgh at the beginning of the month! I was looking for Teslas. :) I go there from time to time for work. Beautiful city!

KP in NPT | 23. lokakuu 2016

@tedirelan uhmmmmm - it's awesome! Though I am not the only owner on this part of the forum. :) I drive 185 miles to work through NY/CT rush hour (only a few times a month thank goodness) and it is a dream in our Tesla. AP has changed my life. Truly. You should at least go for a test drive. :)

tedirelan | 23. lokakuu 2016

@mp1156 - Thank you for that response. I want to take the test drive, but i don't want to take up Tesla's time to end up not buying an S. Plus I'm slightly worried that the test drive could spoil me, leaving me less satisfied with the M3. What are your thoughts there?

akgolf | 23. lokakuu 2016

@tedirelan - I don't own a Tesla yet. I've test driven the Model S three times, was very impressed and that was going to be my retirement car. I like what they've done with the Model 3 and will wait for the final reveal to make my decision, but am now leaning towards the Model 3.

Take a test drive.

KP in NPT | 23. lokakuu 2016

Tesla doesn't look at it like you're taking up their time! Not even a little bit. They are about education. Plus when they find out you're a model 3 reservation holder and have never driven electric they'll be happy to.

I don't think you'll be dissatisfied. If anything I think the model 3 will be a blast to drive because it's smaller. We have a "slow" 70D and it still puts you to the back of your seat when you floor it!

Ehninger1212 | 23. lokakuu 2016

@Tedirlan you are correct! And I want to have supercharging available for yearly trips out east but I do not plan on using the one it Houston regularly.

dyefrog | 23. lokakuu 2016

I currently drive a Leaf and yes the cold is an issue. I will try to get the AWD, cold weather package, larger battery, air suspension, and hope for aluminum body. As for the video, I'm about 5 hours from Niagra Falls so can't help you there.

scott.ryan.w | 23. lokakuu 2016

Virginia beach,VA
Who knows where I'll be when the car is ready!
I just placed my reservation today, I've been on the fence for months and I'm glad to be part of this. I guess its the fear of missing out! I'm ok with 2019

Szmikc | 23. lokakuu 2016

small town in-between Cleveland and toledo about 10,000 people. have only seen 1 model s roaming around another town about 20 miles away

Ivan_c213 | 23. lokakuu 2016

Los Angeles CA, next to the dodger stadium

Ivan_c213 | 23. lokakuu 2016

Los Angeles CA, next to the dodger stadium

Ivan_c213 | 23. lokakuu 2016

Los Angeles CA, next to the dodger stadium

Ivan_c213 | 23. lokakuu 2016

Los Angeles CA, next to the dodger stadium

Ross1 | 23. lokakuu 2016

@ Ivan:
You wouldnt happen to be anywhere near the Dodger Stadium would you?

stephane | 24. lokakuu 2016

Atlantic Coast / France.
Nearest SC is 50 Miles away, I can drive easily to Paris with just one SC pause (Le Mans).