EV-1 Spotted in Captivity

EV-1 Spotted in Captivity

Just browsing some old episodes of Jay Leno's Garage and what do you know? Although some number of GM's EV-1 are in museums, at least one of them is still in private hands.

I've always fancied that if I had owned an EV-1 in the nineties I would have hopefully had the brass to hide it away somewhere when GM came looking to retrieve and crush it. And it seems that is exactly what film maker, wine maker, and electric car buff Francis Ford Coppola did. That's "Ford" as in taken from the car maker.

In a forward looking episode covering cars of the future Coppola shows Leno a garage full of extremely rare and cool cars, including an EV-1.

The electric car segment begins at 8:00. The EV-1 segment begins at 13:30.

Youtube: ljPSA6FBdYk


Tarla's Driver | 17. marraskuu 2016

I've heard that WPI has one. Their agreement with GM was that they would never make it drivable again, but WPI is saying that the agreement is with the old GM that doesn't exist anymore, so they're working to undo the breakage that GM did on it before handing it over to them. Or so goes the rumor.

WormtownKris | 18. marraskuu 2016

@Tarla's: You're right! Hadn't realized it. WPI does own a red one, that they show off at various public events. Googling "wpi ev-1" brings up a lot of info about it. Cool!