Interesting Tid Bits

Interesting Tid Bits

Hi Guys,

The week on ABC Evening News with David Muir, VW had a big news flash for everyone. They said they were going to phase out their gas and diesel cars. They are going to go electric. They had a proto type on display. This may be old news to some of us. What I wonder is much influence the "BIG SCANDAL" had on this decision? AND...... how much influence Tesla sales had on them ?
The other interesting item is this. At the International Car Show I attended here in Seattle, The Honda people told me they are coming out with a Hydrogen car relatively soon, about 2 years. But, they had no clue where I could buy hydrogen for it !!!
All this just makes me glad I'm in line for a Model 3. There are about 10 of us in line at work. There are 3 wannabes. All the rest just want a ride !!!
The fun just never ends around here, or the rain.

Bob in Seattle | 26. marraskuu 2016

Big scandal has a huge effect on VW. It's a PR fix, but in an actual good way if they follow through with a host of EVs. They actually seem serious about it, and the Audi and Porsche brands (owned by VW) are getting their lunch taken by Tesla. They have nothing today to counter Tesla, but they are working on it.

Hydrogen cars are all but dead. Toyota can't find anyone to buy their H cars, and the H fueling stations have a host of issues - starting with less than 25 in the entire USA. H is also as dirty as gas cars, but moves the pollution to the hydrogen extraction point. Rather sad that those companies spent so much for so little return. Worse is that they duped CA clean-air board to spend hundreds of millions on fueling stations that will rarely be used. Each H car is costing california taxpayers arround $500,000 each in subsidies.

bobinseattle | 26. marraskuu 2016

Hi TeslaTap,

Funny you should mention that info about Porsche and Audi..................One of the guys at work, has a son that was seriously looking at both of those cars to buy one. His dad told him to go and test drive a Model S. At first, he didn't really want to. He eventually did go for a test drive. He came back and said he was done looking at cars. He drove home in the Model S. He said it was faster than the other 2 cars, by a long shot. End of story.
I'm sure this is happening all the time.

Bob in Seattle

Red Sage ca us | 27. marraskuu 2016

Actually, I think each Hydrogen Fueling Station costs something like up to $5,000,000 each. Each pump can service one vehicle an hour though. And the Great State of California is paying to build them all at $20,000,000 per year over ten years. And HFCEVs get around 9 or 12 ZEV Credits each, and are apparently not restricted by price point or income level from receiving rebates. All that is perfectly fair, absolutely necessary, and makes perfect sense... Right?

PhillyGal | 28. marraskuu 2016

@bob - Yes, it's happening all the time.

I can't think of ever reading or hearing of someone who:
Was in the market for a sedan
Could afford a Tesla
and test drove it....

without buying it.

bobinseattle | 28. marraskuu 2016

Hi PhillyGal,

I agree with you. I've never drove one. I can afford it. I'm in line. AND............I will buy it.

Bob in Seattle

sbeggs | 28. marraskuu 2016


Yep, took out BMW and Mercedes diesels to test, but went home with a Tesla. Sounds kind of sleazy, but it was true love.