Does the Tesla prevent reversing into something

Does the Tesla prevent reversing into something

Do the cameras and ultrasonics and software cause the car to automatically brake to prevent backing into an object?

rudywilkjr | 15. joulukuu 2016

Funny you ask this question. I have the same ask. This past weekend I was leaving a parallel parking spot and found my car to still be in reverse when I thought I had put it into Drive. As I got shocked into discovering this fact my foot got stuck around the pedals. I had the rear camera on and noticed that I finally stopped the car probably an inch or two away from the car behind me. I couldn't help but wonder did I stop the car or did my car stop itself before hitting that car behind me.


jbanfie | 15. joulukuu 2016

You can experiment, with some boxes - or some stretched tin foil. Create a 'wall' and try and reverse into it!

One of the chaps on an Audi forum I was once a member of did this to test the auto braking function when that was new like 5 years ago. He went to a lot of trouble to create a 'reflective' wall, then drove straight at it with a family member filming the resultant carnage - very amusing to watch.

Triggerplz | 15. joulukuu 2016

I m not sure but I think it would since you can back into your garage and the car will stop before it hits the back wall

johndoeeyed | 15. joulukuu 2016

I have asked Tesla about this and they will get back to me. The new sensors and hardware/software should have no problem preventing backing into an object.

KurtsX | 16. joulukuu 2016

I know you get front, rear and side warning signals when you move the car. I park next to a huge concrete support and it alerts me upon approach, while parked and as I back out. I was also wondering about the auto braking because of the obstructed view I have backing out past the concrete support. An oncoming car would surprise me as I back into a driveway lane.

Please keep us posted what Tesla says....Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

johndoeeyed | 16. joulukuu 2016

The response I got from Tesla was that it doesn't automatically brake.
I believe Tesla should introduce this feature. The fully driverless mode certainly needs to not reverse into anything (eg a child) and I cannot think of a legitimate reason a human would want to back into an object (eg the same child)

Redmiata98 | 16. joulukuu 2016

I know from personal experiance that resulted in replacement of the rear hatch that you CAN back into objects such as poles. This is especialy true if they are painted the same coloe as the non-Tesla charging station that they are protecting!

randy | 27. kesäkuu 2019

i just backed into a tree by accident. why wouldn't this wicked smart, technologically advanced car stop before i hit the tree??? big fail on both parts.

Triggerplz | 27. kesäkuu 2019

It would have stopped before you hit the tree if you would have hit the brakes

jimglas | 28. kesäkuu 2019

I cut myself shaving
Dam Tesla!

Triggerplz | 28. kesäkuu 2019

@jimglas and Tesla didn’t give you a band aid shame on Tesla :-)