"one-pedal driving" and winter roads

"one-pedal driving" and winter roads

I've had my 60D for 1 week as of today, during which we've had 3-days of of snow & slush covered roads with below-freezing temperatures (I live in New Hampshire, a mile up a dirt road). I wasn't sure how I felt about "one-pedal driving" (i.e. using regen to slow the car by easing off the accelerator rather than braking), but after driving with it on slick roads, I'm absolutely in love with it. The control it gives is incredible. Much more than engine braking. I've had a Jeep Cherokee 4WD, a Subaru Forrester AWD, various FWD cars with studded snows. This is the best of all.

If anyone out there is pondering "how well will MS do in the snow", I'd say the answer is 'very, very well."

lilbean | 23. joulukuu 2016

Cool! Just ask @silver. He's great at one pedal driving in the snow!

Pack Mule | 23. joulukuu 2016

Congrats. The car really does handle very well in the snow. Quite amazing. Now if only Tesla could make a self-cleaning function for the car (who needs self-driving). Then I wouldn't be in my garage washing the car every time it gets above freezing. That reminds me, I've got something to do this afternoon.

Do be aware that regen braking can cause slippage of the wheels even in the D models. There is a low setting that may be advisable to keep the car in during the winter depending on your conditions, and comfort level with one-pedal driving. There's some great discussion of this point towards the end of this thread on supercharging in the cold.

carlk | 23. joulukuu 2016

People have found out how nice is S to drive in snow even before dual motor came out. Not only one pedal control but instant reaction and feedback of EV makes traction control much more effective.

kdufort | 23. joulukuu 2016

@pack - Thanks for the advice about possible slippage, and the thread link.