10 Months after Reveal #1 - Has the wait gotten easier or harder?

10 Months after Reveal #1 - Has the wait gotten easier or harder?

It has already been 10 months since the first reveal (though the wait for me extends back to when I first heard that the M3 was going to be a reality).

Has the wait gotten easier or harder? For me, I had originally anticipated getting my M3 in mid to late 2018, and now based on a few of Elon's statements, there is a chance that I might just get it in 2017. So ..... the wait has gotten easier for me. I love having something to look forward to, and am weirdly enjoying this period of anticipation - and it is growing daily - and it is a good anticipation. If the car comes in 2017, that would be fantastic, but as a realist, it will probably be closer to my original expectation.

How about for you?

ColoDriver | 01. helmikuu 2017


Easier in that I know the date is getting closer, but harder because the date is getting closer. :-) There are a few key details of the M3 design that I need to know before I convert my reservation to an order: do I fit comfortably in the drivers seat and will my bike fit in the trunk with the rear seat up (crossing fingers for 2 bikes with the wheels in the back).

If Tesla can deliver in 2017 that would be great timing as I could really use the tax credits this year. My current car is also due for some expensive maintenance in the next year that I might be able to avoid if the M3 appears in time.

Fingers crossed on all counts!

andy.connor.e | 01. helmikuu 2017

It was hard from April 1 to around August/Sept, From then, its been the same amount of frustrating wait.

Frank99 | 01. helmikuu 2017

Last year, it was "I'll get this car sometime in the far future".
Now, it's "When is the production reveal?" and "Man, I've got to work on getting that new circuit run into the garage".

akgolf | 01. helmikuu 2017

No change here.

I still don't have a place to park it and won't until late this year or early next year.

M3forMe | 01. helmikuu 2017

I'm getting more excited now than in late 2016. I just want to see the final car design. I'm expecting delivery date of early 2018 so still have a long time to wait, wait, wait and wait....

potentfay | 01. helmikuu 2017

Wait is the same for me.. I got mid-2017 but I don't expect them to deliver on time. Tesla's track record suggests it will take longer than estimated delivery time. But I don't mind I'm sure it's well worth the wait I doubt any car on the market can come close.

denkav2 | 02. helmikuu 2017

You guys in the US have it so sweet. Most of you look like getting your M3s in 2018. Here in Australian, it is only this month that the MX is being released. That's 19 months after the first MXs were delivered over there. So we won't see any M3s until probably late 2019. So for a person who reserved on day 1, the wait is excruciating!!

dsvick | 02. helmikuu 2017

I think it might be a little easier now. When I reserved (pre-reveal on the 31st) I figured I was looking at a couple of years at least. At this point, given that everything, from what Tesla has said, is still on schedule, I'm thinking I might be under a year now.

Add in the next reveal in a couple of months (hopefully) and then getting the go configure notice, I figure I've got enough good things to get me through the next year or so relatively painlessly.

Kchester32 | 02. helmikuu 2017

For me, the wait is getting easier now. At the beginning, I thought I was going to give in to peer pressure and buy a Model S. With the progression Tesla has made over the last few months, I'm hoping I will be in my Model 3 by Christmas. My only concern is If my 6'8" frame will fit in the car.

makobill | 02. helmikuu 2017

Easier for me, due to the fact I'm not ready for it yet anyway. That's a good thing, as I live in the big oil owned Midwest and won't be seeing mine anytime soon regardless...

PhillyGal | 02. helmikuu 2017

I go back and forth. It's always been hard because I get to drive a Model S sometimes, then am stuck in a Hyundai the rest. But easier because I estimate I only have 40 or fewer trips to the gas station left :)

@Kchester32 - The driver of the Model 3 prototype I took a test drive in was very tall. His comment was that it was the first car he's even been in where he didn't need to push the seat all the way back. Here's hoping it can accommodate both you and me. (19 inches shorter than you!)

Fredbob711 | 02. helmikuu 2017

Like most people it's a bit of both. I wish the whole process was going faster, but at the same time realize they've already sped things up so much and I'd rather get a good product later than a crappier one sooner.
The hardest part of the wait for me right now is the wondering if my current car will last until I get my M3. I reserved around noon the day of the reveal in the midwest so I'm cautiously optimistic that late 2017 to early 2018 is my window. My current car is a 2008 Ford Fusion, 4-cylinder manual with 130,000+ miles on it.

voltswagen | 02. helmikuu 2017

The wait was easy after standing in line last March because my expectations were not well defined. I was only reserving a possibility.

Now that we're in 2017 and there appears to be a slight chance of actually seeing this car before the year ends, the wait is getting harder. The next reveal could help, but seems more likely raise my level of anticipation.

In the mean time, I'll try to occupy my mind by planning a sub-panel install to support my future garage electrical needs. Gotta decide between a 14-50 or WC.

KP in NPT | 02. helmikuu 2017

I feel like time went by pretty quickly since the reveal. I do feel like the lottery email for the unveiling tickets should be sent relatively soon (in no more than a month?) if they are to keep with our expectations of that timeline. One milestone at a time...

jeepn30 | 02. helmikuu 2017

It was too hard- caved and bought a certified Model S......but partially because I've lusted after it before it even came out 5 years ago....and with 4 kids, I can fit them all in the car at once with the rear facing seats. I still have my reservation on my model 3....we shall see what happens in the future...

viper17d | 02. helmikuu 2017

Through 2016, it was easy. Getting the car was a long-term prospect. Now that we're in 2017, presumably the year when scaled production will be achieved and some will start getting theirModel 3s, it's getting harder every day. There will be some respite with the next reveal - until then, I'll be constantly scouring the internet for new details and tidbits of information.

There's so much more I want to know, and as tangible as the prototypes were, they will never be the final product. Once I can visualize "my Model 3", with its color, wheels, range, bells and whistles, I think it will be much easier to temper my excitement.

I kind of compare this to being excited about a vacation. You can't really be excited and, to a certain extent, put your mind to rest ahead of the vacation until you've planned out all of the details.

danbry39 | 02. helmikuu 2017

It's easier by now. I'm used to waiting. I think it will slow down as if time has stopped after the final reveal, which a Tesla dealer speculates might be in June. He emphasized that that was solely his opinion, nothing more.

pavel | 02. helmikuu 2017

I'd say it's easier, knowing that the time is approaching. I just wish they'd release some more info, some updated picture, video, press release...something !!! It's borderline painful to just speculate and work off of rumors.

Kchester32 | 02. helmikuu 2017

@PhillyGal - Thank you for the info...(You're the same height as my wife BTW). I have some friends with Audi A4s and 3 series BMWs I've been able to utilize to compare the space I would possible have in the model 3. I fit comfortably in both cars so I'm hopeful that I won't have any issues fitting in a model 3.

JeffreyR | 02. helmikuu 2017

Don't forget what the Model X second unveiling was like. Sure we will know what the "pencils down" design looks like and probably whether or not they stick to offering the Matte Black color. But many details were left unsaid at the Model X unveiling. For example, the Design Studio was not open so we did not know final colors, prices and options.

Nda721 | 02. helmikuu 2017

For me it just got harder. My car is beginning to act up and has a coolant leak among other issues. I thought it was going to hold out but I may have to make a decision soon . Pay and fix, drive something else, or get the model s. Although my concern is missing out on heads up display if it's announced with the model 3. Yes I'm dreaming.

mntlvr23 | 02. helmikuu 2017

Lots to look forward to:
02/22/17 - Q4-2016 Earnings Report Webcast + Q&A
03/31/17 +/-? Reveal #3
then M3 sightings akimbo
07/17+ ? Start of production
Then Design Studio

and then - the thing that I am oddly greatly looking forward to ...... cleaning out my garage. We have been in this house for over 5 years, and there has never been even one car in the two car garage

and then - stringing up the wiring for my own 240V charging solution (and hiring an electrician to make the final connections.

and then - receiving my M3 and going on a cross-country trip

david.jones24 | 02. helmikuu 2017

It's gotten harder for me. Waiting all this time with "keeping the powder dry" is killing me. I know I'm impatient compared to the folks that waited so long for the MS, but it's a long time for consumers used to buying cars on a lot.

Having said that, I don't want another car, and it does give me more time for the bells & whistles I want. Test drove a MX today. Tesla had an event where I live. Amazing ride, but I preferred the Model S. Hopefully the 3 is just as amazing.

COrich | 03. helmikuu 2017

We ordered a model X and kept the reservation for the 3. Waiting for the 3 is no issue right now. I'm just feel like a kid waiting for the X to show up.

bgbythsea | 03. helmikuu 2017

Couldn't wait. Leased an S. Kept M3 res. Love the S. Not looking forward to configuration time. My S residual to buy outright will probably be less than the optioned 3 price. Dilemma.

bj | 03. helmikuu 2017

All I know is that today I'm one day closer to my model 3 delivery date than I was yesterday.

Haggy | 03. helmikuu 2017

The wait never ends. I'm waiting for 8.1 software. The whole time I've had the Model S I've been waiting for the next release of the software to add more features. I pretty much have the features I want including all the software features I would like to have seen from the time I got the car, but most that fall into that category were never promised for the future. They just showed up. With autopilot, there have been so many improvements over the years, and features added incrementally, and Tesla still hasn't released everything they have announced. In other words they keep announcing that a future release will have something, and you will wait for it.

Even though the wait never ends, you will still start off with an excellent car. With any other car, the wait would be over when your bought the car. Anything that didn't work the way you expected or that you found frustrating would be guaranteed to stay that way as long as you owned the car. So while the wait might be perpetual, at least after delivery you will have the car while you are waiting. You might end up with things you might currently have no idea might end up on the car some day. .

mntlvr23 | 03. helmikuu 2017

@ Haggy - exactly! For the M3, it already has added things that I was not expecting. The improved AP, the SD capability, and though we are not exactly sure about the deal with SC (whether it will be 100% pay as you go, or more likely, a certain amount of energy each year for free), we will more than likely not be paying $2.5K to enable it. Huzzah.

I can't wait to see what else gets added for the locked in $35K price. Very exciting.

mos6507 | 04. helmikuu 2017

I am really frustrated about the lack of detail about the interior. I'm at peace with the idea of the duckbill nose if they stick with that, but the interior was the weakest part of the initial reveal. I don't like the screen hanging on a flimsy pedestal and I simply don't buy the idea there will be a blank dash with no 2nd screen behind the wheel and no actual climate-control vents. We're so close to the 2nd reveal that I will be really frustrated if they don't show off the FINAL interior design.

That being said, I resisted getting a Volt 2.0 or Bolt and FF looks like they will go under (despite their reveal of the FF91). There really aren't any other cars coming out that would make me cancel my order but I kind of want to know if I'll be gritting my teeth and tolerating the stupid (IMHO) design choices of the interior or they will have fixed it.

Haggy | 04. helmikuu 2017

The interior might be the hardest part to reveal if they had the hardware ready on time but are still tweaking the interface part of the software.

JeffreyR | 04. helmikuu 2017

@mos6507 wrote, "I don't like the screen hanging on a flimsy pedestal and I simply don't buy the idea there will be a blank dash with no 2nd screen behind the wheel and no actual climate-control vents."

They are trying to change things up (and save money). They horizontal screen is "final" per the VP of Engineering, but not sure if it will be mounted differently. It will certainly be interesting to see how the non-vents work. I'm one of those people that always keeps vents pointed away from me, even on the steamy Gulf Coast. So my concerns are not as extreme as yours. It's also interesting to see if a HUD is standard to replace the dash or if it's an option.

Mjenkinsatgbi | 05. helmikuu 2017

Harder for me...I can wait but I would like more information on what I'm waiting for....another reveal please!

Red Sage ca us | 05. helmikuu 2017

I am not a patient person. I would say I have zero patience. I have no patience 'in reserve' whatsoever. I do have the ability to endure boredom. Luckily, I am not impatient. I do not expect things to happen before they are possible. I do not possess a negative quantity of patience. Things take as long as they do, and rarely when I want or need them to. Apparently I am not all that important. Such are the lessons of life.

mkrueger | 20. helmikuu 2017

Unlike most I have two well functioning vehicles that I have owned for a long time. Starting in the fall I have found myself itching to get another one. I am purchasing the M3 for the technology, but as other cars start to catch up I find myself wanting to give in to temptation. But then I splash cold water on my face and realize that those cars will not have the tech that the latest Tesla will. So I wait as patiently as I can.

Da1ToNo | 21. helmikuu 2017

The wait is getting a little harder for me. I'm use to upgrading my car every 5 years. I'm now going on 7 years and that new car itch comes and goes more often than usual. I know if I cave in now and buy a car I will hit myself in the face once the Model 3 hits the road. I have the Model 3 has my desktop screen saver at work and at home as a constant reminder of goods things to come. I patiently wait, watching the reveal video and Model 3 driving around the Gigafactory (favorite video) for the 100th time. The end result is well worth it!

andy.connor.e | 22. helmikuu 2017

The experience i've had growing up with devices and any product in the field of technology, is that waiting is a good thing. For those of you pulling your hair out over late 2018-2019 delivery, speaking from experience i can tell you that its probably for the best that you're waiting that long. That gives Tesla plenty of time to fix all the small little annoying problems that may exist either with the physical design, or in the vehicles software, #ModelX.

If any of you have ever played a video game the first day it was released, you know exactly what i mean. And while i bet all of you have cellphones, imagine the newest software update and how it can cause problems with your phone. Could go on and on, but consider that as opposed to hating the wait.