Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

Remnant | 29. tammikuu 2018

@2018wesm (January 28, 2018)

<< I'm an avid capitalist, money money money. >>

There are three models of capitalism:

- entrepreneurial, based on capital and the rule of law; Model, the Framers' United States

- tribal, based on Mogadishu style, permanent war between tribal entities; Model, Somalia

- despotic, based on a powerful central command, which rules with final authority; Model, Soviet and sundry empires

So, which kind of money-acknowledging capitalist are you?

Mike83 | 03. helmikuu 2018

One gets a laugh at the Climate Change deniers trying to hide information from the public and Mr. Pruitt.
The DOD has information that is more difficult to obscure.

Mike83 | 03. helmikuu 2018

@2018wesm +100
Allowing one industry to dominate is not free enterprise or real capitalism. The Russians need to sell fossil fuel and are in tune with the current Republican mission but it isn't helping Americans. They want to make people use fossil fuels even if it costs more for families. I am in disbelief of the con game people seem to believe.

MitchP85D | 03. helmikuu 2018

Hey ozone hole Mike, you want to know a way to be effective in limiting fossil fuel use? Convince millions of Americans to quit buying Toyota Corollas, Chevy Cruzes, and Ford Focuses.

What's that matter? Is that too difficult of a task? Well, sad bananas. That's life!

RedShift | 03. helmikuu 2018

Well, EM is doing exactly that. Folks like you will only know to say ‘it’s too difficult a task’. Visionaries like him, superhuman in their efforts, and knowing better, move and shake things.

That’s why I guess you are a weather man, know.

Well, lots of people have decided to side with EM’s vision. Which is what is so cool! While you keep sticking your wet thumb out in the air, EM and thousands of workers in California and elsewhere ar busy changing the world for the better. :-)

NKYTA | 03. helmikuu 2018


“- entrepreneurial, based on capital and the rule of law; Model, the Framers' United States”

What “rule of law” are we living under. If I say I am the supreme being and God incarnate, you will believe me?

Hint: you really shouldn’t.

MitchP85D | 05. helmikuu 2018

Hey Better Red Than Dead, I bought two of Elon's cars. I did not need any authoritarian bastard to make me buy those incredible vehicles. I bought them on my free will. That is how I want the rest of the general public to buy his cars.

You, and those who think like you want to force the public to buy what YOU want them to buy!

SCCRENDO | 05. helmikuu 2018

@Climate change denier_Mitch. Despite you being the climate change denier in chief environmentalists appreciate your support of Tesla. Unfortunately many other fossil fuel lovers need to be educated and incentivized to get rid of their polluters and adopt EVS

Mike83 | 28. helmikuu 2018

We have many Americans who see through the political BS funded by fossil fuel greedy addicts. Bravo to those people using their God given brains.

SamO | 28. helmikuu 2018

I will dictate which cars you can drive. ICE are out.

Communist bikes and goat riding will be permitted.


Mike83 | 01. maaliskuu 2018

The US feds are not helping but accelerating Global Climate Disruption. The fake religious beliefs of dominion as preached by Pruitt is not really what Christians profess or what the Pope or Billy Graham preach . Perhaps selling one's soul to the fossil fuel industry is a bit short sighted. Of course scientifically it is completely stupid and philosophically it is suicidal. Eventually those sins will have payback.

Mike83 | 01. maaliskuu 2018

The GOP is losing more support from real Republicans and not fossil fuel prostitutes. Funny how an education can improve one's life.

Tesla-David | 01. maaliskuu 2018

Thanks @Mike83, great article, and hopeful to see that educated republicans who understand the science/facts see AGW/Climate Disruption as a pivotal issue that the GOP is totally on the wrong side of. As more and more people wake up hopefully more people will desert this morally/ethically bankrupt party.

Tesla-David | 01. maaliskuu 2018

This makes me very sad, with only ~450 Right Whales left on Planet Earth, no calves have been observed, making this very endangered species a critically endangered species. AGW is likely only contributing to the demise of this species.

Tesla-David | 01. maaliskuu 2018

The GOP congress gets a 1% Grade on their report card on Environmental and Public Health issues from the League of Conservation Voters Scorecard (LCV). Shameful!!

Mike83 | 01. maaliskuu 2018

With the coral reefs acidifying, dead ocean zones and perhaps less Oxygen for all mammals(that includes the so called smart humans) due to phytoplankton death which provide 51% of the oxygen we breathe and now the Right Whales going extinct looks like the rabbit in the coal mine. I guess mankind is too stupid to take care of the gifts he was given. Yeah, stewards of what?

Tesla-David. at least we got to see the world in its beauty before mankind destroys it. Who knows; perhaps some people will wake up and start doing something good. Don't think we have much time. Not a pleasant subject but hopefully we can progress away from this insanity.

rxlawdude | 01. maaliskuu 2018

@Tesla-David, is it me or is it odd that "conservatives" seem to not believe in "conservation?"

Mike83 | 02. maaliskuu 2018

@rxlawdude one might add that fake Christians don't believe in brotherly love but seem to like to hate.

Mike83 | 17. maaliskuu 2018

A brave American stands up to the dark money Congress. Most Americans would agree with him

MitchP85D | 18. maaliskuu 2018

Check out Whitehouse trying to discredit Spencer in Congressional testimony about religion. Whitehouse did not want to dwell there too long!

Go to 30:36

If you have time, the entire testimony is worth watching. There is a panel of scientists there.

SCCRENDO | 18. maaliskuu 2018

And Strawman_Spencer brings up the Strawman argument that 2bitweatherman_Mitch also uses. Just because human DNA is so complex it could not have happerend spontaneously. Well I have news for you 2 scientifc illiterates. The time frame is so large that there is no reason why it couldn’t have happened spontaneously. That we are here to talk about it in fact is evidence that it did happen. Prove that a super being needed to be involved in the process!!!

MitchP85D | 18. maaliskuu 2018

Just use common sense Goebbels Apprentice. Is it more logical to believe that a mechanism can assemble itself than it is to believe that a mechanism requires an engineer?

SCCRENDO | 18. maaliskuu 2018

@2bitweatherman_MItch. Scientific data vs the logical thinking of a 2bitweatherman. I know who I have my money on. So the best evidence you have that God exists is your “logical” thinking??? Even in climate science you show zero evidence of logical thinking.

MitchP85D | 19. maaliskuu 2018

You are still avoiding the mechanism Goebbels Apprentice. You think a mechanism can assemble itself by an undirected process. I think a mechanism requires instructions for assembly - information.

You probably think 97% of all scientists are atheists!

Mike83 | 19. maaliskuu 2018

World increased solar by 30% in 2017. Some positive news is great to see.

SCCRENDO | 19. maaliskuu 2018

@2bitweatherman_Mitch. Yes it can and does. Single cells self direct themselves into organisms. An example would be a sperm combines with an egg and self assembles into a living being. Just because you dont understand it does not mean it doesn’t happen.

Mike83 | 26. maaliskuu 2018

It appears many religious documents call for protection of the environment. This kind of nulls the fake Christians arguments.

MitchP85D | 26. maaliskuu 2018

Looks like a lot of genetic programming is involved Goebbels Apprentice. Common sense. How do atoms and molecules program themselves?

Mike, even though you live in the ozone hole, you're alright!

SCCRENDO | 26. maaliskuu 2018

@Weathermoron_Mitch. Whose common sense?? You have minimal education and low intellect so I guess your common sense provided no value. Impress us with some evidence.
Try this for starters

MitchP85D | 26. maaliskuu 2018

Arrange themselves "in minerals." Yes, there is a structure to atoms. Quite impressive, don't ya think?

SCCRENDO | 27. maaliskuu 2018

Yes quite impressive. But again how does that prove the existence of a God?? It would be more impressive to explain how a superbeing formed spontaneously wouldn’t it???

RadOne | 27. maaliskuu 2018

@MitchP85D. Atoms and molecules don't "program" themselves. They form within the laws of physics and proper conditions. The order of the molecules within a substance is also governed by physics. Certain chemical reactions may be self sustaining. In living organisms DNA is formed which does replicate the genetic components of life.

MitchP85D | 27. maaliskuu 2018

I'm not trying to prove the existence of God Goebbels Apprentice! I have no interest to make people believe the way I do. And the same goes for you RadTwo. But I do listen to people for more intelligent than I am. For example, take a look at what Nikola Tesla stated:

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

― Nikola Tesla

I just so happen to agree with Tesla. You two don't agree with Tesla. No big deal.

SCCRENDO | 27. maaliskuu 2018

@Weathermoron_Mitch. You are an ignoramus. You have your own preconceived ideas. But instead of confirming it with facts, you ignore the facts that disagree with your biases and cherry pick some statement somewhere that agrees with you. Tesla was a smart man. However that does not mean that he was correct all the time. Even Einstein made mistakes. So I would say what evidence did Tesla have for his statement that you agree with? And yes you do want us all to believe in God, otherwise why would you continual made your ridiculous statements.

MitchP85D | 27. maaliskuu 2018

Well, to start with, there are no facts concerning ontology. Nobody knows what one is talking about when they mention God. Nobody knows what the hell it is! So, how in the hell can we prove or disprove something that we know absolutely nothing about?

Now, it is a reasonable question to ask if there is a greater level of intelligence than humans in the universe. Mainly, just for scientific curiosity. Why do you think we have SETI for? I just so happen to believe that there is a higher level of intelligence than us. Tesla thought so!

For some silly reason, that bugs the hell out of you atheists!

SCCRENDO | 27. maaliskuu 2018

We do ask the question. And we are open to the presence of God. It just so happens that nobody has come up with any evidence of God’s existence. And the late Stephen Hawking even suggested that a God is not necessary to explain the universe. So until someone can come up with evidence, the God hypothesis remains low on the probability list. However to the scientific illiterate such as the weathermoron evidence and fact are unnecessary. So it could be God, it could be the man in the moon, it could even be the devil. In an evidence free world you are free to make up your own facts.

Mike83 | 28. maaliskuu 2018
not good news and

Oil companies ADMIT that burning fossil fuels cause Climate Change. The far right nuts still argue nonsense.

In thousands of years of human history you would think man would be more advanced but it appears they are too distracted to see the big picture and are easily conned.

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

"Evidence and fact are unnecessary" Goebbels Apprentice? That is all I look for! And I listen to highly intelligent people concerning the issue of why the universe is ordered and intelligible.

Guess what, I found a link that has Freeman Dyson and Stephen Hawking front and center!

If you think about the facts, it can be rather confounding if you are a materialist!

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Look for the Stephen Hawking quote on this link Goebbels Apprentice!

RedShift | 28. maaliskuu 2018


How cute, believing in Hawking! He believes also, that AGW is one of the greatest threat to humans, BTW. Perhaps the most high profile scientist to do so, along with a majority of others, of course.

Also, pleas be a dear and read up on how he doesn’t believe in god, and what he believed would happen to him when he died:

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

I don't believe 100% of what anybody says Better Red Than Dead! I do like to find out what highly intelligent people think. And they all disagree with each other!

RedShift | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Then I’d encourage you to listen to the highly intelligent dude. And majority of other intelligent dudes.

Especially since you seem to have very little of what they possess.

And stop with the cherry picking.

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Hey Better Red Than Dead, are you making the claim that you have a lot of what they possess?

RedShift | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Of course, I expected that question. No, I’m making the claim that you don’t possess a lot of what they have. It’s understandable you are asking that question, you just proved my point.

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

You just proved yourself the flippity-floppity woosie-pus liberal that you are with that response. You did not want to claim one way or the other if you possess the high level of intelligence of some of the scientists we have been talking about.

I can make the claim that I DO NOT posses their intelligence. Can you Better Red Than Dead?

RedShift | 28. maaliskuu 2018

You got exactly one thing right in that above post.

MitchP85D | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Yep, I know. That you are a flippity-floppity woosie-pus liberal!

SCCRENDO | 28. maaliskuu 2018

Hey weathermoron. Yes everything is fine tuned and any minuscule variation would have resulted in us not being here. But the fact that we are here is indeed evidence that it can happen. Again. This is not evidence of God. All this proves is that this can randomly happen. Perhaps something even more remarkable has or will happen many btimes over. Time is infinite and nobody would know how many failed attempts have occurred. But given an infinite amount of time anything is possible.

Btw. None of us here need to be that smart to beat you in a debate. We just have to be smarter than you.

RedShift | 28. maaliskuu 2018

First of all, I never made any claims about my intelligence compared to them. I insinuated about yours. If it makes you sleep better without wetting yourself tonight, I will assert that I am in no way as intelligent as Hawking was, otherwise I would be sitting with him exchanging ideas about why black holes eject some matter. Feel better?

That doesn’t make you any more intelligent though.

Mike83 | 29. maaliskuu 2018

Even Pennsylvania Republicans are not conned by the Banana Republicans.