Almost all Americans want climate change action

Almost all Americans want climate change action

If this is true why are fossil fuel companies advisors in charge?

SamO | 05. joulukuu 2017

Yea, Cheese is a loud, abrasive know-nothing . . . but its time for him to go on ignore. He's not convincing a solitary soul of his anti-science position.

We are all better off being Tesla's biggest promoters, getting free Roadsters and the chance to drive the Boring Machine!

Tesla-David | 11. joulukuu 2017

Watched an incredible interview with Governor Jerry Brown last night. He did a wonderful job of smacking down Drumpf on his Climate Change/Disruption denial. It was an incredible interview, worth watching.

SCCRENDO | 11. joulukuu 2017

@Tesla_David. I did not know Jerry Brown when he was Governor the first time and have not paid that much attention to him even though he is my state Governor. But his interview on 60 mins was very impressive. I wonder if any of our denier friends on these boards watch 60 mins. Or is it just fake news to them.

Mike83 | 11. joulukuu 2017

Thanks @Tesla-David. Jerry Brown is the man and illustrates why California is the 6TH BIGGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD. The scared Republicans would elect a pervert out of fear and scapegoating which shows fear never works for anyone. The failed GOP economics will fail again. While California has a big surplus in their budget all the red states and now the Feds will increase deficits to pay off their pimps who got them elected leaving approx. a $2 TRILLION deficit. This why they are being sued. The Republicans are fiscally irresponsible and scientifically illiterate.
Going into debt for tax cuts for the ultra rich is robbing the American publci.

MitchP85D | 11. joulukuu 2017

Consider the source of those stupid-ass fact checkers SaSoT Boy1!!!

MitchP85D | 11. joulukuu 2017

Obama double the national debt. Not one little squeak from any one of you goofy, dumbass SaSoTs!

Mike83 | 11. joulukuu 2017

Hey caveman welfare Mitch. Obama inherited Bush's GOP economic catastrophe having to bail out GM and prevent a worst major Depression like from the gilded age. That's when you want to spend money NOT when the economy is good and then to give welfare to the already rich who won't trickle it back and when we're hit with another inflicted GOP crisis there will be no way to suck more blood out of the turnip which you broccoli brains can't seem to understand.

SCCRENDO | 11. joulukuu 2017

@welfare_Mitch. We are the ones that consider the sources and provide you with good peer reviewed scientific facts that you fail to understand because of your lack of science education. Your sources are notrickszones and whatsupwiththat. And your scientists believe that the earth was created 6000 years ago. You never answered our question whether you believed the earth was flat.

MitchP85D | 11. joulukuu 2017

And your source is that stupid-ass skeptical science site Captain Planet! The way they source information is to state, "the science says." What a load of crap!

SCCRENDO | 11. joulukuu 2017

@welfare-Mitch. Skeptical Science is just one site that I look at. But it is a very good site because it is well referenced with peer reviewed publications. Indeed it does say that your denier sites are a load of crap because they are. If you understood science you would know that as well.

BackgammonPlayer | 16. joulukuu 2017

If most Americans want more "climate change action", why don't most Americans have solar panels?

SamO | 16. joulukuu 2017

Because #sanctimoniousidiots are what they are. And real people play chess.

Tesla-David | 16. joulukuu 2017

@BackgammonPlayer, many of us do, and others will get them in the future, despite the attempts of Drumpf and his anti renewable energy administration's attempts to stifle renewable energy adoption and push out dated and harmful fossil fuel energy sources. I have been Net Positive for more than five years (produce 200% of our energy needs in all electric home including charging our MS with solar panels).

SCCRENDO | 16. joulukuu 2017

@backgammonPlayer. Understanding and accepting climate change is but the first step. Incorporating it in your lives involves cost, motivation, commitment etc. Some of us here have incorporated alternate energies to a significant degree but certain practicalities may prevent full incorporation. I have had a model S since April 2013 with 133000 miles. My wife will sell her Lexus to drive it when I get my Model 3. I have a 13 kW solar system and a solar pool heater. Every day I am working towards reducing my carbon footprint further. Cost may be an issue for some. That is why we need Government subsidies etc and do not need a Donald Trump who is trying to reignite the fossil fuel industries.

Mike83 | 16. joulukuu 2017

One clue provided to the question of WHY don't most Americans have solar or drive EV's. Its economics dummy.
Why did 500,000 people order the Model 3? Because they WANT to do something. Lets take away the Tax giveaways to the fossil fuel giants who lie about Climate Disruption and make America great again. How about a tax bill that rewards progress instead of those rewarding those that are spreading disease, bad air, bad water and bad economics.
One example of helping those who can't afford Solar is this providing for 150,000 families.

MitchP85D | 17. joulukuu 2017

Check out good 'ol big-ass RED STATE TEXAS! 12.6% of our energy production is from WIND ENERGY!

SCCRENDO | 17. joulukuu 2017

@welfare-Mitch. Is that the wind you speak or the beans talking?? Indeed good for Texas. But why do you care if they are reducing greenhouse gases which you don’t believe in???

Mike83 | 12. tammikuu 2018

Indeed Americans DESIRE Fossil Free Energy unlike the dimwits who promote fossil fuels. The loser fossil fuel politicians will pay a big price for their greed.

MitchP85D | 13. tammikuu 2018

I just bragged about the state of Texas getting 12.6% of our energy from wind! Yet, you Sanctimonious Socialist Turds still have this goofy little thing in your heads that all I care about is promoting fossil fuel use! I only promote what makes the most economic sense!

NKYTA | 13. tammikuu 2018

@Mitch, the big picture is lost on you.

MitchP85D | 14. tammikuu 2018

What big picture Nikita? Centralized Planning? Collectivism? Absolute government control over our lives? Is that what you SaSoTs are shooting for?

NKYTA | 14. tammikuu 2018

Not abusing a failed a finite resource..fossil fuels.

A small piece of your state could power the entire country, if solar enabled.

Texas first!

MitchP85D | 15. tammikuu 2018

We are not abusing anything Nikita. We are simply using what is available to us. Nikola Tesla is credited for getting the electric power grid established. And there are many different ways to turn those Tesla generators. Different parts of the world have different geological/geographic circumstances. We use what makes the most economic sense for that region of the earth. Not everybody has lots of wind. Not everybody has lots of solar (clouds being a problem for that). Those regions have to use something else.

I've always noticed you SaSoTs have a difficult time understanding that!

SCCRENDO | 15. tammikuu 2018

@welfare_MItch. You use what makes economic sense but are unable to understand that stuff that may make economic sense could be harmful to the planet and mankind. Your ignorance allows opinions that make no sense

Tesla2018 | 15. tammikuu 2018

Nikita, SaSoTs , and Welfare Cheese. Gotta love the terms and nicknames people come up with on this forum.

SCCRENDO | 15. tammikuu 2018

@Welfare_Mitch has few skills. He even has trouble with weather forecasting. His strong point is nicknames. But I need to tell you that my 5 year old grandson is more skilled than he is at name calling. He is responsible for most of the nicknames on this forum.The only reason I bother to call him names back is to give him a taste of his own medicine and to show him that we can beat him even down in the gutter. The only other person who has earned a nickname from me is @Brain-Remnant for similar reasons.

MitchP85D | 15. tammikuu 2018

Here ya go Captain Planet. Check this out:

Check out the whopping amount of energy solar produces. 0.9%!!!

Are you trying to tell me you can snap your fingers and replace coal and natural gas right away? If solar made economic sense, I assure you, it would provide a lot more than 0.9% of our energy!

Mike83 | 16. tammikuu 2018

They are doing in spite of the right wing nuts fake news and scrubbed government web sites which has lost credibility.

Trying to ignore the reality of Climate Disruption is going to cost the liars a lot. It is already happening. The scapegoating holier than thou idiots are the real shitheads.

Tesla-David | 16. tammikuu 2018

Bring on the lawsuits against the scumbag oil interests that are willfully destroying our planet. Go NY and CA!

Tesla-David | 16. tammikuu 2018
MitchP85D | 16. tammikuu 2018

Maybe California needs to get their priorities straight before they file stupid-ass lawsuits!

Congrats to you California SaSoTs. You have succeeded. CALIFORNIA IS NOW THE POVERTY CAPITAL OF AMERICA!!!

Mike83 | 16. tammikuu 2018

Thanks Tesla=David. This is good:

Holding Fossil Fuel Companies Liable seminar which is free to register through UCS. And another link for it.

I hope the Hague also gets involved also for these crimes.

MitchP85D | 16. tammikuu 2018

Crimes ozone hole Mike? The crime are you SaSoTs committing the act of extortion!

Tesla-David | 19. tammikuu 2018

The evidence that we are heading into a climate catastrophe keeps growing despite the idiotic postings by deniers. Despite being a "La Nina" year 2017 was the second warmest year ever recorded since reliable record keeping began in 1880.

MitchP85D | 19. tammikuu 2018

Climate catastrophe Tesla-Davy? Depends on how you look at the data, and what data you use. As well as the interpretation of that data!

Satellite data confirms the powerful El Nino of 2016. 2017 shows a residual effect from 2016, but is moderating. How do you get catastrophe out of that? Catastrophe predictions in the past have all failed! Why should we believe future catastrophe predictions?

SCCRENDO | 20. tammikuu 2018

@denier in chief_Mitch. Look at the comments to Roy “the earth was created 6000 years ago” Spenser. They pick this fraud apart. Just read the comments by David Apple.

SCCRENDO | 20. tammikuu 2018


MitchP85D | 20. tammikuu 2018

You keep saying that bullcrap about Spencer and 6000 year old earth over and over again; repeating the same lie in the hope somebody might believe it. Go ahead, ask Dr. Spencer about that. Ask him if he thinks the earth is only 6K years old. His blog site is open to all. But you won't because SaSoT Boy1 is a chicken sh*t!

David Apple is just one of many who comment on Spencer's blog site.

Mike83 | 27. tammikuu 2018

The round table discussion was excellent. Refreshing to see some facts discussed.

Remnant | 27. tammikuu 2018

@Mike83 (January 27, 2018)

<< The round table discussion was excellent. Refreshing to see some facts discussed. >>

How can a gathering of idiots and liars rehabilitate fake facts ... ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remnant | 27. tammikuu 2018

@Mike83 (OP, March 2, 2017)

<< Almost all Americans want climate change action >>

That's a LIE, and you know it.


Mike83 | 27. tammikuu 2018

Brain dead man has 3 fingers pointing back at itself. Better sell your dealership or fossil fuel investments.

Remnant | 27. tammikuu 2018

@Mike83 (January 27, 2018)

<< Brain dead man has 3 fingers pointing back at itself. Better sell your dealership or fossil fuel investments. >>

Animal has learned enough speech to post on this thread. FLAGGED !!!!!!!!!

SCCRENDO | 27. tammikuu 2018

@Brain_Remnant. Why would you flag an intelligent discussion. If you disagree with the facts why not supply counter evidence. Oops. I forgot. You don’t have any.

Tesla-David | 27. tammikuu 2018


<< Almost all Americans want climate change action >>
That's a LIE, and you know it.

The truth really hurts, @Mike83's statement is correct and you can't support your outrageous claim!

MitchP85D | 27. tammikuu 2018

If that is true, then why is Trump president? Most people think human-caused global warming is insignificant. Trump never would have been elected if most people thought otherwise. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it SaSoTs!

SCCRENDO | 27. tammikuu 2018

@Welfare_Mitch. Democracy doesn’t prevent stupidity. And even in the last election there were more people who voted against Trump than for him. I just so happens that there were enough morons in enough states to swing the electoral college in his favor. Him being elected does not mean he is correct. It just means that there are enough ignoramuses who think he is

Mike83 | 27. tammikuu 2018

Voting for Trump was for change but didn't include Climate Change denial.The fossil fuel interests in the Federal Government are exposed for helping international fossil fuel interests(ie. Russian Oligarchs and undisclosed wealthy parties), For example the Tea Party Greens are not in favor of penalizing Solar and promoting fossil fuels for their profits since it means worst health and environmental destruction and more costly electricity. It also hurts American Job growth and the dollar.
Giving welfare aid in tax benefits to fossil fuel interests while increasing the federal budget deficit will harm America in the longer term while those getting the tax breaks continue hoarding their monies in private places. I guess they can buy 20 million dollar toilets now.

MitchP85D | 28. tammikuu 2018

The hatred for Trump is the exact same thing I saw while Reagan was president. All of the scaremongering, warnings, predictions of disaster that are going on now were all there during Reagan's terms in office.

The more things change, the more things stay the same!

2018wesm | 28. tammikuu 2018

This is where the cognitive dissonance starts. I'm an avid capitalist, money money money. But the fact that big oil companies are the sole reason we haven't experienced a major shift in our legislature to incentivize substantial sustainable energy/transportation solutions is worrying. Drain the entire swamp, we're tired of this