Gigafactories 3, 4 and 5 to partner with other automakers?

Gigafactories 3, 4 and 5 to partner with other automakers?

With the announcement last week of 2 to 3 new Gigafactories this year I began to wonder where the funding will come from. It doesn't seem likely Tesla will be able to fund these on their own. Since the major automakers are embarking on their own EV paths, it seems to me the mid-sized automakers would be likely partners for Tesla. I can see companies like Subaru, Mitsubishi, Saab, Volvo, etc. as GF partners. They doen't have the resources to develop and fund large EV programs on their own. It would make sense for them to fund a portion of each GF and simply purchase Tesla's prowess and know how of EV drivetrains. They would build their own cars using the Tesla battery pack and possibly the entire Tesla drivetrain. Their cars would have a small badge that says "Powered by Tesla" or "Tesla Inside" akin to Intel. Let's see what happens.....

JZ13 | 03. maaliskuu 2017

Of course Panasonic or a battery competitor would also be a partner in these GF's.

Rocky_H | 03. maaliskuu 2017

While that would be smart of them to do, institutional pride will probably never allow that to happen. They can't admit that young upstart punk Tesla has anything they need.

JZ13 | 03. maaliskuu 2017

Why not? Mercedes and Toyota have already used Tesla batteries and drivetrains in their EV's.

carlgo2 | 03. maaliskuu 2017

People would have no problems with Tesla batteries in their cars now and in fact it would be an advertised feature.

People will trend towards cars with batteries that get the job done, are affordable and which can be charged more quickly and conveniently. I believe the big advertising wars of the future will center around charging.

NKYTA | 03. maaliskuu 2017

Shan't we see what GF1 offers first?

It sounds like for cars.

Now everyone is wondering about storage...and they are too late.

Ross1 | 04. maaliskuu 2017

What do you mean?
Tesla Powerwall is not first to market.
Here they are reckoned as a newcomer and overpriced. Dealer opinion.

McLary | 04. maaliskuu 2017

GF 3,4,5 are PR stunts designed to pump the stock price before a huge equity issue. No more, no less.

SamO | 04. maaliskuu 2017


What storage is cheaper?

Ross1 | 05. maaliskuu 2017

Being in building design mode, I am getting quotes on solar.
Everyone says Tesla is too expensive and they are not the only ones, the others are cheaper so leave it a couple of years and then enquire.
Tesla so expensive the dealers dont even try to sell Powerwall.
Sorry I have not pursued it further, only to ensure we can hook up when the time comes. No links.

Ross1 | 05. maaliskuu 2017

Does anyone know, how many cells are there in a Powerwall, and what would they be worth/ cost?

tstolz | 05. maaliskuu 2017

@Ross - come on man ... I've seen comparison tables and Powerwall is 30% lower than the next best by way of cost per kWh. There are cheaper (read smaller) battery packs, but they are certainly not the same. If all you need is a small battery ... sure get a smaller, cheaper battery.

Bighorn | 05. maaliskuu 2017

They are not readily available so money isn't going into your contractors' pockets any time soon.

Ross1 | 05. maaliskuu 2017

They were first launched in Australia (here)

JZ13 | 03. lokakuu 2017

We are now in Q4 and Tesla first stated that these GF's will be announced by year end. I think if I am right with who their partners will be then it will be a major validation to the world of Tesla's dominance in battery and electric drivetrain capabilities. It would also add major sources of earnings to the bottom line.

carlgo2 | 04. lokakuu 2017

Something is going on. Just don't see that mad rush by anyone to build batteries in the vast numbers we assume will be needed. Perhaps there are various partnerships being discussed. It would make sense.

El Mirio | 04. lokakuu 2017


I'm sure other car makers can get batteries as needed. I think they will have a bigger issue with software as admitted by a VW executive. | 04. lokakuu 2017

So far, other than Nissan, automakers are only committing to making small volume compliance EVs - just enough are made to allow them to sell huge quantities of pollution belching ICE machines. Getting batteries for these limited number of cars should not be a problem.

carlk | 04. lokakuu 2017

There is a talk of Euro consortium to build a battery plant. That means it's at best years away from having one.

BozieB | 08. lokakuu 2017

Remember the Shick razors? I don't want to sell the razor, I just want to sell the blades, idea.
Tesla is light years ahead of the crowd by understanding, the cars will need to be charged. The rest of the purposed EV builders, are assuming that the government will step in and regulate the charging build out and specs for the charger head. Look at Tesla's Super Charger network and then look at what is available to fuel the rest of the EV's. Tesla has said they will make the SC network available if other EV builders will adopt their standards, but so far, all I see is a bunch of 'Me Too' EV's' with no regard to a network already in place.
Talk about range anxiety. Sure you can charge at home or use the pay for use stations but those are for people who have time to wait for an hour or so. Tesla has paved the way but pride is standing in the way of the 'Others'.
Sure, GM, Ford. BMW, MB has the money and capacity to swamp Tesla, yet their 'Pride' stands in the way.
Things are changing but I don't want to wait that long for them, so I choose Tesla as the clear and foremost leader in the EV field

carlgo2 | 09. lokakuu 2017

Maybe other automakers simply do not like the Supercharger model and want no part of it. It may not be "pride" as is often assumed, but wanting something more accessible, faster and familiar for their customers. Profits are part of it too. They want to make money, not promote EVs as such.

robert.s.bjekich | 09. lokakuu 2017

Superchargers and battery factories require massive capital commitments which GM and other traditional car manufacturers will avoid at all costs because they must pay dividends and repurchase shares to avoid a collapse in stock prices and bonuses.

Tropopause | 10. lokakuu 2017

Tesla (TSLA) has received a price target increase from a Wall Street analyst on the strength of its infrastructure development, industry expansion and Tesla Model 3 launch milestones. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas raised his price target on Tesla to 379 from 317, a 9% premium from where the stock currently trades. He maintained a rating of equal weight. Compared to other makers of electric vehicles, Jonas wrote, Tesla has made the biggest proprietary investment in superchargers and destination chargers globally. Tesla expects to have 10,000 supercharging stations globally by the end of this year, up from about 6,250 currently. Jonas estimates Tesla will have an additional 15,000 "destination chargers," which are plug-in attachments at hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other locations.

carlgo2 | 10. lokakuu 2017

We should not assume that other manufacturers will copy Tesla. There may be wide-ranging partnerships and chains of charging stations. No one company is going to foot the bill for their own system.

They will place orders for loads of batteries and the battery companies will build the factories required to make them.