please make some new colors options

please make some new colors options

I have made comments about this before. I am really bored with the model S colors. I really hope they give a chance for the model 3 to have some personality. Cars can be fun and bright colors are more interesting than muted shades of grey, black or whites. Obviously they are not for everyone, but a more mainstream car should have more color options in my opinion. Hope Elon and is team take this to heart. For instance the performace model should have unique colors available. Or just offer a custom option.

ntsib | 10. maaliskuu 2017

Light green.

PT733 | 10. maaliskuu 2017

Electric Blue? -- was my choice for a 2020 Mustang GT until recently :-)

seafleure | 10. maaliskuu 2017

Please add a greater variety of colours such as green, yellow, or even pink (my favourite!). I'm so sick of the basic lineup of black, white, silver, red or blue.

Haggy | 10. maaliskuu 2017

The problem is that with other car companies, people buy off the lot. If Tesla had sold cars that way, there might have been plenty of people who saw a green car on the lot, decided that they liked the color, and bought it. The same person might not have picked it if there wasn't one on the lot, they had to go by small color samples, and they picked their first choice that way. It doesn't mean they dislike the ones they didn't pick, but since Tesla makes cars to order, they don't have to make something that they expect people to like unless people order it explicitly. When green and brown were dropped, they made up a relatively small percentage of orders. Tesla was under pressure to speed up production, and fewer colors of paint means more throughput.

Carl Thompson | 10. maaliskuu 2017

Maybe a wrap is the way to go?


Garyeop | 10. maaliskuu 2017

The M3 is all about making use of new technology. Shouldn't the skin make ICE owners feel all caveman. Or like they drive a leisure suit? The glass should have a controllable tint. The paint should change shade, if not color, so you can go from tropical bird in the morning to hunting panther at night. Imagine buying a skin designed by an artist, or giving your current social comment without a bumper sticker.

We don't have to cover an M3 in cell phone screens, but I would trade 30 miles per charge to be just a little cooler driving the other 185 miles.

Red Sage ca us | 10. maaliskuu 2017

All I need is RED.
la, la-la, la-la...
All I need is RED.
la, la-la, la-la...
All I need is RED...
RED is all I need...

Carl Thompson | 10. maaliskuu 2017

"The M3 is all about making use of new technology."

No, pretty much the opposite. The Model 3 is about making use of _proven_ technology from the S and X to make a mass market "affordable" electric car.


3dwin | 10. maaliskuu 2017

I am having a hard time in deciding what color I would like most. Ocean blue is sporty. Silver looks nice. Black looks sleek however I feel some of the design of car gets lost in the black color. And black will get hotter in the summer and use more ac to cool down.

topher | 11. maaliskuu 2017

10 colors gives the option of [Black, Silver, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple]
or (as we have seen) [Black, Black, Black, Grey, Silver, White, White, Bronze, Red, Blue]

I hope Tesla chooses the former.

Thank you kindly.

petero | 11. maaliskuu 2017

I would expect Tesla to offer the same colors on the TM3 as it does on the TMS and TMX. Tesla’s focus over the next few years is ramping up production volume – speed and efficiency.

If you want a unique color (bright green, yellow, orange, bronze, …) , vinyl wrapping offers a reasonable option. Also, the satin finishes will be popular on the M3. Personally, I am Ok with a limited color palate (white, silver, grey, black, red, blue) but I would like to see Tesla or a 3rd party, like Evannex, design some graphics to embellish the M3's appearance. Like BMW, the TM3 customer will not be shy on ordering options and accessories.

mntlvr23 | 11. maaliskuu 2017

Tesla could offer a "prime" painted option for a small discount. Tesla moves cars off of the line faster and the custimer can get a custom color at whatever shop they like and can apply their partial savings from the car purchase to cover part of the cost.

afroumis | 11. maaliskuu 2017

For me, the color choice is simple.......whatever my wife wants will be our choice. I only have to say, "Yes, dear" and there will be peace in our household. She let me choose the color of our model X, so the 3 will be her decision.....that's the wisdom I've finally achieved after 44 years of marriage.....

bj | 11. maaliskuu 2017

It'll be interesting to see what colo(u)rs are offered... I liked the look of the silver M3 at the solar tiles launch. And M3 will replace my silver ICE, so there's that. But I could be tempted for something that stands out more. Perhaps a hurt your eyes, super bright canary yellow with black trim.