Auto lane change and auto-park not working

Auto lane change and auto-park not working

I've got the latest update for my X90D (17.17.4 (8.1)). I use the auto-steer feature at every (safe) opportunity. Two things bother me, tho: I have been unsuccessful in getting the auto lane change to work, at all. And same for the auto parallel park feature. I've read and reread the instructions numerous times; watched YouTube videos on the subject(s), etc. Nonetheless, in both instances, nothing happens when I attempt engage each feature.

Any tips or tricks appreciated.

lilbean | 21. toukokuu 2017

I find that if I proceed slowly just past the car that I would be parking behind, the feature pops up on the screen.

MXFan | 21. toukokuu 2017

Auto lane change only works on interstates and some predesignated highways.

Auto parallel park requires two cars on the side with an empty space in between and slowly driving by both cars until you see the P symbol. Then you must stop and put it into reverse.

RealToast | 21. toukokuu 2017

MXFan, thanks. For ALC, it just may be that my area freeways are not eligible? I5 in Central Valley, CA and, 101, 80, 580, etc. in and around the Bay Area?

I've been testing the APP feature under the conditions you describe. No success. Although, if past performance is an indicator, It's almost certain that I'm still doing something wrong.

mathwhiz | 21. toukokuu 2017

FYI, current for HW2 cars is 8.1 (17.17.17).

I highly doubt your ALC is locked-out because of ineligibility. It should definitely work.

You didn't mention double-checking the appropriate settings in the 'Driver Assist' page. It's the only item I can think of that would cause the features to simply not function as you describe... If you've already done this then, nevermind... ;-)

And I agree with lilbean that, the park indicator (P) seems to appear when further past the point where you'd normally expect it. Just make sure you're going slow enough (below 15 MPH). Although I've found auto park in HW2 to be pretty picky.

peter | 21. toukokuu 2017

There are a number of "freeways" (divided, multi-land highways) in the Seattle area where auto lane change will not work. A prime example is state highway 522 between I-405 and Monroe.

lcdang | 22. toukokuu 2017

Another quirky thing about autopark is that, sometimes, when you slowly drive past the spot and the P doesn't pop up on your dash when you think it should have, try coming to a complete stop and putting the car in reverse. I've had good luck with the car offering to start autopark at that point. I hope this made sense.

lilbean | 22. toukokuu 2017

Yes. It pops up on the screen quickly and unless you respond to the prompt on the screen, it will disappear.

PedanticOne | 22. toukokuu 2017

I do auto lane change on 101 all the time. So you have it enabled in settings, right? And do you see the two lanes on either side of your car in the IC on those highways?

terrymacgillivray | 08. heinäkuu 2017

My S P85D Auto lane change stopped working. I put my turn signal on and it just stays in the same lane, it used to work fine. Anyone else having any issues?

andredl | 08. heinäkuu 2017

Is there any action that the driver needs to take in order to initiate the auto-parking feature, i.e., turn signal on, press the "P" button, etc.? Or, is it fully automatic?

aix93 | 08. heinäkuu 2017

Auto lane change is a setting that you need to turn on in your driver profile. I initially turned it on for me and it worked. My wife complained that it never worked for her. Updated her profile, then it worked for her but can't say I'm special anymore. Just updated to 17.26.76 last night, we'll see what's different today.

poloX | 09. heinäkuu 2017

@andredl, you must first enable it in setting. then, to change lane, activate the turn signal stalk.

RealToast | 09. heinäkuu 2017

@ andredl, I did finally master the auto lane change. As aix93 says, it's a simple "ON" button in your Driver Assist settings.

Unfortunately, I've not mastered autopark. Just today, I spent some time at a nearby, partly full parking lot trying to get autopark to work (perpendicular mode; I've also had zero success with parallel). Strictly following instructions, I was finally successful at a particular open spot between two cars -- but I have no idea why it worked at this spot an not any of the other dozen or so similarly situated open spots. I continued my efforts and got nothing, until I approached the previously successful spot and it worked again (really well, BTW). There has got to be some particular trick that will make this work each time, every time; be it just-right distance, perfect speed, etc. But, I've not found it.

Question: Does perpendicular autopark work only when the open spot is between cars? Or, is it also supposed to work in an open, lined parking lot? | 09. heinäkuu 2017

I'm 90% sure it currently only works with a spot between cars - not line markings. It will also center between those two cars - not the parking lines. This makes sense, as the ultrasonic sensors are the primary input for the feature.

mathwhiz | 10. heinäkuu 2017

TT is 100% correct ;-) ... And, HW2 perpendicular parking was first activated in 8.1 (17.22.46):

Excerpted from said thread:

"17. Perpendicular parking added. 10mph or less until the P appears, then use same function as parallel. (17.22.46)"

FLTeslaS | 26. heinäkuu 2017

@MXFan - Do you have a map for which roads are eligible for auto lane changing? Otherwise, I may believe that mine is not properly installed (sensors ...). Please let me know.
Do we, users have a place to send our input or suggestions about autopilot functions? It will be very valuable to Tesla to directly get feedback form its users. | 26. heinäkuu 2017

@FLTeslaS - you can use the Contact link at the bottom of the page. There is an option for Owner feedback.

adam.white32 | 22. huhtikuu 2018

My model 3 suddenly stopped making lane changes when autopilot was on. I see the lane markings showing the available lane change, when I put on my signal I see the blue dotted lines for a second, then they disappear and it doesn’t change lanes. Also, now I don’t see notification when a car is next to me, and when pulling up forward or backward to an object I no longer get notification or distances. It seems my ultrasonic sensors stopped working? I haven’t had the car a week yet, so I am a bit worried. I tried rebooting the display, and turning on and offautolilot, but nothing helped.

mathwhiz | 23. huhtikuu 2018

Don't yet own a Model 3 but, with Model my X or S I would definitely try a power off in settings.

Page 37 excerpt:

"Although usually not needed, you can power off Model 3 while sitting in the driver’s seat, provided the vehicle is not moving. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Vehicle Power > Power Off. Model 3 automatically powers back on again if you press the brake pedal or touch the touchscreen."

johnse | 25. huhtikuu 2018

I had this happen in my X.

I was able to auto-change lane to the right, but it would often refuse going to the left.

I cleaned dead bugs off the sonar sensors and the problems cleared up.

Tamithompson009 | 30. kesäkuu 2019

My M3 was making auto lane changes on my way from Vegas to LA, but on the way back it would start to change into the left lane then swerve back. I'll check for bugs on the sensors. Thanks for that