Brake Auto Hold

Brake Auto Hold

Hi all.
I just got the model X, 3 weeks ago and I am new to the forum.
I'm not sure if I know how the Brake Hold (Vehicle Hold) feature works.
Manual says: When Model X is stopped, Vehicle Hold continues to apply the brakes even after you remove your foot from the brake pedal.
But, it seems it gets activated only if you press the brake firmly one again after car comes to complete stop.
Is that how it is supposed to work?
I would surely like to have an option to have the "Auto Hold" function which will hold the brake without having to press the brake again after car coming to complete stop. My previous car had that feature and loved it.

By the way, is there any way we can submit a feature update request to Tesla?


lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

I only drive with creep off and all that is required is a firm press on the brake. Vehicle hold doesn't work for me with creep off despite people telling me here that it should work.

tonyyi007 | 29. toukokuu 2017

I drive with Creep on and the hold works fine, only with the additional firm press on the brake which I don't want to have to do every time.

lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

Try it with creep off. I love it!

tonyyi007 | 29. toukokuu 2017

That was it.
I just tried it with creep off.
That's how you get the "Auto Hold" that I wanted.
Only thing is that I have to sacrifice on the creep feature :(.
Anyway, thanks for the tip.

lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

You're welcome ninth k you will get used to it and will never go back. I had creep on when I first got it then I realized I did not want my EV to behave like an ICE. (internal combustion engine)

tonyyi007 | 29. toukokuu 2017

I will give it a try. :)

lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

Cool. :-) Enjoy.

SolidWhite60DX | 29. toukokuu 2017

Yes, just turn off the creep. No creep is the way to go. It is very freeing stopping at a traffic light and not having to stomp on the brake the whole time. Just sit back and relax until the light changes.

lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

I agree. :)

Silver2K | 29. toukokuu 2017

oh look at me with my electric car and creep off, la di dah di dah....

C'MON! put creep on!

lilbean | 29. toukokuu 2017

I do not like creeps. It's OK. We have a choice. :)

Model_D | 30. toukokuu 2017

Creepers gotta creep.

Brake/hill hold operates the same way in our current and previous cars: Ford Focus, Ford Fusion and Lexus hybrid. Push hard on the brake pedal.

Safety wise I recommend creep mode on. First of all I believe it will minimize pedal mistakes. If you use the same foot to accelerate and decelerate it teaches a muscle memory that can lead to bad things. Also, if you are stopped at an intersection, what keeps you from being pushed forward into cross traffic if a car rear ends you? I prefer knowing all four brakes are preventing this.

SolidWhite60DX | 30. toukokuu 2017

What keeps you from being pushed? The brakes! With creep off, auto hold will keep you in the same stop no matter what. With creep on when you inevitably loose concentration you risk the car creeping forward on its own, specially on a hill.

Creep is not any safer. Funny how some people cling to their old habits.

Model_D | 30. toukokuu 2017

@sw60dx I was not referring to Vehicle Hold (what Tesla calls it) which uses the brakes. Creep mode off coming to a stop without using the brakes uses what system to keep from rolling?

SolidWhite60DX | 30. toukokuu 2017

Creep off often doesn't fully stop the vehicle. You still use the brakes to stop and then use auto hold while relaxing and singing a couple of laa-dee-dahs. It works perfectly and it is safer than relying on yourself not releasing your foot from the brakes. It is what I miss the most when I drive my second (ice) car.

lilbean | 30. toukokuu 2017

In my opinion, pedal confusion may be more likely with creep on. With creep off, the car moves forward when the foot is on the accelerator. With creep on, the car moves forward with the foot still on the brake. There is n confusion with creep off. The brake is used to stop and the accelerator is used to go.

Model_D | 30. toukokuu 2017

So creep mode off you still use the brake pedal? So people that are "one pedaling" it still use the brake pedal? I thought drivers were never touching the brake pedal to stop. Talk about a eupenisim. I guess I will have to try it.

lilbean | 30. toukokuu 2017

I still use the brake :)

burdogg | 30. toukokuu 2017

@Dwepilot - yes we still use the brake with creep mode off. Regen doesn't bring you to a complete stop. The other pedal confusion is as going to park, pull your foot off the accelerator, regen slows you way down, but now all of a sudden your car is still going forward and not braking like it just did (when you let off the accelerator), so now you slam on it to brake, but didn't realize you were never on the brake, you had just lifted your foot of the accelerator. It only slowed down because of regen, not because you had used the brake.

So you can see how pedal confusion can happen no matter what (creep on or off)

lilbean | 30. toukokuu 2017


Model_D | 30. toukokuu 2017

Thanks for the explanation burdogg. I am glad to hear y'all are using the brake pedal at a red light. I think I will stay with creep on since my other EV and rental cars don't do this. If I am slowly pulling in to park I want my foot positioned where it needs to be not where it shouldn't be.

burdogg | 31. toukokuu 2017

Sounds good - to each their own, hence glad we have options.

But I will start calling you....Creepy :) (ok not really.)

Sleepydoc1 | 31. toukokuu 2017

Creep off. Too much like ICE. I'd rather have my foot on the accelerator when the light turns green than have to switch over. Love hill hold.

Model_D | 31. toukokuu 2017

This is such a fun forum sometimes. I've been called worse. :)

It is nice that we are given options on how we want our vehicle to drive. Not too many ICE cars that have this much flexibility. Vehicle hold works with creep on also.

johndoeeyed | 31. toukokuu 2017

The Tesla cars have such good low speed control that I believe there is no need for creep, except habitual.

tonyyi007 | 01. kesäkuu 2017

I almost backed into a car behind me today while I stopped at a light.
My expectation/assumption was that the Vehicle Hold would be activated when you come to a complete stop with creep off. For a while, it seemed it was working as I expected (on leveled road). But, I realized that it does not always get activated even after you come to a complete stop. If you are braking very softly and slowly, the Vehicle Hold does not get activated even after car makes complete stop. It requires rather firm press on the brake at the time of making final stop coming to zero mph. I was on the inclined slop when I made the full stop and as a habit, I took the foot off the brake and car started rolling back almost hitting the car stopped behind me. I am going back to Creep On and will make an additional firm press to get the Vehicle Hold activated. :(. I wish Tesla make a software update so that the Vehicle Hold gets activated when car comes to a complete stop (0 MPH) whether it was slow/soft baking or not with creep off and an option to turn on the 'Auto' Vehicle Hold with creep on - By 'Auto' I mean automatically activating the Hold function without having to make an additional firm press on the brake every time you stop.

lilbean | 01. kesäkuu 2017

I always look at the instrument panel to confirm with the "H". Always.

notame0907 | 13. kesäkuu 2019

We met just the same issue while using auto hold on the inclined slop and hit the car behind us...the only good news is that the car isn’t a Ferrari or Lamborghini....hope Tesla could make an adjustment with there software as well.......

Vawlkus | 13. kesäkuu 2019

Can’t fix what isn’t broken.

David Trushin | 13. kesäkuu 2019

When hill hold was first implemented, it would engage on hills automatically (hence "hill" hold). Sometime later they modified the feature (fixing what wasn't broke) to work anywhere with a firm brake press. That's how it works til they "fix" it again.

jeremy99s | 13. kesäkuu 2019

I drive with creep on and it hold takes a firm press of the brakes to enable the hold and it works great. then a tap of the accelerator or brake again and it releases.

ratchet | 14. kesäkuu 2019

With Creep On, you have to specifically press the brake firmly to engage Brake Hold. With Creep Off, Brake Hold should automatically engage any time you come to a complete stop without needing to press the brake hard, although I have found that every once in a while it doesn't engage so you have to watch for the icon on the top of the instrument panel display.

marianelsone24 | 15. kesäkuu 2019

Not all cars have an auto-hold brake function but those that do can make stop-start traffic a more relaxed affair. We explain the difference