Let's try an experiment

Let's try an experiment

How about we try in a community, village or town, to ban all ICE cars for one month.

All cars would be replaced by electric cars - any make or brand. Suitable charging infrastructure could be easily deployed at appropriate locations, using solar panels and PowerPacks.

For visitors from the outside, a car swap station would allow them to leave their ICE, and borrow an EV for the duration of their stay.

Measure the noise level, air pollution for one month before, and during the experiment. Interesting to measure the user perception as well.

This should be away from major external pollution sources like factories, interstate highways, etc.

It should not be too difficult to find a volunteer community for the experiment.

Need pickup trucks, vans for deliveries maybe.

Just an idea. Gives us a taste of what the future could bring. | 31. toukokuu 2017

Oh Eric, if only it could be done. But you have been living in Switzerland too long.
If that were tried in Florida, any number of bad things would happen. 10% of the oldsters driving around would forget and drive their ICEV into town. The police department would go nuts without their noisy donut wagons. The fire department would be hamstrung. A bunch of Florida crackers would drive through town in their delapidated pick-ups just for spite. Hard core conservatives would balk because it would leave them vulnerable to a Russian or Chinese attack. Oh no, not going to happen.

SamO | 31. toukokuu 2017

When Tesla Network is active, this will be an option. An all-electric fleet of self driving cars that will allow a single cars to replace 10-20X the number of cars and rides.


Paris introduces car-free Sundays | 31. toukokuu 2017

Oh, what do they know. Our illustrious President is going to opt out of their Accord and then drive a coal truck on the Champs-Elysees. It will be huge.😉

brando | 31. toukokuu 2017

http://www.businessinsider. com/cities-going-car-free-2017-2

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_car-free_places

PhillyGal | 31. toukokuu 2017

It's a much smaller scale of course but I think I remember reading about someone in a Tesla who was either on his way to or from a Tesla event (Gigafactory opening?) where almost every other car around was also a Tesla and that he immediately noticed the lack of ICE sounds.

eric.zucker | 01. kesäkuu 2017

OK temporary exception granted for emergency services, but only until Elon builds a Tesla police cruiser, fire truck and ambulance :-)

Even if for a day, or an hour.... If a sufficient number of Tesla cars simply drove through one town at a given moment... Just imagine the silence.... clean air... peace and quiet. How long do we need to be able to quantify the environmental benefits of electric mobility on a community?

Make it into a big PR event. It's been done for shooting movies, no? There's got to be a way to make it happen.

SCCRENDO | 01. kesäkuu 2017

@eric. Good idea. But I guess in the US it would be tough to enforce. Could be tried in states like California.

El Mirio | 01. kesäkuu 2017

@Eric maybe survey the population of Zermatt to convince other cities to follow suite, i'm sure Zermatt folks
would never allow for ICE's to come back, the zero noise is a treat a lot of people haven't experienced.

I suspect that none EV enthusiasts don't realize that it is the missing noise in ICE free cities which makes their experience so special.

I think is a great idea, i would imagine historic Villages or Cities would be very open to it since it would boost Tourism even more.

My Top Picks, St. Gallen, Schaffhausen, Lugano, Geneva, Neuchatel, Thun, Luzern

Wikipedia has a list of car free cities, also google noise pollution health impact.

El Mirio | 01. kesäkuu 2017

This is also interesting, Car free cities boost local Commerce by 30% due to more walk ins.

http://ec.europa DOT eu/environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/car_free_cities_healthier_citizens_476na1_en.pdf

SamO | 01. kesäkuu 2017

+1 El Mirio

Mike83 | 01. kesäkuu 2017

I lived in Europe decades ago and some cities had no cars where people walked, dined and shopped. For example in Munich you could take the bus/Uban/Sban to downtown at the Mareinplaz. People flocked there and were friendly and happy. No traffic noise and walking is healthy​. Business was incredible.
Good topic and this reminded​ me of better city planning.

vp09 | 02. kesäkuu 2017

Hallo Mike,
Ja wohl also in Heidelberg.
Da war ich Sprachstudent 2006.
Es gab keine autos in der Plöck oder in der Hauptstraße.
Beste Grüße--

Homebrook | 02. kesäkuu 2017

eric.zucker you are a dangerous man with your totalitarian mindset. May you never gain any political power.

MitchP85D | 02. kesäkuu 2017

As long as the experiment is localized, I have no problem with it. It will have to be a wealthy community because they are the only ones who could afford such an experiment. And of course it will have to be voluntary (unanimous vote) by that community! Could happen in an elitist Hollywood neighborhood.

NKYTA | 02. kesäkuu 2017

@Mitch, visit Hollywood, it's a pit.

MitchP85D | 02. kesäkuu 2017

I'm sure the Hollywood elitists live in their gated communities, outside of the pit!

bb0tin | 02. kesäkuu 2017

Many cities, wealthy or not, are experimenting with banning cars

windhover93 | 03. kesäkuu 2017

It's a good idea, but how can the attitudes of people be changed. Sure they may be shown that EVs are better, but would a person who has brand loyalty to, say, GMC in Alberta be willing to accept the switch?

Efontana | 03. kesäkuu 2017

Have you ever been to Bern?

MitchP85D | 03. kesäkuu 2017

Hey whatsyourface, go for it. I'm not stopping anybody as long as it is voluntary. Just don't force others to do it, which is what you want to do!

SCCRENDO | 03. kesäkuu 2017

Mitch. At some point you will be forced to stop polluting with ICE vehicles just like California stops you from smoking in public places

bb0tin | 03. kesäkuu 2017

You cannot have a ban unless it is mandatory.
It is facile to suggest a voluntary car ban.

eric.zucker | 06. kesäkuu 2017

Many people would be glad to drive a Tesla free of charge for a week or two.
Even if a few didn't accept, provided enough cars "become" electric, the experiment would still be valid.

Get a university lab to collect noise and pollution measurements, and do a survey.
Some people may wish to keep the loaned Tesla, who knows.

To measure health impacts the experiment would need to last longer.