Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

Enhanced AP HW2 and up Q&A/Discussion. Firmware 2018.39.7 (V9) & Notes

**** I removed the old release notes. If anyone wants full release notes please look at the photos in the link below.****

update: 6/10/2017 (notes)

Linux Kernel upgraded from the version 2.6.36 to version 4.4.35. (17.24.30)

Here are photos of the release notes for 8.1. Thanks to Alap Desai for latest photos of (17.22.46)!AihnWpuO55swh7I2DPRMNhfK7nEmTg

*If you have any feedback, please report it to the following email address:*

If you have any questions about AP HW2, please post them here so we can keep everything in one thread. Whether it's a delivery question or when the software will be released question, please post here.

We have too many threads being created about this subject and it would be too difficult for one to research and find the answers they are looking for.
Thank you!

Latest firmware release: 2018.39.7 (V9)

Current confirmed working list on AP HW2/HW2.5

1. Turn headlights on and off auto
2. Speed Assist (Cruise control)
3. Parking assist
4. Traffic-aware cruise control
5. Forward collision warning
6. Low-Speed Autosteer no longer restricted to 35mph and can go 5 mph faster than detected speed. Autosteer on local roads maximum speed is 45 mph if speed is not detected (firmware 17.17.4)
7. Autosteer on interstate highways or divided highways (90 mph) (firmware 17.17.4)
8. Side Collision warning (works between 30mph - 85mph)(firmware 17.17.4)
9. Autopark (parallel) you must go slower than 15mph for the P to show up
10. Summon (Beta)
11. Auto lane change
12. Lane departure warning
13. Headrest adjustment
14. Auto emergency braking @90mph or less (firmware 17.24.xx)
15. Auto high beam dimming for all markets (in progress)
16. Adaptive headlights (They are progressive in nature depending on how far you turn the steering wheel - so you get one, two or three of the LEDs to light (on one side) depending on how much you turn. They are also a soft on/off in that they don't just flick on to full brightness, but slowly come up to full brightness - perhaps taking 1 second. Presumably the faster you are driving, the less steering angle is required to turn on these LEDs. The main 6 headlight LEDs do not change during this time.) (thanks TT, BigD0g and Gabe.ritter)
17. Auto wipers
18. Perpendicular parking added. 10mph or less until the P appears, then use same function as parallel. (17.22.46)
19. added feature to all cold weather package vehicles (heated steering wheel will auto-activate when getting back into the car if activated prior to exiting vehicle)
20. Blind spot detection added (v9)
21. Dashcam capability added ( [HW 2.5 and up] [V9] )

Current confirmed non-working list on AP HW2 and up

1. Auto transition to another freeway
2. Auto freeway exit
3. Speed limit sign recognition


Solarfan | 14. kesäkuu 2017

I find AP2, version 17.22.46 unusable on the divided stretch of Interstate 5 between Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir. That section is signed at 65 MPH, is well marked, is mostly 3 lanes wide, and has some mild curves.

If Autopilot is used when the car is in the left-most lane, it will sometimes jam on the brakes when overtaking cars that are in the other two lanes on the outside of a curve. AP does not seem to limit its car-ahead view the the lane that my car is in.

Version 17.22.46 lane centering is slightly better than with 17.18.50, yet not anywhere approaching silky smooth.

BigD0g | 14. kesäkuu 2017

I think the silky smooth for in reference to stop and go and not left / right steering. Maybe next month will be silky smooth steering.

rg22.vanhorn | 14. kesäkuu 2017

17.22.46 was downloaded yesterday while my P100D was in a Chicago Svc Cntr for Pre-paid Maintenance. I was able to use it today on the 250-mile drive home to Iowa. My grade is D... not much improvement in my opinion. Yes, it did Autosteer nicely at highway speeds on "Interstate" roads, but did get close to the outside line of curves. I was not traveling roads with short-radius curves so could not adequately test those situations. The one thing I hoped would be fixed still isn't. When on local roads and using Autosteer or TACC in the situation when there is a car stopped well ahead at a red light, my car still stops (or not??) WAY TOO ABRUPTLY. Still frightening to allow my car to approach that stopped car ahead and HOPE my car will stop behind it. GRADE F... not at all Silky Smooth. My car also still does not Auto Lane Change on local roads. Auto Display Brightness, Perpendicular Parking, etc... whoopie, big deal. Disappointing... In my opinion 17.22.46 doesn't offer significant performance difference from 17.17.17.

jdc | 14. kesäkuu 2017

17.22.46 is definitely not "silky smooth" for stop-go *or* right-left, at least not on local roads. As for divided highways, I found the 17.17.4 to be just about there. So, maybe I wouldn't be as harsh as rg22, but would not give much above a B- for improvement. As for lane change on local roads, I don't believe that is supported yet (seems to go with the speed restriction on non-divided highways).

inconel | 14. kesäkuu 2017

Having used AP1 since its beginning and experiencing some scary moments I never turn on AS on local roads. Only on long stretches of well marked highways. And there I would give AP2 a B+

croman | 14. kesäkuu 2017

I am disheartened to hear silky smooth was yet more Elon hype. If Tesla cannot deliver a pleasurable driving experience with AP2, it will be unfathomable that Elon's end of year FSD demo is anything more than more smoke he's blowing.

TaoJones | 14. kesäkuu 2017

I wish I had my AP1 car back.

The reports of .46 substantiating yet more unnecessarily-set and then failed expectations is beyond disappointing.

It's gotten to the point that I can no longer in good conscience recommend that people purchase a new Tesla today if they care about AP. Instead, I recommend that they find a CPO AP1 car and plan to drive that for 2-3 years until reality catches up with the hype machine.

Tangentially, I hope the pie in the sky pronouncements are reined in a bit for the semi (truck) market at least. Fleet operators tend to get cranky when you promise x and deliver a fraction of x. Especially instead of not saying anything and letting the updates arrive as they arrive. Ideally with industry-standard release notes for EVERY release *polite cough*.

By any measure, a 2020 Model 3 should be worth buying, if for no other reason than the competition will keep it honest. There still won't be much EV competition, to be sure - thanks in large measure to the understated brilliance that is the supercharger network - the I-10 gap failure notwithstanding. But there will be plenty of hybrids *twitch* with decent autonomous feature sets.

In Elon's defense, you expect a CEO to position his company (companies) in the best possible light. And it's probable that he was *told* the update was silky smooth. Obviously, outside of some vanilla scenario(s), it ain't.

Getting very tired of this in the meantime.

If that year-end NYC to LA trip requires hardware that our AP2 cars either don't have or can't be retrofitted for, I suspect there won't be enough Kool Aid for everybody.

It's a good thing Tesla is a battery company and not a car company.

dknisely | 14. kesäkuu 2017

Definitely the first release that I'm not anticipating with glee. :( Sad. Perhaps it will turn out that they have to wait for the full ML-based approach with massive scale fleet learning to do any better, i.e., true EAP and pre-FSD stuff. At this point, I'd rather just give up on AP1-parity-type auto-pilot and just jump to the pre-FSD code trunk (which I'm praying actually exists...).

inconel | 14. kesäkuu 2017

Most of the negative comments for 17.22.46 for hw2 cars are on local roads. Please remember that AS on hw1 cars has never been very good either.

dknisely | 14. kesäkuu 2017

@inconel -- Every time I have an AP1 loaner, I'm reminded of how much better it is on highway and local roads. The AP2 problems of leaping across double-double yellow lines into oncoming traffic are pretty bad, and still appear to remain in .46 from all reports and videos. Longitudinal smoothing wasn't a priority for me; latitudinal stability is the problem. I know this is hard, but it is getting almost ridiculous at this point.

OK, I agree that crashing into barriers when clear highway markings just disappear into construction blockades is parity with AP1, but I still don't feel as comfortable with left-right positioning and would take AP1 any day of the week. I'd just rather them stop playing with AP1 catch-up and get on with the AI-based true EAP and FSD capabilities using more cameras because this development path appears to be a waste of time. We know they started doing the good stuff based on the intense image and video captures. Just focus on that, please, Tesla. Give me something impressive by YE 2017 for my $8000.

todd | 14. kesäkuu 2017

17.22.46 on highway is (in my view) the biggest single incremental performance improvement to date. Not perfect - but a big step in the right direction. In many curvy sections of the freeway it was indeed "silky smooth" where previously it was jerky. Was I hoping for a major across the board movement towards EAP - for sure. But I am happier to be on .46 than I was on .17. I'd feel better however if these releases were coming every week or two weeks, not once a month. The rate of improvement is disappointing but the improvement is there. (I know I'll get flamed...but I am acutely aware that AEB, wipers, auto park and much more still very much suck, or are yet to be seen).

benfarnow | 14. kesäkuu 2017

@todd -- I thought 17.22.46 removed the speed limits for AEB. I don't suggest that you test it, but with 17.22.46 have you been in situations where you felt AEB should have worked, but it didn't?

ddjohns1 | 14. kesäkuu 2017

I am picking up my S75 on Saturday, so only a few days left if I want to upgrade from the standard AP to enhanced at the lower price. I don't think I really need the enhanced features, but I'm trying to understand if the lack of additional cameras from not having enhanced autopilot will limit any of the following functionality:

- Automatic emergency braking for speed up to 65mph
- parking sensors (front and back)
- rear view camera while driving forward
- side collision warning / blind spot detection (I think those are the same thing?)

The information on the Tesla website is a little confusing on specifications / performance for the different levels of AP.


Solarfan | 14. kesäkuu 2017


"Most of the negative comments for 17.22.46 for hw2 cars are on local roads. Please remember that AS on hw1 cars has never been very good either."

Interstate 5 between Mount Shasta and Dunsmuir is mostly 3 lanes wide and could easily be driven at 100 MPH. The curves are smooth and the markings are clear. My 17.22.46 applies the brakes when it "sees" another car on the outside of a curve, two lanes over.

That's a D on my report card.

luckyj | 14. kesäkuu 2017

Strange how people are making conclusions with limited reports from limited situations for 17.22.46.

That's a F on my report card.

dknisely | 14. kesäkuu 2017

@luckyj -- You can tell who to trust after a while. Plus videos don't usually lie. Much. ;)

.17 is OK; it is usable, and I like it, but it is not AP1 parity or even close, and there are still tons of other features missing from AP2 cars. @elon tweeted me rather insultingly after I complained IN FEBRUARY about missing auto-wipers, which turn out to be rather useful in Seattle in winter. They are still missing and won't be in the June release, so July at the earliest. Now I am left just hoping to have them EVER.

I did not want a fast comfortable sedan when I spent $90K; I wanted AP1, evolving toward EAP and FSD (L4-ish) sometime before 2020. I think that I paid for the right to bitch.

Solarfan | 14. kesäkuu 2017


How do you rate version 17.22.46 in your Model S?

jdc | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@SilverP85Plus (and others, for comment): What about adding to the header a list of *performance* (vs. feature) desiderata, that might help focus the discussion group (and hopefully the design team!) on quantitative characteristics of AP, in addition to the qualitative (i.e., featural) ones. A set of these keep coming up that, although admittedly more subjective than the list of promised features, nonetheless seem to be as if not more important to many (most?) of the contributors to this discussion. I’d trust you to curate the list and consensus reactions, if you're up for it. Here’s a proposed staring set:

1) earlier and smoother deceleration from high speeds when approaching a stopped vehicle;
2) better recognition of vehicles approaching from behind during AP-controlled lane changing;
3) smoother / more accurate curve handling, especially on secondary roads;
4) more consistent centering on secondary roads;
5) better recognition of parked cars and/or other obstacles on the side of (wide) secondary roads

Others should of course feel free to add to and/or edit the above (for greater clarity/precision/completeness).

Teslapalooza | 15. kesäkuu 2017

jdc +1

I can think of one more...
6) When crossing wide intersections with the car in the fast lane, many times it tends to head towards the concrete divider on the far side.

jdc | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@rameshan2001: Yep.

mas | 15. kesäkuu 2017

I see from this thread that other AP2 Tesla drivers share exactly what I am experiencing. It is not unfair for those of us who shelled out $8000 to expect to get our moneys worth. I test drove AP1, which I liked. By the time i took delivery, i had AP2. It is disappointing, to say the least. If I could go back in time, I would have left the Auto pilot features off of my build, because at the rate AP2 is evolving, I will probably have a different car before it is even close to functional. Sorry, but as a customer, I am very unhappy with the self-drive aspect (and cost) of this vehicle.

k2 | 15. kesäkuu 2017

It has been a long time since I posted....but have been closely following the thread.
Although most of us love the way the car drives, many (including me) are disillusioned about the AP2 and safety features etc.
The pace of upgrades is slow and poor (cotton -not silky, from comments above).
I agree that we should inform the Tesla team about our feedback.
They may be reading this thread.....but could we all not take up an email drive to be sent to Tesla about our issues...collectively?
There are those who feel that eventually better things will arrive slowly and we should be patient. But I hope everybody should agree that giving concerted feedback from all of us can only help.

BigD0g | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@mas / k2 I think they are doing the best they can as fast as they can, obviously we were misled with the state of the system based on the FSD demo when they announced the system, and this point however, it's just sour grapes and we just need to wait and see, because they aren't going to give our money back and they aren't dragging their feet purposely. It's going to be really interesting when the m3 comes out as most of the folks buying it will have probably zero experience with any form of autosteer and even today's AP2 hardware implementation will blow them away, but anyone expecting FSD anywhere in the next two years I think needs to have another drink.

rg22.vanhorn | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Earlier in this tread I reported that in my opinion 17.22.46 doesn't offer significant performance difference from 17.17.17... I should have said 17.17.4 (though I don't believe there is much difference, if any between the two. On another note... I am NOT disappointed in Tesla's overall efforts to improve HW2 firmware performance... I just believe that 17,22,46 has been WAY over-hyped by Elon. When I purchased my P100DL with Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self Driving Capability I knew this would indeed be a rather long-term evolutionary process... unlike MANY naive people who expected instant parity with HW1, etc. I am fully on-board with Elon/ Tesla for the long-haul and not complaining about overall firmware evolution progress.

RCorsa | 15. kesäkuu 2017

I think we all need to remember that tesla only gets one chance at getting this right as if they release features too quickly and someone gets killed it would set the program back years.
That said I also think better communication would be great as far as release timing and progress...

todd | 15. kesäkuu 2017

I didn't test AEB - but I'm disappointed (basically) that the car wont stop itself completely. Maybe this is just me not understanding the use case but in a car that has radar (and uses it to come to a complete stop with adaptive cruise and autopilot) why would the car ever let itself purposefully be driven into an obstacle in front of the vehicle. Especially if you have cameras who can verify the radar image as something large (ie another car or a wall or barrier)? Seems very limited. Same with backing up. Simple enough to put a manual override in case you actually do want to back your car or put it into a space where the radar/cameras are not reading the situation correctly.

malcolm.hall1932 | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Inconel: I'm with you 100%. I believe that on divided, well marked roads, AP2 is better than AP1 and I'm still on 17.17.4! I have not had a fright since getting the release, which used to happen now and again with AP1.
I'm really looking forward to the releases over the next few months.

BigD0g | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@Todd I think your confused AEB is just that emergency braking thats when you / the car has something unexpectant happen for example the car directly in front of you suddenly slams on it brakes, I think Tesla will be clearly try to stop the car in time, but there might not be enough road between you and the car in front to do it, so they can't by any stretch promise to stop the car from an unavoidable collision as by definition that would make it avoidable.

mas | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@BigD0g I like your drink idea!

benfarnow | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@todd & @BigD0g -- here is an explanation elsewhere in the Tesla Forum that I believe is correct (none of the rest are my comments):

EVRider | January 2, 2017
For AP1 cars, Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) are part of the Collision Avoidance Assist feature. AEB will apply the brakes to reduce your speed by 25mph, but will not bring you to a complete stop. If you're using TACC, the car will stop and go as needed.

I assume AP2 cars will work the same way, once all the updates are pushed out. The fact that AEB doesn't stop the car completely is an implementation choice by Tesla, not a technical limitation, so I don't see why it would behave differently in AP2 vs. AP1.

speyerj | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Just an FYI, it looks like you have to actively opt-in to Tesla's data collection process via your autopilot config. Make sure you've clicked those boxes. Around May 10th Tesla started collecting a lot more data from AP2 cars to teach the neural net. So if you're using it, make sure you click those so you're contributing to the data set.

BigD0g | 15. kesäkuu 2017

They are clicked by default, you need to unclick them if you don't want to participate.

speyerj | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Ours came unclicked by default...just took delivery 3 days ago.

winky | 15. kesäkuu 2017

I had a first experience with FCW this morning. I have it set for "early" and approached a car at a stop sign a little quicker than usual (I am getting familiar with how fast the car slows under full regen) although it was an easy stop.

The car icon on the dash turned red and a series of beeps occurred. Got my attention but did not startle me (thats good). Running 17.17.4 on a 100D. Color me impressed. Started too far away to be the ultrasonics.

I dont commute any more but was out on a freeway this morning with a large traffic tieup. AP2 and TACC performed admirably handling cars changing lanes in front of me and sudden stops. I dont have any experience with AP1 so cant compare but AP2 is working fine for me (I dont use it on local streets except to experiment with it but I will say it has not tried to kill me so far.)

Solarfan | 15. kesäkuu 2017

May 31 delivery and then updated to Version 17.22.46. Tesla data collection un-clicked by default. I have allowed Tesla data collection.

Maybe unrelated, but after version update and clicking Tesla's data collection, the USB music drive now re-indexes at every start.

One theory is that Tesla data collection needs memory required for the index and is discarding the index.

Is the update or Tesla's data collection causing the re-index?

I believe the USB music index should be served from the USB drive, not the Model S memory. I want to contribute AND I want music :)

Boonedocks | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Clicked "ON" by default on my March delivered 100D | 15. kesäkuu 2017

@Solarfan - How large is your song library (number of songs)? Mine's a bit over 8,000 and no problems with re-indexing on power up. I do get a reindex maybe once a month, but haven't figured out what triggers it. I also just confirmed I've had data collection enabled (on by default too).

croman | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Mine was on by default as well (I am fine with this to help Tesla make FSD happen (though EAP still hasn't even begun rolling out so FSD seems as far fetched as silky smooth).

monisone | 15. kesäkuu 2017

I keep seeing folks compare AP2 enhancements to current state of AP1. I am not sure how long these folks have had AP1.. MY AP1 (Sep. 2013) was the first batch of AP1 HW. It was blank on features similar to Dec/Jan 2016 AP2. It took AP1 many upgrades and enhancements over 3 years to get to current state. Actually AP2 enhancements have been faster than AP1. I also have an AP2 Dec 2016.

From my perspective AP2 development is much faster. I continue to be excited (disappointed) about the upgrades and what is coming next.

monisone | 15. kesäkuu 2017

From my perspective AP2 development is much faster. I continue to be excited (not disappointed) about the upgrades and what is coming next.

johnson.todd.r | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Given that AP1 was better at certain things than the more advanced hardware on AP2, it is clear that with existing published methods AP2 can do better than it is doing now. However, while I wish AP2 was better, I'm not disappointed, because our knowledge and methods for how to do what EAP is trying to do is still an active area of research. If you look at Tesla's home page or watch the FSD video or even videos of other companies, like Waymo, Uber or Cruise, you'd think general purpose FSD is just around the corner. However, if you listen to research talks or read some of the papers on the technology, you'd see that we still have a long way to go. Also, other than Tesla and Mobileye, the other companies rely on expensive LIDAR technology. Raquel Urtasun (U of Toronto) has a really nice lecture on "affordable" self driving cars that do not use LIDAR. She illustrates some of the challenges and also shows some impressive progress, but even though the lecture was given in Jan of 2017 she clearly indicates that considerable research remains. This forum once again prevents me from posting a simple YouTube link. To watch the lecture search for "Raquel Urtasun - Towards Affordable Self-Driving Cars"

miller.90 | 15. kesäkuu 2017

On my relatively-old Ford (just a blue-collar Ford, not a BMW or Mercedes), parallel parking and rain-sensing wipers worked absolutely perfectly since delivery 4+ years ago. Can someone more knowledgeable about Tesla hardware and software explain what it is about AP2 that makes it impossible (so far) to implement technology that is well-established and mature throughout the industry and which has worked flawlessly on competitor's cars for an entire decade? Slow development of Autusteer is perfectly understandable but rain-sensing wipers? WTH? The computer just has to count the raindrops on the windshield!

inconel | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Tesla AP1 and probably your Ford have a special rain sensor. AP2 cars do not have the sensor and Tesla is banking on using the general purpose cameras for that.

tommyalexandersb | 15. kesäkuu 2017

Just finished a fairly extensive test of the new update. I tested it on really windy roads, often over hills and with only a center lane marker.

I could see "silky smooth" being almost appropriate on the freeway and lane changing was far more smooth, as were turns at high speed.

As for the surface streets, I think it's seriously improved. It's not usable on windy roads really, except to help the fleet learn, which I like to do. It brakes before sharp turns on its own, but often a little later than I would choose to brake going into a turn. The braking was the most noticeable difference to me, as on the same turns with 17.17.17, it would hit them at full speed and then over correct.

The auto parallel park took some time for it to work. I drove by about 25 spots that were open with two cars on either side, and backed into 2 spots myself. I started to back in to a 3rd, and when I put it in reverse, it gave me the option to auto park. I still haven't had a "P" show up. It worked well, but took a long time, of a car had been behind me, they would have been annoyed.

So basically, I see some major step forwards on surface streets and it's really great on the freeway.

Solarfan | 15. kesäkuu 2017, "How large is your song library (number of songs)?"

~ 50,000 FLAC tracks. A little over 1 TB.

Are you at Version 17.22.46? Maybe that is the re-index trigger. Maybe 8,000 tracks is under the space required for Tesla data collection.

Wouldn't it be nice if TM comprehensive release documentation such that we could participate?

mark.manner | 16. kesäkuu 2017

@tommyalexandersb, on the parallel parking note, I found that I kept looking for the P a bit higher on the display than it shows up. I finally realized that it was there but I was so focused a bit higher next to the car avatar that I missed it. Even knowing where it is, I still don't notice it sometimes. You are probably not as spastic as I am, so maybe it isn't there, but try looking to the lower right of the car avatar and see if you see it.

Lola | 16. kesäkuu 2017

Is 17.24.28 the update which is supposed to be the "big" one? One car on teslafi so far...
Release notes would be interesting...

BigD0g | 16. kesäkuu 2017

Is it a wide release, I can't see teslafi at work, but does it look like it's going to multiple vehicles or just 1 offs?

jfarlow12 | 16. kesäkuu 2017

I am new to this thread and just picked up my MS60 from the service center and I received firmware 8.1 17.24.28. Has anyone else received this one?

jfarlow12 | 16. kesäkuu 2017

The release notes are the same as 17.22.46. Just the perpendicular parking and auto screen brightness. I haven't taken it out on the highway yet, but should be shortly.