White seat staining?

White seat staining?

I really like how the white seats look and would like to choose that option. My wife is very concerned about possible staining, especially with jeans. For those of you who have had them for some time- how are they holding up? If they do stain, are they easy to clean?


jajabor | 06. kesäkuu 2017

I have white seats. They don't usually stain and yes, it's easy to clean just with soapy water.

wang5150 | 06. kesäkuu 2017

I have non-perforated white seats and received delivery last August (2016). With 2 teens wearing jeans almost all the time, I have not had any staining. Also, I had unknowingly spilled some coffee that dried on the seat on a 4 hour road-trip and it wiped right off with a damp towel.

cica3838 | 06. kesäkuu 2017

I've read almost every post on the white seats and the overwhelming majority say there is no issue whatsoever. I eventually chose the option and am so glad that I did. Go for it.

JPPTM | 06. kesäkuu 2017

Look on You Tube for Bjorn Nyland's videos. He has a heavily used X with the white seats, and did a video on how they are holding up after a year, and how he cleaned the blue jean dye off.

madodel | 06. kesäkuu 2017

I've had perforated white seats in my Sig X for 16 months now. No lasting stains. 99% come off with a damp cloth wipe. Once when I had my X in a parade during a downpour with the FW doors open the seats the person in the second row had red pants on which got wet and left a faint pink hue on the seat. a very lite wipe with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser got it off. It was amazing. But I don't have little kids and I don't allow eating or drinking (other than by myself). But I have had hundreds of people including little kids sit in my car at many different events (I also draw the line at jumping on the seats BTW) with only one small tear that I did by accident which is now covered with white duct tape.

bb0tin | 07. kesäkuu 2017

Watch from 3:25 in this video

bornwicked2 | 15. joulukuu 2019

White seat staining