Looking to transport a Model S from Florida (Naples area) to central Texas (about an hour north of Austin). Would love to make the drive myself and use Superchargers but just don't have the time. If you search for Auto Transport companies too many options come up. Anyone have a specific suggestion on a specific company that has experience with Tesla? As you all know there are some things that have be done to the Tesla during transport that are different than a regular gas car. I am not a previous Tesla owner, but I know some of you had your cars delivered by these companies. Thanks.

El Mirio | 07. kesäkuu 2017
staze | 07. kesäkuu 2017

Hey Uncle Bill. I have used Reliable Carriers several times when relocating cross country. Their name says it all. Their HQ is in my hometown and I know they do a great deal of auto shipping for the big three show cars (prototypes, etc). Always professional and immaculate carriers inside and out.

I cannot confirm if they have experience with Tesla's though. Good luck!

Bill_75D | 07. kesäkuu 2017

Reliable also hauls million dollar cars to and from the Barrett-Jackson auctions. I think they can handle a Tesla.

JoyceWilker01 | 20. lokakuu 2017

Well I haven't shipped my Tesla yet but recently my friend shipped her car across country through ( ) and was much satisfied with their services. It was her revelation that made me write this reply for you. They didn't take any upfront deposit, and calculated the cost of transportation barely on size and type of vehicle,cost of fuel for transportation and pick-up and drop destination. My friend revealed that their services were affordable and they also provided door to door services so no worry of that either. He asked me to avail their services during my relocation.

ferrisreva583 | 06. maaliskuu 2019

There are a lot of favorable circumstances to inspiring an auto transporter to do the diligent work for you. You'll save money on gas, for one. The main auto transport company more details visit this site.

3jstransportco | 11. huhtikuu 2019

I am going to toot our own horn here. Our drivers are experienced at delivering Tesla's, so we know what it takes. We are family run and we pride ourselves on good old fashioned customer service. That means answering your calls, being upfront with what we are able to do and not do and just treating people like we want to be treated. We want your experience to be hassle free and positive. We value our customers and we think it shows in our customer care. The best way to get a hold of us is through email at

lleamarie92 | 07. kesäkuu 2019

The marine FE staff will try to earn your business and trust. We are constantly adding new products and product lines so check back often. Thank you for shopping with Marine FE! We truly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Quick contact info-

jibranmanzarabs | 11. heinäkuu 2019

well it's not just tesla but any expensive car that you want to transfer you should make sure that you choose enclosed shipping which is the safest way to transport your car as for the companies I've tried & both are great & have the service that you need...hope it helps cheers..:)