What will happen when ICE will no longer pass safety standards?

What will happen when ICE will no longer pass safety standards?

Lately, Tesla's are topping all the Federal emissions and Safety standards due to it's advance skateboard design where the batteries are placed low in the car, and front and rear have super crush zones where impacts can be absorbed, protecting the passenger compartments and occupants.

ICE vehicles with their large, high mounted ICE motors and rear mounted flamable fuel tanks, may soon fail to achieve advancing safety standards for impact. The movies are full of ICE vehicle turning into burning inferno's where the occupants suffer a horrible burning death.

The S and X have both easily exceeded the current 5 star safety standards, where ICE vehicle struggle to pass.

Few top heavy SUV's can currently pass the Moose test as well.

As standards get even tougher, it may be impossible for ICE vehicles to compete. What would happen if the media began to refer to them as Death Traps. Would they still be allowed to sell.

Same thing with driver assists. When the time comes that automatous driving aids made our vehicles significantly safer than manually operated vehicles. Would insurance companies still cover those accident prone vehicles at competitive rates.