My Tesla Account Email

My Tesla Account Email

Greetings, tonight I finally pulled the trigger on a CPO S85 and when I was filling out info I guess I put in a different email address then what i used for my model 3 reservation. I tried to change my email so both would be on same account but My Tesla will not let me change email address to match other one. Does anyone know of a way I can get this done? Thanks in advance for your help...

EVRider | 27. kesäkuu 2017

You'll need to contact Tesla and ask them to consolidate the accounts for you. The web site won't let you change the username on either account to the other one because it's already in use.

skavmark | 07. syyskuu 2017

Staffan Kavmark

emahan | 21. huhtikuu 2018

My accounts need consolidating

crskuller | 17. toukokuu 2018

over a month since I canceled my 50K model 3. So far no refund.........too bad, I hoped Tesla was an upright company, not your usual fly by night outfit.

elainekubert | 23. heinäkuu 2018

need refund

SO | 24. heinäkuu 2018

Use the EFT option and you get it in a week. No problem at all.

david | 24. lokakuu 2018

I have changed my phone and lost my app how do I regain it

jimglas | 24. lokakuu 2018

@David: Download the app to your new phone and sign in to your Tesla acct

Avelmercado | 08. joulukuu 2018

Pls. use my new Email address and disregard the rest..I will be expecting soon on the six mos. free charging.. Thank You in advance..

EVRider | 09. joulukuu 2018

@Avelmercado: Don’t post your e-mail address in a public forum like this one. If you’re asking Tesla to change your e-mail address, you need to do that on your My Tesla account page. Since you can’t delete your post, I’m flagging it to help make it go away.

Rvcasinas | 05. tammikuu 2019

To Tesla

Please cancel my reservation effective immediately. Jan. 5, 2019

Xerogas | 05. tammikuu 2019

@Rvcasinas: "To Tesla

Please cancel my reservation effective immediately. Jan. 5, 2019"
This is not the place to do that.

dadang | 10. tammikuu 2019

My Password Expired Already

dadang | 10. tammikuu 2019

Please Help me to reset my Email Password ( Expired Already ) Thanks

EVRider | 10. tammikuu 2019

@dadang: See previous comment about “this is not the place to do that.” You need to contact Tesla directly.

jimglas | 11. tammikuu 2019


dhudson2 | 25. huhtikuu 2019

Do Tesla install the charging system at my home for the Model X Tesla? I have no information on the car which is scheduled to be delivered to my home on May 4, 2019. If Tesla is not going to install the charging system, I want to cancel the order and get a return on my deposit.
David Hudson

jimglas | 25. huhtikuu 2019
EVRider | 25. huhtikuu 2019

@David: Why didn't you ask that question before ordering the car? Now would be a good time to read the owner's manual and find out all the other things you don't know about your soon-to-be-new car, so you're not disappointed later about all the things you assumed you were getting but didn't.

There are multiple options for charging. Read the link @jimglas posted above to learn more.

briedog | 07. elokuu 2019

just bought a used Tesla Model X fro a dealer and need to register with you so that warranty carries over. please advise
Lucia Breault

Xerogas | 07. elokuu 2019

@briedog: "just bought a used Tesla Model X fro a dealer and need to register with you so that warranty carries over. please advise
Lucia Breault"
Call your nearest Service Center. Nobody from Tesla monitors these forums

El Mirio | 12. elokuu 2019

@ jcrab66 it's the browser, try to use firefox or chorme, that usually does the trick.

El Mirio | 12. elokuu 2019

chorme > chrome