Changes to 0-60 times

Changes to 0-60 times

I just noticed this morning that the 0-60 times listed on the Model S Configurator have changed for the 75, 75D, and 100D. They are now 4.3 for the 75 (down from, I think, 5.7), 4.2 for the 75D (down from 5.2), and 4.1 (down from 4.2). First, I don't understand how the 75 can accelerate that quickly without dual motors—I thought dual motors enabled quicker acceleration. Second, I am surprised that they have reduced a significant discriminator between the 75 and 100 that justifies the excessive $23k difference in price.

tes-s | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Sounds like the 100D is not a good choice for you.

Main differentiator is range. Also air suspension, higher capacity charger, and maybe some other things.

EVRider | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Could the updated 75 0-60 times be a mistake? 4.2 seconds for a 75 RWD seems unlikely. Maybe they're using kilometers instead of miles like some of the cars are doing now. :-)

MJP.75D | 01. heinäkuu 2017

If true (accurate) --- this is huge news! Any 75 owners out there have a Vbox or similar and willing to real-world test?

minervo.florida | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I just heard that this is true, hardware and software update, we will probably get more info later today. I do not know any more yet.

croman | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Jives with motor trend test figures for 75D. They didn't test 75 rwd.

minervo.florida | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Not for older cars, only new, makes sense because of the hardware change.

MJP.75D | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@minervo : please define old vs new in this context and what specific hardware change? Thanks in advance.

Al Cantara | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Yeah....I'd like to know if it's a hardware change or a software change (that I might be able to take advantage of!). I have a July 2016 S75. Not like I floor it all the time, but it would be cool to have some sub 5-second bragging rights.

GAPPELL | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Not happy that spending the extra bucks for the 100D only gets me 0.1 seconds.

inconel | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Yes apparently requires hardware changes (maybe those changes are similar to the ludicrous upgrades with pyro fuse and inconel contactor to allow for higher current draw?) and applies only to newer cars coming out of assembly line now. Hopefully there will be retrofit?

msavouray | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I wonder if this will apply to my model S 75 I will receive next week ,or that only for the new order starting today.

Anthony J. Parisio | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Could this be fall out from model 3 design.

inconel | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I have always noticed an artificial restraint when accelerating from standstill on non-P teslas. The initial power ramps up "slowly" in the first second. I thought it is to protect from premature wear but maybe Tesla is removing this restraint to keep the S and X from being slower than Model 3?

inconel | 01. heinäkuu 2017

msavouray I would contact your sales advisor right away to confirm. Hopefully your car will already have the new hardware. If not and you really want the new acceleration ask if they can retrofit. And if retrofit is not offered worst case is to forfeit the $2500 deposit and order a new car.

joe | 01. heinäkuu 2017

My Model S was built about 4/5 weeks ago and is now on the ship to Europe. I'd love to know if it applies to mine! Surely they go through a few weeks of manufacturing before making it official?

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 01. heinäkuu 2017

How can we find out whether any of those benefits are available to existing refresh 60 and 75 owners via software update. Perhaps a fraction of the speed benefit will become available via software??

msavouray | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Inconel, I contacted my sales advisor but no answer yet, I should get the car next Thursday and I already paid for it .

joe | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I've also contacted my sales advisor... I'll update with any response. :)

danbry39 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I received mine two days ago (75D). It would be great if the hardware/software changes were on it, but I won't be upset if that's not the case. Easily the fastest acceleration I've had.

JBChris | 01. heinäkuu 2017

My 75D left production in Fremont last Thursday and is heading to a port in the United States. Like danbry39 said, it would be nice if it has the hardware changes but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't. Either way, it will be much faster than my current diesel Ford Mondeo!

sentabo | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I have a Sept. 2015 70D, and I guess I am stuck with the 0-60 time of "only" 5.2 seconds. To each his own, but that is fast enough for me. I absolutely love the 0-35, or 0-40 times. I don't know what they are, but it brings a grin to my face every time.

Tropopause | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I think Elon wants every Model S or X to be quicker than practically any car or SUV on the road! Another accolade for Tesla!

msavouray | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I just got a answer from my sale advisor and the update is for the car starting production today.

MJP.75D | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Any word on a retrofit for models made yesterday and earlier?

thranx | 01. heinäkuu 2017

If a retrofit is possible, I'm sure we'll hear about it soon. Easy money for Tesla.

rbm42 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I picked up my S on June 28th just built. It feels much faster than a 5 sec 0-60 car. Door trim is a good 1/4 inch off below the window. I had an AMG S and the quality was impeccable I hope Telsa will fix the cosmetic issues and be at par. Seem like the hw/sw may be in place already the car is crazy fast,

pete | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Only 2 more years on my lease. I can't wait to get a new one!
Love my car though. I can still beat 9 out of 10 cars on the road.

MarylandS85 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Rather than people complaining that the 100D is too extensive because it's only a little faster than the 75 now, I would think everyone would be happy that they're getting faster without charging more for any of them. Win win.

MarylandS85 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Expensive* not extensive lol. The 100D may be too extensive too though.

cheralathan | 01. heinäkuu 2017

This change is only for new cars moving forward? or even with a new software upgrade I can get these new timings? I can still upgrade to 70... would I be getting

berkmh | 01. heinäkuu 2017

They also added carbon fiber to the sliding center console....

cheralathan | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Yes, thats a change, from center console matchin with the same wood/carbon decor. Now the 0-60 times have changed a lot, 75 0 4.3, 75D 4.2 and 100D 4.1. So even the basic car is much faster comparable to old 85+, the 100D's are now just better for higher range.

is this speed achieved by software or newer car changes to motor/suspension?

mscott | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Since the 100D seems to be the direct descendant of the 85D and 90D, and Tesla has listed the same 0-60 times for all three models, they probably have used essentially the same hardware and software limiting for all three models. But many 85D owners have recorded 0-60 times better than 4.2s already. I can regularly get 4.0 with Power Tools (granted, not anywhere near as accurate as a VBOX), and there are some who have recorded 3.9——using more refined tools. So this COULD also be Tesla just advertising numbers for the non-P models that are closer to reality. (I can't speak for the 75/75D or anything MX.)

chrismattern | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Hey Elon! I'll pay $1000 to get the HW update on my 2016.5 S60. 4.3 Seconds is substantially quicker than 5.5. Please show some love to the recent buyers!

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 01. heinäkuu 2017

If existing models are not able to be updated over the air to match the 0 to 60 times of the models being built today, it is going to create a disaster for people who are trying to buy these vehicles on the used market in several years.

Imagine you were shopping for a used 2017 Tesla model S. how in the world would you know whether the one you were buying has the better or worse 0 to 60 time? I'm sure one day there will be a mice market for spreadsheets that list the correlation between VIN numbers and all of the different microscopic and macroscopic changes that occur to these cars over time, given that model years mean nothing. Wow. Again, praying the company pushes an OTA update that permits existing cars to improve their 0-60 times even without hardware fixes.

croman | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I wouldn't hold your breath on any update. Tesla wants to sell more cars, not modify existing ones. Since this is a hardware change, we might get a small improvement with software alone but they want to monetize new car sales.

Bill_75D | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@Melania, they should badge them as 75+ and 75D+

james | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I'm with you @GAPPELL ... disappointed the 75D is pretty much as quick as the 100D yet here in Australia the price difference is $45,000 AUD.

It seems like it would have made a heck of lot more sense to get the 100D at least in the 3s, eg. 3.9s just so it's "sub 4" ... I know they wouldn't want to get it too close to the P100D because they obviously need to keep that as something really exclusive but .1s reduction seems to me that they've done all they possibly can with the 100D.

SO | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@james - you answered your own question. Imagine how ticked people would be who paid 45k more for the performance Mode P100D..

Remember, you are getting a LOT more range with a 100D vs a 75D.

But a performance P100D actually gets less range than a 100D.

I believe Tesla made these changes to help differentiate more from the Model 3 that's soon to be released. As well as probably simplifying manufacturing.

ChrisH314 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

"cheralathan | July 1, 2017
This change is only for new cars moving forward? or even with a new software upgrade I can get these new timings? I can still upgrade to 70... would I be getting"

Yes, only moving forward .... 0-60 time in reverse is still limited by software ... lol sorry couldn't resist

Silver2K | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I can't wait for the update !! I heard sub 3 seconds for p85/p85+ and the hidden sensors will be activated for AP ability!!

james | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@SO_S90D But the people buying the P100D have always had a 'cavern' (almost 2 seconds) between them and the 100D, that cavern has only gotten .1s less, so I think they'll still be happy, and I'd wager they'd still be happy if that cavern got .2s less (taking it to 3.9s)

I'm certain they made these changes to differentiate from the Model 3 but I think they've made a mistake with the 100D, which makes me think they've squeezed every little bit out of it for them to only increase by .1s.

SO | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@james - perhaps. But every amount they close the gap between the 100D and P Model means the P becomes slightly less attractive.

I just took my nephews for a ride. They are 14 and 15. They were impressed with my "lowly" 4.2 0-60 time. Unless you are timing it or at a track, the car feels plenty quick. Love it. The ease of passing people is just amazing. | 01. heinäkuu 2017

It's possible the performance increase is due to a new cell formulation or pack design that the software can now allow higher peak discharge rates without damaging the batteries. For example, perhaps Tesla changed the 75 from a 350v pack to a 400v pack, but with fewer cells than the prior 400v packs. It could be the contactors have been changed, motor changed, or other significant changes. I don't expect the pack has changed to the 2170 cells as Tesla previously stated the cell size is not changing in the S/X. Hopefully we'll learn some more details soon.

BigD0g | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Soon as one gets totaled I'm sure wk057 will be all over it. Hardwares great, now if we can start doing some out of the box surprises with the software.... :)

james | 01. heinäkuu 2017

I'm a glass is half full kinda guy :) the 100D just became a lot more exclusive because the roads are going to be filled with 75s hahaha

MelaniaFromBrentwood | 01. heinäkuu 2017

@Bill_75D Or rebadge OUR cars as 75- and 75D-!!! ;)

MarylandS85 | 01. heinäkuu 2017

Lol Melania!!

Silver2K | 01. heinäkuu 2017

If you look at the CPO listing, you will see the 0-60 time. You can also look at the vin number for build date.

the same thing can be said for cars that increase HP in the middle of a 6 year model/build run.