"Loading Error"

"Loading Error"

I know this has already been discussed but it still is troubling that Tesla with such talented Geeks can't make the programming work for my USB port to just pay the songs without the "Loading Error". This has been going on for a long time with many new versions implemented and, yet, the problem persists. I can plug by thumb drive in virtually everything electronic and it works every time as it should EXCEPT in my Model X. Why can't they just sit down and fix this?

lilbean | 25. syyskuu 2017

They obviously don't know how to fix it.

mikrhans | 26. syyskuu 2017

Funny. It works fine in my friend's Chevy.

Triggerplz | 26. syyskuu 2017

I'm pretty sure all chevy's are not sold out, get you one